Ara Chackerian; a Leading Healthcare Innovator Gauges Healthcare Startups

The healthcare sector has attracted many entrepreneurs. Investors are investing in healthcare startups that specialize in offering solutions that make service delivery and treatment better. Startups have taken innovation to another level which has ensured that health centers enjoy digital systems of data processing, analysis, and even record keeping. On top of that, there are many treatment innovations developed by new players in the health sector that improve diagnosis and treatment of patients. Ara Chackerian is one of the top entrepreneurs and innovators in the healthcare sector.




Ara Chackerian is an expert in healthcare technologies. At TMS Health Solutions, Ara is a board member. He co-founded this firm to offer better treatment services to mentally ill patients. The firm is a leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Also, he is a leading investor who focuses on early-stage healthcare startups. He is a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings which supports budding healthcare startups with great innovations. He knows that great innovations will make the healthcare business better for patients and entrepreneurs. For more details visit Crunchbase.




Ara Chackerian has gauged healthcare startups and is sure most of them are heading in the right direction. Most of the startups experience challenges at initial stages. The challenges include a delay in IPOs and negative cash flow. The challenges are avoidable if entrepreneurs come in to support the startups. On top of that, startups are expected to have able and innovative teams. This makes sure that they come up with innovations that impact the healthcare positively. Some of the innovations changing the healthcare sector include treatment systems, analytic diagnostic systems, record keeping and technological solutions. You can visit their website




In New York City, believe it or not, 79 healthcare startups raised over $703 million through venture capital funding in 2017. The startups got funding as most of them offer cutting-edge technological solutions that improve healthcare industry. Chackerian is confident that with the innovations, healthcare startups will continue growing. With great ideas and innovations, entrepreneurs will come on board to assist startups to sell their innovations that benefit patients as well as investors.



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