Cocktail Christmas Days 11, 12, 16: The Catch Up Post

Anyway, this is the quick catch up post for the three days that I have missed posting so far.

First off, I went to a Macklemore concert on 12/11… this occasion called for an old favorite of mine that I first had at the great Zig Zag Cafe here in Seattle.  The Corn n’ Oil is one of my favorite rum drinks and one of the manliest rum drinks around.  It’s unique, strongly flavored and not for the faint of heart.

Corn n' Oil

Corn n’ Oil

Corn n’ Oil4 parts black rum (some prefer Cruzan, I like Goslings), 1 part falernum, lime wedge, 1 dash Angostura bitters.  Combine ingredients over ice, stir, enjoy.  It’s thick, spicy, sweet but strongly flavored and not for everyone.Falernum is a delicious rum based sweetener that is hard to find here in the states.  The flavors of rum, lime, ginger, allspice & almond make this a great addition to a number of cocktails.  It’s best to make it yourself (try this recipe from Paul Clarke) or go to a bar that makes it in house to enjoy a drink with Falernum.  I believe that Rumba and Zig Zag Cafe may be the only bars in Seattle that have house made Falernum.

The second drink that I skipped posting on was an experiment that didn’t go very well.  It was one that I don’t even want to explain because it had so much potential, looked great and had solid, fresh ingredients… it just didn’t come together and taste like anything but baby vomit mixed with fresh lemon juice.  Everything in it was delicious looking… it just flopped.

photo 1

Ginger Sap Sour

The Ginger Sap Sour includes good vodka, egg, ginger simple syrup, maple syrup and grapefruit bitters.  It’s combined in the standard way that a sour is made where there’s a dry shake (without ice) and a wet shake (with ice).  That makes a nice foam and a good body to the drink.  But the flavors in this one didn’t work out too well.  It ended up too acidy, too sweet somehow and with a strange overpowering vanilla note that just set the drink up for failure. 

I’m going to shake this off and move on.


The third one was actually served last night 12/16 and went over very well.  It was my take on a hot toddy that I spruced up for the holidays and for my upcoming trip to Barbados.

The basic formula for a toddy is an aged spirit (rum, whiskey, tequila even), hot water, sugar (usually one that blends well with the spirit), a spice of some kind and lemon (which is essential to add acid and balance the drink.  Here’s my recipe…

Hot Toddy– 2oz black rum (Goslings), .5oz St. Elizabeth’s Allspice Dram, .5oz demerara sugar simple syrup, 2 dashes Angostura bitters, Lemon wheel studded with cloves, ~4oz hot water.  Stir all ingredients together in a heatproof mug.  This combo plays well together and ends up with a very nice spice, warming heat and a comforting quality that made me a happy guy.  Best enjoyed on a cold night with friends.


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