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Securus Technologies Has Proven That It Is a Program That is Worth Utilizing

Securus Technologies is offering inmates and those who’d be visiting them in visitation sessions an opportunity in which they visitor(s) can participate in visitation sessions in a video conferencing mode in which they can conduct their chats from anywhere they … Continue reading

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Stress Related Strokes Screenings Offered By Life Line Screening

With all of the stress that people are going through, there are a lot of issues that can be caused that people are not aware of. Among the complications that could occur because of stress is a stroke. The truth … Continue reading

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“Fail early, fail fast, fail often.” A mantra repeated by many – its origins unknown. Only the bold and unafraid see failure as a new beginning to forge a new success.Greek mythology is a primal source of knowledge. For instance, … Continue reading

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About Karl Heideck and the Role of a Litigator in a Legal Process

In the buildup to a litigation process, several parties come into play. The first party is the offended party, commonly referred to as the plaintiff. The second party is the party that the plaintiff accuses of committing the offense; it … Continue reading

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Breaking the Party Planning Process into Steps

One of the worst things that people can do with events is try to take on everything all a once. In fact, when people try to do too much at a time, then they wind up causing a huge mess … Continue reading

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Karl Heideck & The Art Of Litigation

What is a litigator? For some, it’s the first thing that enters their head when they hear the word “lawyer”. Spending time in the courtroom, dealing with lawsuits, that sort of thing. But, a litigator actually does a great more … Continue reading

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