Anthony Petrello’s Helping Hand

Hurricane relief is usually more appreciated than anticipated with many unaware of how severely these storms can damage and destroy communities and infrastructure. When Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast, many were devastated by the complete totality of the damage done, as well as the relief efforts. Thankfully many people came together in those areas to help and lend support in any way possible. One of those people was Anthony Petrello of Nabors Industries. Many employees were affected by this disaster with a reported 10 percent of the 1,200 person workforce being a victim of storm related troubles. Not to hinder them, they came together as one to help rebuild and fund the city of Houston with generous donations and manpower helping to rebuild.

The employees of Nabors Industries under the leadership of Anthony Petrello continued their efforts even though times were hard. Nabors Industries opened up their on-site kitchen to provide three hot meals a day for those in need of food during this catastrophe. Not only did these brave people go out in the elements and volunteer help, they also provided financial assistance to many in the Greater Houston area to ease the pain of their losses and try to get folks back on their feet. Anthony Petrello even matched the donations made by his employees which totaled $173,622. Nabors Industries isn’t new to disaster relief assistance, they have also donated and helped the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Bike MS as well.

Nabors Industries is the world’s largest geothermal and natural gas drilling contractor with Anthony Petrello being Chief Executive Officer, President, and Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee. He graduated from Harvard and Yale respectively, and he and his wife Cynthia are passionate about education and the development of the minds of the youth. They have donated nearly $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital and Anthony was invited to serve on the board for future fundraising assistance there. Using the generous donations from Anthony and his wife, this hospital was able to open up many new state of the art facilities to better serve the children in need. There are many out here who talk a big game about helping, but Anthony Petrello is a man of action who helps and actually cares about those in need.

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Men Who Can Enjoy Success in Dating With Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble

There are many types of people who attempt dating. The success levels will vary depending on the person. One thing that can be said about dating is that there are plenty of factors that influence the success of a dater. However, there are a few characteristics that men who are successful in dating typically have. These types of people are going to be successful with dating even if they are using Bumble or some other dating app. These types of characteristics are quite successful in all areas of dating which include Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble.

One type of characteristic of a successful person in dating is the way he carries himself. One of the type of men that are always going to be successful in dating is the type that carries himself with a lot of confidence. There are many ways to show confidence. One good way to show confidence is in the way one dresses. A man who shows a great sense of style is going to have some of the best successes with women in dating. This is especially the case with Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble. Even Whitney herself has a lot of admiration for a man who treats himself with the respect he wants.

Another type of man who enjoys success with Bumble is someone who is true to himself. This is actually very similar to a man who carries himself with confidence. As a matter of fact, a man who is true to himself is going to be more likely to be confident than a man who is trying to fake his way into dating success. A man who is true to himself is going to have a profile that communicates this. This is going to show women and potential mates that he is someone that they are going to want to be around.

Whitney Wolfe Herd herself has found a man whom she can be with. One thing that she has found is a man who is secure in himself. He is the type of man that can handle someone like her because he has his own success that he can be confident in.

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21st Century Restorative Services & Aloha Construction

We are living in some of the most modern of times. Just about every industry has some form of innovation and home restorative services is no exception. In a sense, these invaluable services can heal a broken home in a restorative-sense. General contractors provide many of the restorative services and the United States has its fair share of general contractors. The state of Illinois just so happens to be home to one of the top general contractors in the Midwest region, and it has helped to reshape industry thanks to its high quality services. The company’s name is Aloha Construction, and it has been setting newer and better trends.

Located in Lake Zurich, Aloha Construction is being operated by a team of Claim specialists, office technicians, field supervisors, installers and inspections. These are some of the most professional individuals of any company. Each and every staff member is well trained to perfection, and they can handle any type of home-restorative service. Aloha Construction has a specialty in siding installation as well as roofing. Many of its staff members have been trained at the Vinyl Siding Institute. The company also provides a wide selection of restorative services like chimney repair, roof cleaning, roof installation, door installation, bathroom repair, kitchen design, roof repair, waterproofing, stucco installation, soffit installation, flashing and numerous other services. If you’re a new homeowner in the coverage-area, then you can benefit from a free initial inspection. Yes, that’s absolutely right and you won’t have to spend a dime in the process.

Aloha Construction is very forward thinking. The company has teamed with Synchrony, a financing company, to help homeowners with special financing needs. Some insurance providers won’t cover specific home-restorative services, but Synchrony has the capabilities to provide lower financing rates. Aloha Construction has taken things to another level, and it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

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George Soros Surprises Everyone With An $18 Billion Donation To Open Society Foundation.

The 87 years old George Soros is a successful Hungarian-American businessman and investor. He is also a political activist, a philanthropist, and an author. Today, George Soros is named as one among the most philanthropic people who have donated over $32 billion to organizations and individuals across the world which include; The International Witness Group, Institute for New Economic Thinking, Global Witness, and European Council on Foreign Relations.

Born in August 1930 in Hungary, Soros faced the brutality that faced the Hungarian Jews during the 1944-1945 Nazi occupation, through which he and his family survived. He left Budapest for London in 1947, where he attended his studies at the London School of Economics amidst working part-time to support himself. Soros emigrated to the United States in 1956 and there he started his investments. He founded Soros Fund Management in 1970, which became America’s most successful hedge fund. It’s through the fortune he got from the hedge fund that enabled him to start Open Society Foundation in 1984.

Open Society Foundation has partners and projects in over 100 countries globally. The aim of the organization under Soros leadership has always been to promote justice and equality in the societies, make the government more accountable and transparent, as well as push for the people’s freedom for expression. Other than that, the foundation offers school fees for promising students in different levels of education, who have been denied the education privilege due to their background, and identity.

His philanthropy can be traced back in 1979 when he gave scholarships to South African students during Apartheid. He also funded academic visits for the Communists Hungary in the 1980s. Soros also founded the Central European University which was ideally to foster critical thinking after the fall of the Berlin Wall. His support went global after the Cold War, reaching Africa, Asia United States and Latin America. In the recent past, Soros baffled everyone when he made a personal donation of $18 Billions of his net wealth to the Open Society Foundation. This was such a gigantic amount coming from a single person, and one of his largest, transforming the organization as one of the top philanthropic organizations in the world.

The donation made by Soros is being used by Open Society Foundation in Asia, to help their local partners such as Nepali Foundation, an organization that fights for the rights and compensation of the afflicted locals. Mongolian grassroots groups are also benefiting from the same, with organizations such as Network for Inclusive Education, which push for the education of the people with disabilities being among them. Indian start up investment companies, such as EM3 Agri Services, which support small-scale farmers with limited machinery access, to have an efficient and quick harvest, have also not been left behind by Open Society Foundation.

Recently, United States is also one continent that the organization is really attentive to, providing programs aimed to protect the rights of lesbians and gays, and reduce the hate wave that erupted after the 2016 elections. Soros philanthropy and independent stands have not been without resistance, but that has not stopped him from fighting for the rights of the people.

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Roberto Santiago Is Keeping Malls Alive

Roberto Santiago is one of the most important names in the mall industry. We know that malls are losing business to online shopping and the trend is devastating. Faced with many existing challenges there are now malls throughout America that are losing their ability to compete because they simply can’t offer anything that can compare to what is being offered by the internet. The Manaira Shopping Mall has managed to defy all of these ideas and it continues to serve as a beacon in some of the worst times for malls. His secret to winning is something lots of people want to have for themselves but can’t manage to see.

Roberto Santiago’s most important work has definitely been in his ability to keep the mall relevant even during times when sales are dropping. The secret to his success is that he knows that the mall is about the experience and that experience is not something you can easily translate into an online experience. It’s something that you need to experience for yourself and see with your own two eyes. Santiago’s mall is thriving because it adds that touch and uses it to great effect. Even as malls and department stores see themselves being eaten alive by the online retail giants, he will remain in his position for quite a bit of time to come,

Roberto Santiago is an expert in malls because he’s been in the business for some time. You can look back at his years of experience and understand that his perspective is one that has insight and clarity unparalleled. The others working with malls can’t seem to understand how he has managed to get so far or what seems to be the secret to his success. They don’t understand because they are trying to look at the competition through the wrong lens. The future of malls is going to be decided by those who understand what they can offer that can’t be offered on the internet. When that happens they will be able to emulate his success.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is going strong in a time when it seems like it shouldn’t. You can go just about everywhere and see malls failing and empty. They have taken so much damage that they aren’t even considered to be places to hang out by today’s youth or shoppers. Getting people into malls and having them stay there is what makes Santiago so much more than his competition. The most important thing to understand about a business isn’t what it does during times of prosperity, but how it manages to save itself during times of danger. Roberto Santiago has shown that the Manaira Shopping Mall is able to do what it needs to on time.


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Rocketship Education: Providing an Affordable Alternative School

Rocketship Education is an educational system providing affordable alternative schools for poor American families. The school has an extensive network of branches, operating from California and other states. The school is unique because of their teaching style, and the students are consistently making it to the top spot everytime a national evaluation exam takes place. With Rocketship Education, they are requiring not just the teachers, but also the families and the communities to interact with the students. Rocketship Education keeps on expanding their presence all across the United States, building more branches to serve more American families, providing their children with a quality educational system

Inside a Rocketship Education affiliated school, children would undergo several classes which would teach them advanced lessons and other knowledge that they have to learn. There will be examinations and quizzes as well to check if they understood the lesson. After providing the children with essential lectures, they will be assisted by their teachers in developing their talents and skills. Rocketship Education affiliated schools tend to train their students in becoming the best in their own field. Sports oriented students are being trained by dedicated coaches, making sure that they will bag the awards from different competitions. Students who excel in arts are being supervised by preachers who have a great knowledge of arts. Musicians are also supported by their teachers, allowing them to use the facilities inside the school where they can practice and play musical instruments. Overall, the experience studying inside a Rocketship Education affiliated school is enjoyable, and students learn a lot from their hardworking teachers.

Aside from focusing on the students’ skills and talents, Rocketship Education is also encouraging their parents to witness how their children perform at the school. The teachers are also required to visit their students personally so that they can grasp a view of how their students live. By looking and observing how the family interacts with the student, the teachers can develop their own methods and techniques to teach them and improve their performance at school. Parents are grateful that an affordable alternative school started to operate, giving the chance to provide their children with quality education.

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Agora Financial – Ensuring Investors Have the Financial Information they Need to Invest Wisely

Irrespective of how much money one makes, it is essential for people to make strategic investments from time to time. It is what would help with wealth creation over a period. When it comes to investments, people have to be very careful as the markets are volatile and not doing proper research before investments can lead to unacceptable losses. Agora Financial is a publishing firm based in the United States and has over a million subscribers across the globe. The company offers financial analysis, investment tips and guidance, and market reports to its readers in print and digital formats. It helps the new age consumers to get the information they need on the move and in a format that is convenient for them to access.

Agora Financial understands what the people are looking for when it comes to financial advice. With so many different investment options out there, it is crucial for Agora Financial to make the selection easier for its readers. They help people to know which product to trust and which to avoid. The company makes its predictions and provides its advice on the basis of the financial information it collects from different industries. The fact that Agora Financial spends over a million dollar in traveling expenses alone signifies that it takes its data collection seriously. The reporters of the company don’t believe in hearsay but actually penetrates different industries to find out the facts and figures and based on that make financial analysis and predictions that are as accurate as possible.

Agora Financial has helped millions in achieving their dream of financial independence by making correct financial choices. For people who are looking to meet their financial goals and don’t know which path to choose, Agora Financial can help tremendously. The company is adding new subscribers at a rapid pace in the last couple of years due to the accurate predictions it has been making about the market on a regular basis.


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How Dr. Chris Villanueva Approaches Dental Practice Management

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that helps dentists in a sole practice run their offices. It was founded by Dr. Chris Villanueva who is a dentist himself. He founded the company on the premise that dentists who network more find more success. He also wanted to bridge the gap that exists between being a sole practitioner and those who operate as a corporate dentist.

Dr. Chris Villanueva has worked on both sides of dentistry, both in his own practice and working for a larger company. Because he has experience on both sides he knows what the common hurdles are in both approaches. He knew that if he could eliminate these hurdles for other dentists he could build a very successful dental practice management company.

When he founded MB2 Dental Solutions, Dr. Chris Villanueva wanted to help dentists make their workdays easier. He also knew that many dentists have specialties. Because his company helps dentists network if one of the affiliated dentists can’t work on a particular case they are able to refer the patient to another dentist in the MB2 Dental Solutions network. This makes the patient’s lives easier and also makes them more loyal to their dentist since they know their best interests are being looked after.

The number one thing that dentists want out of a dental practice management company is respect for their 100% autonomy when it comes to the dentist-patient relationship. Dr. Chris Villanueva makes sure that this is always the case in his network. He also enjoys building relationships with the affiliated dentists by hosting a retreat on a bi-yearly basis. In the past they have done fun activities together such as going on a white-water rafting expedition, and

Because Dr. Chris Villanueva’s company can perform many of the tasks it takes to run a dental practice the dentist has much more time to focus on their patients. In this way the interests of the patients always come first at MB2 Dental Solutions. This helps improve the quality of service they receive from their dentist.

MB2 Dental Solutions is wholly owned by dentists. Dr. Chris Villanueva has all seen to it that everyone in the top ranks of his company are also dentists. The team at this company know that by serving the needs of their affiliated dentists and their patients that their company will be successful in turn. He says that this approach is on the is sustainable for the long-term, and learn more about Dr. Chris Villanueva.

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Ted Bauman Talks About High Taxes In The US

According to Ted Bauman, most people care about tax because it helps them reduce their disposable income. However, taxes have become so high in the recent few years for middle income earners, thanks to the resurgence of credit markets controlled by few rich Americans Bauman argues that the availability of cheap credit artificially inflates the price of education, housing and other basic commodities. And since the US economy is majorly based on debts, people have to part with a lot of money to pay for these basic commodities plus the taxes that come with them.

But why is the economy so debt-based? According to Bauman, the high number of debts witnessed in the economy is due to the income and wealth inequality that has plagued the country for many years. The rich have taken over the economy and are currently exercising their financial muscle in the consumer lending market. This has created a scenario where the prices of basic commodities increase relative to the rate of lending on And since higher prices of leads to more borrowing, the cycle continues. This in turn increases the amount of taxes on basic commodities.

About Ted Bauman

Ted Bauman is the marketing development manager at ABB Enterprise Software, a position he has been holding since he resigned as the director of risk management at SouthStar Energy Services. He has also worked as a manager of business consulting at Sapient and a business development manager at Mirant. Bauman has over 25 years of managerial experience, which makes him one of the most skilled business executives in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a prolific writer and researcher. He has written so many articles in the financial sector according to

Bauman was born in Washington, D.C. and brought up in Maryland. He moved to South Africa to study in the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a master’s degree in History and Economics. After graduating, he was absorbed by the government of South Africa as a financial consultant. While in South Africa, Bauman traveled extensively, visiting Asia, Europe and Africa. Alongside other like-minded professionals, Bauman founded Slum Dwellers International, a South African company that has helped over 14 million dwellers in 35 countries.

Due to his hard work and extensive knowledge and skills in the financial sector, Bauman has earned a lot of respect among his peers and professional organizations. His work has been cited in several books, some of which have gained international recognition according to His articles have also been published in various journals, covering topics such as microfinance, small enterprise development, environment and urbanization. He recently wrote a popular book known as “Where to Stash Your Cash.”

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Whitney Wolfe: Founder and CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe an American entrepreneur now known as Whitney Wolfe Herd after she recently married her long-term boyfriend Michael Herd, a restaurateur and oil heir who is actively involved in the oil and gas business. Earlier in September this year, they had a lavish destination wedding in Positano, Southern Italy at the Villa Tre Ville.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. It is a site based social and dating application. This app simplifies communication between interested users. In heterosexual matches, the app allows women to initiate conversation with their male counterparts. This empowers women to make the first move. In same-sex matches, either of the party can message first. There are free users and paid users.

Her app has recently been valued at one billion dollars with over 20 million registered users since it was created in 2014 and Forbes ranking her among the top thirty under 30 women in tech.

Whitney Wolfe schooled at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas and majored in International Studies. She also studied abroad in La Sorbonne in Paris for a year. The successful entrepreneur was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah, but currently resides in Austin, Texas. She is among the most influential women in Technology. She is proud of the success of Bumble, as it has met her goal of providing an online dating platform that gives women more control than the traditional dating apps.

Bumble is among the most popular dating apps with its headquarters in Austin Texas. The company’s interior design has a feminine design with an overall bumblebee theme. Bumble launched the Bumble BFF, a feature which allows the creation of platonic relations, meeting and making new best friends, a workout partner or a wing woman, whichever strikes your fancy. This is by the users using same swiping and matching algorithms for friendship instead of dating.

Bumble will soon be launching Bumble Bizz, a professional networking feature. It connects users through retagging and enables users to swipe through people, male and female thereby looking to network, hire, or be hired. Bumble Bizz will allow women to initiate conversations and set the tone of the talks. This will help clear up gray areas in networking that often make women uncomfortable in the hope of assisting women to grow and advance their careers through person-to-person networking.

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