Arthur Becker and His Passion for Real Estate and Bio Tech

Mr. Becker has had many different high-ranking jobs in his career. Most of them have been at either real estate companies or technology companies. Currently, Becker is working at Madison Partners, LLC, a company he had a hand in building.

Before Madison Partners, Becker worked at ZINIO and NaviSite. ZINIO was a brief three-year role as Chairman and CEO. He was able to explore the interesting aspects of technology there. But it was while at NaviSite that Becker truly got to experience his soon-to-be passions. He began to look for his own way to pursue his passions after NaviSite was purchased by Time Warner in 2011.

His current company, Madison Partners, is an investment firm that focuses on real estate opportunities and early stage biotech ventures. He had experienced much of the technology world during his tenure at NaviSite and ZINIO. After the sale of NaviSite, he began expanding his interests in real estate.

His first taste of real estate investment involved the development condos in New York City and Miami, Florida. That was also about the same time he discovered numerous early stage biotech companies. His love of technology blossomed after discovering the potential that biotech could have on the economy and in people’s lives.

Now that Becker has a successful business, his days are a lot more flexible than he’s used to. In the early days of his career, Becker’s schedule was full of conference calls and meetings. Now, he focuses more on his personal real estate projects. He has a number of small luxury condos that he’s developing in Tribeca.

The most important aspect of Becker’s ability to bring ideas to life is working with people that he trusts. Whether it’s in real estate or in technology, he prefers working with professionals. He also loves the complexity and the challenge of working with various people throughout the various stages of a development. He also believes that in order to succeed, entrepreneurs need to properly balance passionate drive and critical thinking.

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