About Karl Heideck and the Role of a Litigator in a Legal Process

About Karl Heideck

About Karl Heideck

In the buildup to a litigation process, several parties come into play. The first party is the offended party, commonly referred to as the plaintiff. The second party is the party that the plaintiff accuses of committing the offense; it is commonly known as the defendant. The third party is the litigator and read full article.

A Litigator

A litigator is a lawyer who is contracted to represent either the plaintiff or the defendant in the entire litigation process. During the process, a litigator investigates and gets to the root cause of the case and then prepares sufficiently for the defense of his client’s position in court. The plaintiff’s litigator puts up a strong case before the jury or judges in court, in an attempt to incriminate the defendant and win the case for his client. The defendant’s litigator, on the other hand, puts up a spirited defense in an attempt to vindicate his customer in the eyes of the jury, judge, or a tribunal. Both litigators are, however, not involved in the determination of the case and learn more about Karl.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a skilled Philadelphia-based attorney with over a decade in the legal practice. Throughout his career, Karl has done remarkably well in many litigation processes involving risk management, commercial, and compliance litigation.

Besides representing clients during litigation processes, Karl Heideck contributes to the legal field by conducting legal research and legal writing. A Tempe University graduate, Karl has extensive knowledge in several branches of law, including employment law, corporate law, and commercial law.

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