A Closer Look at Capital Group’s New Chairman

Timothy Armour was born in 1960. Later on, he joined Middlebury College, a private arts college which is located at Middlebury in Vermont. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in BA where he had specialized with Economics. With such an intense educational background, he went ahead to being a recognized businessman.

Timothy Armour has spent most of his career life working for Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. He began as a simple participant in the Associates Program of the company. Later on, he was the given the role of being the company’s equity portfolio manager and investment analyst. His responsibility was to cover all of the global telecommunications and US services companies. Currently, Timothy Armour is the chairman and CEO of the Capital Group and the Capital Group Companies Management Committee. The Capital Group is part of the Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. This company has also given him the role of being its chairman and principal executive officer.

Timothy became the chairman of the Capital Group after the death of its former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. The president of Capital Research and Management Company and the president Capital Group planned to work with Timothy as a leadership succession plan. This would give the two companies effective business strategies and better overseeing of operations. Timothy’s advice to investors is that they should work with managers who participate in decisive actions which are in the best interest of their investors.

Janet Yang, a CFA, says that Capital Group has succeeded and remained among the top companies through hard work. She further says Timothy is a good choice for management because he is commitment and will improve the firm’s overall business direction due to his excellent decisive actions that have long term interests in the well-being of the firm.

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The partnering of Capital Group with Samsung Asset Management will make the management to be familiar with capital style active management and it will provide the management with the know how related to management. Timothy said this partnership would improve the design of investment solution that will increase savings, retirements and other insurance needs for the Korean investors. The market selloff in September 2015 would create healthier markets.

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