Amanda Morgan-Taylor Has Joined Sussex Health Care Group As Its CEO

Sussex Health Care just welcomes aboard its new CEO, Amanda Morgan-Taylor, who officially joined its ranks in January of 2018. Morgan-Taylor brings with her more than three decades of experience in the independent and public sectors of health. She started out her career as a mental health nurse and eventually took on more leadership positions. Before she got started working with the healthcare group, she already began to become more familiar with its services and the homes where many of its residents are housed. One of her first duties was to select a new Director of Quality Compliance and Service Improvement for the group, and she got to work on that immediately.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor is optimistic about working with the group and is expecting to visit all of the homes that are under the Sussex umbrella, and she also expects to meet with many of the residents of these homes. The senior management team and the policy group are happy to have a person of Morgan-Taylor’s quality on-board and have expressed their desire to get to work with her on some of the most important issues that the group needs to tackle. Everyone is expecting that adding her to the leadership of the group will help to continue to steer it in the right direction.


Sussex Health Care offers a group of independent locations that offer care for the elderly and adults who have disabilities in the United Kingdom. The group has been around since 2002 when the Health Quality Service accredited it, and it earned the International Standard ISO in 2005, which makes it a dual accredited group by the HQS. It also means that it is the first to do this in the UK. Altogether, Sussex Healthcare has 20 homes at its disposal with top nurses and doctors who care about their patients.

Sussex Health Care is different from other residential care programs in the way that it focuses on the all around quality of life of its patients. Instead of just offering medical care, the group prioritizes focusing on other areas of health and wellness for its patients, which includes diet. Along with this, Sussex is dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for the people who it is entrusted to take care of. The group treats all of its patients with respect and dignity and works to help them feel as independent as possible. One of the main ways its does so is by making all of its treatment centers feel like home.

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