Waiakea Success Story

When looking for a new business idea which has a high likelihood of success, reinventing the wheel is often discouraged; but, finding a way to make the wheel more efficient, more pleasing to the eye, or some other improvement is a viable strategy.

Organic Authority revealed that the tools utilized by the owner of Waiakea Water have included a strong desire to competently reinvent bottled water, namely with a product which is much higher in alkali content.

An increase in alkali content is believed to help various bodily functions with regard to digestion and even heart disease. By utilizing a mechanism in which a set portion of clean water is donated to communities in need for every bottle of water sold, customers are able to feel even better about their purchase.

This is a company which aims to unite the spending habits of its consumers with the greater good, merging their own sales numbers alongside programs which donate water to communities in need in places like Africa. After considering that water bottled from Waiakea Spring is bottled in completely recycled plastic bottles, the concepts of sustainability are made very apparent.

This is a company which is wholly motivated to engage in sustainable practices for the best interests of the world at large, and this is likely to garner positive press. The relationship consumers have to the way in which they relate to the impact the companies they purchase from spend their profits in terms of the communities they operate in.

According to Baby Boomster, the way in which Waiakea water approaches the bottled water market is unique to the current generation of consumers, because they are much more concerned with sustainability than previous generations. Engaging with the public in terms of what they are hoping to see from the companies they are purchasing from might seem costly, but it encourages consumer loyalty.

Excitement and buzz are an added benefit to the tactics of companies like Waiakea  water, because they help to promote the company on social media. Companies whom are being talked about in a positive light tend to become incredibly popular, especially when they offer a better product than the competition.

The implied benefits to drinking the water provided by this company cannot be completely substantiated, but the impact they have on the environment is proven. Feeling good about both the products and actions taken by a company would seem to be the future, and Waiakea is on the cutting edge.

Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.ebeverageservice.com/waiakea-hawaiian-volcanic-water-500-ml-12-ct/

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New Real Estate Application From David Osio And His Group

Investing in real estate can be lucrative. However, such investments must be considered very carefully. The right property can yield a high rate of return over time. For many investors, the question remains as to what is the right investment. Finding the kind of real estate investment that will allow for a favorable capital flow is a task that many investors often find confusing and difficult. Fortunately, there is a new way of discovering which particular real estate investment might work for any given person. This new solution is one that can help anyone today make sense of the real estate investment options they face each time they go looking for the right property for their plans. Thanks to the efforts of those at the Davos Real Estate Group, a few simple calculations can be conducted easily in order to make optimum decisions about which properties are right for their specific plans.


Using A New App


The Davos Group has announced the release of entirely new app that it hopes will make it possible for people today to make calculations when they are nowhere near an office. Thanks to their research, it is now possible to use the app when out in the field to determine if a given property may suit a particular candidate’s needs. This new app has been developed after months of hard work in order to make a specific determination about the properties that may be on the market at any given time. Users can turn to this app in order to help them make comparisons with other properties and determine if they might be interested in taking this time to place their money in this building.


David Osio Offers Expert Advice


David Osio has an extensive background in the field of finance and economics. His qualifications include a law degree from one of the most prestigious colleges in all of Latin America. As a student, he already knew that he wanted to make the field of finance and real estate his own at this age. Since that time, he has been involved in various kinds of business ventures in South America that have been tremendously successful and allowed him to amass a personal fortune. He hopes this new app will further offer the kind of help that people need to make important financial decisions in their lives as they join him in the financial world.

Follow him @davidosio1

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Bruce Levenson: Former Owner Of The Atlanta Hawks And Longtime Businessman

Bruce Levenson owned the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks from 2004 to 2015, recently selling the team to Tony Ressler, Grant Hill, and a group of other owners. But on the heels of this sale, Levenson has become involved in a legal battle with the team’s former insurance company, AIG. Levenson and Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) decided to buy out former General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract, and during the settlement Ferry filed a claim with AIG Insurance that was to cover losses suffered in such a situation. Even though AHBE asserts that Ferry met the requirements needed to file a claim with AIG, the insurance company has refused to pay any compensation. The issue has been taken to court where Levenson and AHBE will look to sue AIG for damages. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/11493472/jason-whitlock-bruce-levenson-atlanta-hawks

Bruce Levenson owned a major media publication business before he bought the Hawks. He got his bachelor’s degree from Washington University and started his journalism career at the Washington Star. He later started his business, Unified Communications Group (UCG) from his own home and partnered with his friend Ed Peskowitz to run it. UCG began with Levenson’s first newsletter, Oil Express and soon purchased several more covering industries from energy to finance. Levenson is also on the board at private equity firm, BIA Digital Partners.

Bruce Levenson helped start several philanthropic organizations, including the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. According to Time Magazine, he also sat on the board of Hoop Dreams and the “I Have a Dream Foundation.” Levenson has not only donated to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, but has been involved in their programs, including the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program for inner city teenagers to learn about the event and become guides at the museum. Levenson also helped the Anti-Defamation League launch the “Concert Against Hate” to fight against intolerance and bigotry. The information on this article can be sourced from Wikipedia.org.


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Securus Technologies gives Inmates the Opportunity to Experience Christmas at Home

Technology makes life easier. So many things that were previously impossible are now achievable, something that has changed the way people and businesses operate in various situations. One of the significant developments that technology has achieved is in the communication sector. With the innovations in technology, multiple platforms are availed to facilitate communication.


Securus Technologies is a company which uses technology to provide a seamless communication between incarcerated individuals and their loved ones. The company offers a video visitation technology, so incarcerated people have the opportunity to see and talk to their friends and family.


People in prison usually have a hard time and experience loneliness during the Christmas holidays. The gloomy atmosphere is made even worse by the fact that most families are unable to pay them a visit in prison. Securus Technologies gives the incarcerated individuals a much better Christmas despite the fact that they are in jail.


The video visitation technology is particularly useful during the Christmas season because it brings families together via a safe and secure platform. This technology is only available during the festive season, and it comes as Securus’ Christmas present to the inmates.


One of the highlights of the offer by Securus is the video chatting service. The service is unique in that the inmates have the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones in real time, and in an environment that does not feel like a prison. For incarcerated people who have children, it is such a joy to watch them opening Christmas presents and having a good time. Besides, the opportunity to talk to their significant other in an ideal setting is quite an excellent experience. Through the video visitation technology, it is now possible for people in prisons to feel like they are a part of the joys of the festive season.


I fell in love with this technology by Securus the moment I heard about it. I feel that it is a good thing to give incarcerated individuals the opportunity to connect with their loved ones during the Christmas season. Undoubtedly, the holidays will be jollier for people in prison. Why? This is because it is now possible to keep in touch with their friends and family with the video visitation technology.


Also, the opportunity of talking to their family members makes the lives of the inmates much better once they are released. Inmates have the chance to establish a relationship with their loved ones, and this makes their life after prison much easier.


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Nathaniel Ru Explains the Operation Sweetgreen to Tech Insider

Sweetgreen is a fast but casual restaurant chain that serves seasonal, simple, and healthy food. After graduating from Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet, and Jonathan Neman launched the restaurant in 2007. Currently, the restaurant has 64 stores operating in the United States, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, and California. The firm has an employee base of 1,700.


There is a Sweetgreen chain two blocks from the Tech Insider Office. Sweetgreen one of those stores that you spot people queuing all the time. The restaurant serves a nice salad with tangy dressing, robust cheese crumbles, not forgetting the vibrant lettuce. The food is healthy, tasty and pocket-friendly. You can acquire a plate of the nourishing salad at almost the same price as fries or burgers. Sweetgreen’s salad is not one of those lunch salads that you eat and forty-five minutes after eating you are hungry.


Tech Insider took advantage of their proximity with one of the stores to interview Nathaniel Ru, one of the co-founders of Sweetgreen. Some of the questions that Tech Insider asked Nathaniel Ru include how they get their food supplies, their service design, how the food is prepared, as well as the benefits of taking the salad.


Acquiring food supplies

The stores receive fresh supplies every day straight from the farm. Before Sweetgreen sets up a store in a new area, it first meets the farmers in the region to figure out if the store can get a supply chain. It enquires about the crops the farmers are growing instead of ask for certain crops. This makes Sweetgreen expose its clients to new vegetables they are not normally accustomed to such as broccoli which turns out to be a very healthy vegetable.


Service design

This is the culmination of technology, storytelling, and the design itself. Service design elevates the operation of a firm from simply selling a product and to a consistent, personalized service to the clients. Their service design makes clients feel like they can rely on the restaurant whether they are ordering with the app or in the store.


The ordering process

The first thing you see when you walk into their restaurants is the kitchen. According to Nathaniel Ru, Sweetgreen prefers showing their clients what they do instead of telling them. When you walk in, you get in the queue. Clients wait for about 15 minutes. The client is shown the ingredients, and he/she can choose. A consumer can also order via the app. After making an order the customer moves on to the pickup area.

Nathaniel Ru is an American entrepreneur and restaurateur. Together with his university friends, they founded Sweetgreen. He was born and raised up in Pasadena, California. He is also the co-founder of a food and music festival, Sweetlife, which has featured many prominent musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, Lana Del Rey, and The Strokes.



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A Closer Look at Capital Group’s New Chairman

Timothy Armour was born in 1960. Later on, he joined Middlebury College, a private arts college which is located at Middlebury in Vermont. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in BA where he had specialized with Economics. With such an intense educational background, he went ahead to being a recognized businessman.

Timothy Armour has spent most of his career life working for Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. He began as a simple participant in the Associates Program of the company. Later on, he was the given the role of being the company’s equity portfolio manager and investment analyst. His responsibility was to cover all of the global telecommunications and US services companies. Currently, Timothy Armour is the chairman and CEO of the Capital Group and the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. The Capital Group is part of the Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. This company has also given him the role of being its chairman and principal executive officer.

Timothy became the chairman of the Capital Group after the death of its former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. The president of Capital Research and Management Company and the president Capital Group planned to work with Timothy as a leadership succession plan. This would give the two companies effective business strategies and better overseeing of operations. Timothy’s advice to investors is that they should work with managers who participate in decisive actions which are in the best interest of their investors.

Janet Yang, a CFA, says that Capital Group has succeeded and remained among the top companies through hard work. She further says Timothy is a good choice for management because he is commitment and will improve the firm’s overall business direction due to his excellent decisive actions that have long term interests in the well-being of the firm.

Connect with Tim Armour on LinkedIn for more information.

The partnering of Capital Group with Samsung Asset Management will make the management to be familiar with capital style active management and it will provide the management with the know how related to management. Timothy said this partnership would improve the design of investment solution that will increase savings, retirements and other insurance needs for the Korean investors. The market selloff in September 2015 would create healthier markets.

Click here to learn more about Tim Armour’s career and investment experience.

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The Life Achievements of Anthony Petrello

The President, Board Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, Nabors Industry Ltd., Anthony Petrello is an alumna of Harvard Law School where he graduated with J.D degree. He also has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from Yale University.

Career Journey

Between 1979 and 1991, Anthony worked with Maker and McKenzie law firm where his focus was on international arbitration, general corporate law, and taxation. From 1986 to his time of resignation from the firm in 1991, Anthony acted a Managing Partner of the company in its offices in New York.

After resigning from the law firm, Petrello was appointed to the Nabors Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board. Between 1991 and 2011, Petrello acted as the Chief Operating Officer and the Company’s Deputy Chairman since 2003.

In 2011, Petrello was named the President and Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. He has held the position of the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Executive Committee since June 2012.

Anthony Petrello is responsible for providing strategic planning initiative and direction to Nabors Industry Ltd, enabling the company to adapt and prosper in the competitive market. He is also a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC and Hilcorp Energy Company.

Read more: Nabors Industries (NBR) CEO Tony Petrello on Q1 2015 Results – Earnings Call Transcript

Anthony Petrello’s Compensation Bonus FY 2015

Despite the fall in the stock of Nabors Industries, one of the world’s largest drilling companies by over a third, its CEO, Anthony Petrello saw his annual compensation almost double to $27.6 million. According to the company’s filing, Petrello, a 22 years old Nabors veteran was paid $27million in stock, $18million in cash and limited stock value of $15million to rewrite his contract.

Tony Petrello’s Daughter, Carena

Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia are blessed with a daughter; Carena was born with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL). The condition has seen the 8years old girl fight for healthy child development including walking, talking and even eating. To the parents, every day and achievement by their daughter is a miracle.

Their daughter predicament led to the couple’s altruistic behavior whereby they donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital to help in the neurological research center.

Tony’s Freshman Year Roommate Comments

According to Llyod Groove, Anthony Petrello was a jovial youngster during their school days and was always making jokes on other students. He was also a maths genius, and his colleagues and teachers would have expected him to pursue the academic path instead of the law career he chose. Tony and Cynthia, his wife, were college sweethearts and so it’s not a wonder they started a family.

Nabors Industries Ltd at a Glance

Nabors Industries Ltd is a drilling contractor with over 500 active rigs in 25 countries worldwide. The company has the world’s largest drilling rigs which are in demand throughout. Probably it is the company’s powerful rigs that made it prosper in the industry. But it also has a vicious appetite for contracts and is always looking for more ways to expand its market.

See more about Anthony Petrello on Wikipedia
Read more about Anthony Petrello on Bloomberg

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Financial Strategist and Attorney, Sam Tabar

Sam Tabar is a legal and financial professional who has specialized in both law and finance. He is the current chief operating officer at the Full Cycle Energy Fund, a position he has held since December 2015.

According to Crunchbase, Sam Tabar has helped the company achieve its missions of ending the use of costly energy which is harmful to the environment and embracing cost-effective energy solutions that are friendly to the environment. He mainly supervises the fund management policy of the firm.

Mr. Sam Tabar has also had an expansive career in financial industry and worked for the Bank of America’s Merill Lynch where he managed the bank’s capital strategy. He facilitated meetings between the fund managers and institutional investors, including funds for funds, endowments, pensions, and institutions.

As an attorney, Sam Tabar has worked with various law firms like the Schulte, Roth &Zabel, the Skadden, and the Slate&Flom. He graduated from the Oxford University with a bachelor’s degree in art and acquired his master’s degree in Law from the Columbia Law School.

The Huffington Post

Sam recently wrote an article on the Huffington Post website titled “When Should a Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?” He starts by recognizing how natural it is for parents to want the best for their kids. However, there should be a clear line on when to stop paying their bills, rents, expenses, etc.

According to the Fidelity survey on Millennial, 47% of youths aged between 18 and 35 years admitted that their parents still pay a portion of their expenses. The expenses included cell phone bills at 21%, clothing at 16%, groceries at 20%, rent or mortgage at 12%, and utilities and entertainment at 14%.

The Federal Reserve has also indicated that 50% of all Americans save below $400, while the millennial surveyed saved an average of $9,100, far more than the national average. This means that as much as the millennial are doing well in savings and even investing for their future, the parents supporting their adult children are sacrificing their financial wellness for the good of their adult kids.

Sam Tabar suggests that parents should have an honest look at their financial standing with regard to their retirement preparedness. Some parents may have stable future investments and adequate savings and are only spending their extra income to help the children.

But from the statistical surveys, it is clear that over half of the adult population have less than $400 in savings. It is very likely that most parents are hurting their finances to foot children’s expenses.

Parents who choose to have a better financial future should have honest discussions with their adult children and let then take responsibility for their own lives. If for example, they can save up to $9,100, then they are able to manage their own bills. They may struggle initially to adjust, but they will soon stabilize for the good of both parties.

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WEN Cleansing Conditioners Are Affordable And Effective After A Decade On The Market

Regardless of the current issues someone may be facing with their hair, WEN cleansing conditioners can help. This all natural product is packed with healthy ingredients that provide the scalp and hair with a deep clean, while also locking in moisture. Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN cleansing conditioners, developed the product over a decade ago, and with several tweaks over the years, it is still going strong today. Also, because WEN is all natural, it can safely be used on a daily basis along with other styling products. On top of this, WEN is compatible with all hair types, and works wonders at restoring balance and making the hair easier to manage.

Even after its 10 year long run on the market alongside thousands of other products, WEN cleansing conditioners have still held up to today’s standards and provided great results for thousands of women. This is all thanks to Chaz Dean’s (http://chazdean.com/) extensive work on the formula to ensure the natural ingredients he chose were capable of providing an ever lasting effect to all types of hair. Free of any chemicals itself, WEN cleansing conditioners also work to remove any product buildup that remains from chemically treated products that were used extensively. Since WEN cleansing conditioners are all natural they are safe to be used daily and are safe to be used alongside other styling products. This, however, may increase the time it takes for WEN to show any results.

One of the best parts about WEN cleansing conditioners is that Chaz Dean made them with all women in mind, which is why they are so affordable for such a premium product. For 40$ or less, every women can have a bottle of WEN delivery to their door and be ready to add new life to their hair within a week.

For more details, check out WEN’s social media pages on both Facebook or on Twitter.



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The Amazing Regimen Dherbs.com Provides


Dherbs.com offers an herbal cleanse that is not only vegan, it is also an absolutely amazing product. This cleanse is a regimen that you follow for just twenty days. This cleanse will work on your body naturally, to both clean out your body and detoxify it as well. The results of this regimen are a loss in weight, a better functioning immune system, and much higher levels in energy.


This regimen has been quite well designed to not only detoxify your body, but to strengthen it. This is accomplished completely naturally, a massive pro in EarthlyBodies.org’s review of Dherbs.com. The average weight loss in the time period is ten to thirty pounds, and your immune system is being boosted at the same time. As your energy level heightens, your body functions regulate and you will see a much better outlook regarding your life. Your bodies circulation and libido and properly regulated and there is a clearing in your mind.


Although this product was developed to clean out the body, there is an amazing cosmetic benefit too. You will notice an obvious improvement in your complexion. Your skin will appear brighter, with a healthier glow. This is partially because this regimen eliminates the cravings for unhealthy foods, like junk foods and items with a high content in sugar.


Dherbs.com even made an appearance on the Steve Harvey Show. A thirty-three year old woman tried the full body detox in the hopes of losing weight. She looked at the website and decided to try the regimen. Her mother is a strong believer in natural herbs and gave her the thumbs up. She told her daughter she recognized almost all of the herbs Dherbs.com was using and stated they were very good for the body. Her results were immediate.


This system has so many benefits for the body it is astounding. For weight loss or just to look and feel better, this is the answer.  But do your research, follow them on social media like Tumblr, as well as Facebook for further information.

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