Cocktail Christmas Day 22: Averneggnog

This is the best Egg Nog that I have ever experienced.  Hands down.  The best.  Ever.

Obviously, I cannot take credit for this drink recipe because I am not a genius.  This recipe comes from the wonderful event that I attended called “Holiday Drinks that Don’t Suck” at one of my new favorite bars Rob Roy and hosted by one who would qualify as a cocktail genius, Paul Clarke of Cocktail Chronicles.  If you aren’t following that blog, do it and thank me later.

I’ve always liked egg nog and it has been part of my holiday tradition since I was little.  In fact, the Musson family tradition is actual to cut the grocery store egg nog with 7-Up.  It’s not nearly as gross as it sounds and is still something that my crazy palate LOVES, but when I think about it, I shudder a little bit and hang my head in shame.

This recipe has ruined me for other egg nogs.  The pre-packaged supermarket stuff cut with 7-Up is just not going to cut it anymore… here’s how to make this delicious new holiday tradition.

Finished Product

Finished Product

The Averneggnog

5 large eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1.25 tsp freshly-grated nutmeg
5 oz brandy
5 oz rum
3.3 oz Averna
20 oz whole milk
13.3 oz heavy cream

The original recipe is 4x this large and calls for the largest blender known to man.  I don’t have a clue how a blender could hold 100 oz of milk and cream, along with about 50 oz of alcohol.  I’m a fan of large scale drinks but this is just a huge portion.  Probably great for bars and people who have blenders the size of a kitchen sink… but not for me.

My small scale recipe makes about a 64oz pitcher of the egg nog, which is good for a group that might fit in my tiny apartment.

Anyway, grab your blender and put the eggs in it and start blending on a medium setting for about one minute.  Slowly add the other ingredients and blend for another minute or so until it’s frothy and delicious.  Drink a little bit.  Good huh?

Now we exercise self-control and put it in the fridge and chill the nog… the recipe says it’s to allow the flavors to mingle and mix.  I believe it is there to make you want the nog more than you’ve ever wanted anything in the world.  It’s just a tease to make you enjoy it more when you can finally drink it.  Sorry, my inner fat kid is coming out.  Speaking of fat, this drink isn’t exactly “low cal” or “fat free.”  You’ve been

When it’s thoroughly chilled (~2 hours in the fridge), pour into a chilled coupe glass, grate some fresh nutmeg over the drink and enjoy.

What makes this recipe special is A) fresh ingredients, B) a balance between cream and milk which makes the drink a little lighter, and C) AVERNA.  Delicious, delicious Averna.

For those readers who have never heard of Averna, it is an Italian liqueur in the Amaro category (Amaro = Italian for “herbal”) that is a classic digestif, or after-dinner drink.  It’s a blend of herbs, roots and citrus rinds that soak in alcohol before some amazing people add caramel to the mix.  It’s sweet, thick and contains just enough herbal notes to be absolutely delicious.  The addition of a small amount of Averna adds depth to this egg nog that has never been there before.  It adds herbal notes and a lingering finish of espresso.  I can’t wait to play around with this ingredient.

Anyway, I can’t recommend this drink enough.  It’s the best thing I’ve had so far this month.  Make it.  Tonight.



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