Digital Crisis Help? Ask Status Labs Online Reputation Fixer, Darius Fisher How!

As a news piece by The Sacramento Bee highlights a scenario of digital reputation management gone wrong. In 2011, Linda Katehi, UC Davis Chancellor became the target of public scrutiny and backlash for the viral pepper spray incident. Unfortunately, the news quickly gained momentum online as criticisms ensued. The public opinion and that of students recollect a peaceful protest. UC Davis attempt to bury the dreadful history turned sour after it invested some $175,000. Is it that the hired digital reputation strategist did a lousy job or what?


A couple of public relations experts both online and locally intervened to share an opinion. Chief strategist, Kent Campbell of Reputation X, operating out of the Sausalito, California locale explained his supposed approach for such a scandal. His agency has aided countless politicians and corporations requiring professional digital reputation management services. Another digital marketing expert, Thomas Dodson operating an agency in Sacramento suggested promoting positive news. His reasoning is that suppressing negative reviews won’t remedy the situation, especially if the subject already has a history.


The reality the masses constantly reiterate is the influence of digital hygiene. Consequently, businesses and public figures face tough decisions as even a single negative review or scandal has the potential to evolve into a monstrous threat. That said, an effective redress is connecting with ethical online public relations strategists, right? While search engines aren’t necessarily newspaper, they’re equally relevant. In fact, the first page results are synonymous to the newspaper front page or lead media coverage story.


An avid traveler, soccer fanatic, investor and businessman, former Vanderbilt University honor roll scholar, Darius Fisher dominates digital marketing. His specialty includes public affairs/relations, digital marketing, reputation crisis management, residential/commercial real estate, entrepreneurship, technology, etc.


In 2015, Status Labs president Darius Fisher received global recognition as a distinguished PRWeek Innovation 50 awardee. Online media giants, Smart CEO, NYTimes, Inc Magazine, Forbes, Daily Beast, DuJour, and Business Insider has interviews Fisher on numerous occasions. Status Labs operates globally with offices in the Gulf, Europe, North America and Latin America.​

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Get us More and Better Options for us Busty Girls

A bra is an essential item in every woman’s wardrobe. A bra improves a woman’s posture and also prevents a woman from some spine problems that medical researchers on have associated with lack of wearing a bra. When you fail to wear a bra, especially with large breasts, the back gets to compensate for the weight. Wearing a bra lifts the breasts up and hence a proper posture is achieved more comfortably and naturally.

Bra shopping is usually not very easy since you have to ensure that you buy the correct size to avoid discomfort. But it seems that women with large breasts face more challenges than their counterparts with relatively small ones. In a rant by Charde Heremaia, published in a BuzzFeed Life article, she says that this category of women has been left out.

Heremaia wears double-F cup size. She had it rough on a bra shopping venture with a friend. She had very limited options for her bra size. Heremaia says that it is not easy to find a cute, colorful and beautifully patterned large size bra. They are all in small cup sizes, and the larger ones only look like “granny bras”.

In a video Heremaia posted on her Facebook page, she says that even big titty girls love to rock it now and then. Bra manufacturers should ensure that heavily busted girls get cute and easily accessible bras and at an affordable price too. These women should not be forced into buying smaller bras or ugly ones. To make matters worse, the big ugly bras go at higher prices than the small cute ones.

I hope that the bra manufacturers get to hear the cries of bit-titty girls represented by Heremaia. Once you make some good items for our girls, release them through the online store with the largest membership in the world JustFab on instagram. Here you can be sure to reach all these girls since they are here looking for their bra preferences.

JustFab formerly known as JustFabulous is attracting bigger market as it continues with an international expansion into France and Spain. The registration process for shoppers is easy and only costs $39.95 per month. They have qualified personal stylists who assist their shoppers in selecting preferred items. A lot more other items that can be bought at JustFab include shoes, handbags, and jewelry.

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COO of Madison Street Capital, Anthony Marsala Wins the 2016 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award

Madison Street Capital (MSC) predicted that hedge fund M&A transactions will continue to escalate in 2016 after a 31 percent increase, in 2015. The hedge fund industry was robust last year due to consolidation of structured transactions. Anthony Marsala, Chief Operating Officer of MSC has nearly 15 years of expertise in M&A Advisory services and the investment industry as an investor and executive. Mr. Marsala recently won the 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award for his leadership contributions and endeavors in sell-side and buy-side M&A Advisory expertise, according to the Chicago Tribune (April 8th, 2016). In March 2016, MSC released a press released that the firm was selected as a finalist for the 8th Annual International M&A Awards, which was announced on the 12th of April.

Anthony Marsala co-founded Madison Street Capital in 2005 and has worked in the hedge fund industry, since 2001. He served as the Director of Strategic Analytical Services at Advisory & Intermediate Services and Senior Managing Director & Principle at Houlihan & Smith in his earlier career. Mr. Marsala is pleased he was selected to receive the M&A Advisory 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award. He credited the MSC team of managers and executives for their support and dedication. In addition to receiving the M&A Advisory Award, he was named a NACVA honoree for the 2016 40 Under Crain’s Leadership Academy Program.

The M&A Advisory is hosting a formal Awards Gala at the N.Y. Athletic Club in Manhattan to announce winners of the Emerging Leaders Award on June 10th of this year. Hedge fund managers and advisors internationally are expected to attend the event. Since 2010, M&A Advisory Emerging Leaders Awards has held events to recognize young M&A and financing experts. Anthony Marsala and other U.S. award winners can now join global young leaders in Europe and the United Kingdom for networking opportunities.

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The firm provides financial advisory, opinions, valuations, M&A, merger, and acquisition services. Anthony Marsala has served as principle and an executive at MSC for almost 11 years. His leadership within the firm and the industry community will be honored in June. Mr. Marsala will be recognized among his peers of successful and innovative M&A professionals.

MSC′s CEO, Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala co-founded the firm and also worked together at Houlihan Smith & Company. The co-founders have successfully expanded Madison Street Capital to locations in North America, Africa and Asia. The Emerging Leaders Award for M&A Advisory is a great accomplishment for Mr. Marsala and MSC. The 7th Annual Emerging Leaders Award is the second award Marsala received during 2016.

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This Girl With Fine Hair Tries All Natural Conditioner And is Blown Away!

World renown hair stylist, Chaz Dean, has been making buzz with his all natural cleansing conditioner line, WEN. WEN works wonders on even the most dry, damaged, and frizzy hair and will smooth your hair, taming it to look as flawless as the models in the infomercials.
Sage, rosemary, apples, and bananas are some of the botanical ingredients that Chaz Dean picked from his garden and tested on himself. He discovered the natural astringent and moisture properties from the ingredients moisturized his hair without having to use any harsh chemicals.

He’s been perfecting WEN for over twenty years and now many others are doing their own “lab tests” in the comfort of their home.

Emily McClure, a writer on, recaped her 7 day experience using Wen, hoping it would provide moisture, bounce, and shine to her thin hair.

On day one, she started out with her hair in a greasy state and in need of TLC. Once in the shower, she instantly noticed her hair felt thicker. And to her surprise, no excess hair strands fell out, clogging up the drain. When she dried her hair, it was shiny and bouncy!

The next day when she showered, her hair continued to be shiny, bouncy, and thick. This trend continued from day three to five. On day six, she used the conditioner before going out for drinks and received several comments from her friends on how shiny her hair looked.

On day seven her final thoughts on the conditioner is that it’s perfect to use on days when you want extra shine for your locks. All in all, I’m tempted myself to save up my paycheck and give Wen Cleanings Conditioner a try!

Check out the article here to see photos of her during the seven day experiment.

Check Wen products.

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Luxury condo market shows weakness

Sometimes statistics can be very misleading at first glance and it takes a deeper look to understand the meaning of a statistic. An article in Crains New York regarding the NYC real estate market captured this idea perfectly. The article indicates a top line growth figure in the NYC real estate market year over year of 17% which shows strong growth in the market at first glance.

An real estate expert breaks down this figure further and indicates that the underlying data shows three different markets; standard condo and apartment sales that are priced below $1 million which remained strong with large demand, new development buildings which take a year or more from the signing to reach the marketplace (last years sale is counted when the building goes online and is more indicative of last years real estate market than the current market forces), and luxury units that are over $1 million in price.

The demand for new development projects and standard units distorted an underlying weakness in the luxury market. On closer examination these luxury units lingered on the market for longer and showed greater pricing pressure. This data does not bode well for sellers of luxury apartments in NYC and pricing pressures on this segment of the market are expected to hold back the luxury market for years to come.

If you are looking to sell your NYC apartment it is important to use an real estate broker who understands not only the location that you live in but also in the value of the apartment that you are familiar with. Town Residential Real Estate is considered to be the premier luxury real estate agency in NYC and can provide you with assistance in selling your apartment.

Having someone who is knowledgeable about the local real estate market is essential and Town Residential is the perfect option. Not only were they founded in NYC and have a specialty in luxury apartments but they also have a research arm that publishes an quarterly research report called The Aggregate which demonstrates their market expertise and has predicted the downtrend that is cited in the a Crains article.

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Securus Receives Positive Ruling in Case With FCC

Securus Technologies is a security communications service provider that has provided a number of different services and products to prisons and correctional facilities for decades. The company is well known for providing facilities with secure ways for prisoners to make inmate phone calls, meet with visitors, and communicate in other ways. Overall, Securus services thousands of facilities across the country, which watch over one hundred thousand people across the country.

Recently, Securus Technologies has looked to use mobile technology to enhance the experience for both prisoners and family members. Securus recently developed an application that allowed for a secure video chat session to be had between the prisoner and other party. This has greatly reduced the need for in-person visits, which has made it more convenient for the family members and has added a level of convenience and security for the correctional facilities.

While the company has provided excellent service and products over the past few decades, they have been facing potential changes in regulation that could have affected their ability to operate efficiently. Fortunatley, Securus has recently received word that they will no longer have to deal with legal proceedings that intended to restrict their ability to do business.

Securus Technologies in the past week received notice from the United States Court of Appeals that they would not have to be capped at interstate telephone and inmate communication rates suggested by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to a spokesperson for Securus, the FCC likely received poor information from an outside source that was intent on making operating the company more challenging and less profitable. As it stands today, the company does not have to abide by previously suggested rates imposed by the FCC. However, Securus will continue to work with the FCC to determine a fair methodology for calculating the rates charged on inmate phone calls.

Securus Technologies is in no way a part of the Securus supplement for health promotion nor the Securus America site for agents.

Securus House is also a separate entity as it is a domestic violence victims center.

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The Economic Crisis of 2008 Causes More Non-payment of $7 Million by Devco Development Company

Anyone who lives in the New Brunswick area is familiar with the amazing renovations in the downtown district by the Devco Development Company. The DEVCO Company is a non-profit construction company that has a unique style when it comes to rehabilitation and construction of the city blocks in downtown New Brunswick. The Heidrick is a hotel built in 2007 that Devco developed and then constructed to transform an entire city block that was in deteriorating condition. Devco created the beautiful Heidrick Hotel and Conference Center to replace an empty city block like they have been doing since for 45 years.

The Devco Corporation is reported on the, like the rest of America, was hit hard by the economic crisis leading up to and including 2008. Today, they have fallen $7 million behind in their annual payments to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, CRDA, who is holding the original loan of $20 million. Devco accepted other loans in order to secure the construction of the Heidrick including $70 million worth of bonds where the owners were paid in full.

Unfortunately, the hotel never attracted the number of customers that it needed to rise above operating costs. Last year, the highest occupancy rate was 63 percent, and this year they had to dip into the Boards’ funds for over $700,000 in order to keep the hotel in necessary equipment such as mattresses, sheets and carpet.

In December 2015, Governor Chris Christie signed a new law into effect which stated that state agencies were barred from providing loans or grants to businesses that have previously defaulted on any state-issued loans and bonds, and this includes non-profit organizations.

Maria Prato, the spokeswoman for the Improvement Authority announced that they were certain to be repaid the funds as soon as they were available using the hotel’s own revenue. She expressed no doubt that they would satisfy their existing obligations.



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Wiki Editors Gender Equality

A recent article in the New Yorker made note of a push by Wiki Editors for the site to increase its gender equality coverage. This is because there was a feeling that some of the content on Wikipedia was too skewed against women who were feminists. The article detailed the attempts to correct this with wiki-edits – a link is as follows-

To really update Wiki pages properly, the website Get Your Wiki is all about making it easier to edit Wikipedia pages, and to improve your online presence and business. This is great for professionals and people looking to edit their Wikipedia pages. It takes some of the hard work out of editing a Wikipedia page and can great for online presence.

Wikipedia is a well visited site and gets money through donations. It’s important to understand how wiki works and the above website is great for that. Get Your wiki explains how to make a Wiki page so that you can benefit from it. This is a great site to check out and can help with out your website and promotion. Wikipedia gets money from donations and this is an important source for funding. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia editing service that helps you take advantage of this website. On this site professional Wikipedia writers for hire will help put together your page and this can take the work out of putting the article together that you would have to do- you get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product.

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The Miraculous Results of Using Wen by Chaz

Many people know by now that Wen Hair by Chaz Dean is a hair care product that claims to give all hair types a shiny, and healthy look and feel. Emily McClure is one of its customers, and is giving us an article about how it has transformed her hair over a period of seven days. She tells us that she discovered Wen by watching the sephora infomercial and decided to give it a try to see for herself if it really works.

So on day 1, she gives us before and after photos to show the progress. On the before photo, shows her hair dirty and frizzy after a long day and the after photo her hair looks shinier and bouncier.

Day 2, she notices that her hair is still greasy so when she returned home after running errands, she takes another shower and her hair becomes shiny again.

On Day 3, she notices her hair is not as oily as it was the day before but still somewhat oilier than she wanted it to be. She took a shower and used WEN cleansing conditioner and her hair was no longer oily.

By the seventh day, her hair looked very healthy and soft. Emily’s overall review of the product is a positive one, she says it’s great for people who have fine hair but admits she has a love-hate relationship with the WEN hair product and has a lazy side may only be a part time customer using conditioner if she wants extra shine.




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Organo Gold: The Ultimate Power In A Revolutionary Cup Of Coffee Revealed!

The modern world knew nothing of Ganoderma mushroom health benefits before Organo Gold introduced it in coffee. Interestingly, it’s richly exploited throughout the eastern world, particularly Asia, where it’s a widely accepted herbal medicine. Organo Gold, a Canadian gourmet coffee franchise uses Ganoderma as a key proprietary ingredient. With it, it’s formulated a rich selection of health-promoting recipes and merchandise. Besides the revolutionary coffee blends it brews, Organo Gold leadership is the embryo of the operation. With three exemplary leaders, Bernardo Chua (founder/chief executive), Holton Buggs (International Sales EVP) and Shane Morand (Top Network Marketing Distributor), Organo Gold success is certain.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua launched Organo Gold. Today, it’s become the world’s largest network marketing Ganoderma-infused merchandise innovator. The success of the franchise couldn’t have happened without Bernardo Chua charismatic leadership a point that BusinessForHome made originally. In fact, “Bernie” as many call him, started Organo Gold with a small investment. By the second year, the venture reached global success. Soon, Bernie opened Organo Gold franchises worldwide and went into exportation. The Organo Gold family enjoys working with Bernie as he’s the epitome of a caring, charismatic, endearing leader. A Filipino-native, Bernie expertise lies in MLM (Multilevel Marketing), a career that has made millions. In his time, he’s owned several business startups with Organo Gold as his golden intervention. For his unmatched reputation as an entrepreneur and innovation, Bernie is also a Gold Medal honoree of the bespoke Napoleon Hill Foundation. Organo Gold tablets, instant coffee, and tea are a hit in today’s competitive wellness marketplace.

With the latest franchise in Turkey, Organo Gold coffee trade has a presence in 39 countries. The group’s intervention centers on helping nations to achieve balance wellness and prosperity. As a company that firmly embraces unity, enlightenment, and loyalty, Organo Gold stands out as a model innovator. With a foothold in Turkish coffee trade, Organo plans to link operations across Africa, Asia, and Europe. It’ll greatly benefit the company’s diverse customers and distributors within this zone. Last year, Organo rolled out the Preferred Customer Intuitive. The program promises a fixed 25% discount to participants among other compensatory benefits. It’s uniquely designed to meet coffee lovers needs with budget consciousness.

The breakthrough coffee recipe formulated by Organo Gold has received positive criticism worldwide. The company’s profound direct selling strategy thrives on a three-part concept: a unique ingredient, “Ganoderma,” solid leadership and innovation. What’s more, distributors and brand representatives aren’t just merchandisers, they’re actual Organo Gold coffee drinkers themselves. And, there’s the obvious question! Who drinks their own coffee? Well, Bernardo Chua does! Interestingly, he’s a fan of his own creation. He doesn’t start his day without drinking Organo Gold coffee. Now, that’s an amazing brand!

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