Bridget Scarr Shares Vital Nuggets of Wisdom to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Bridget Scarr is a veteran UK-based executive producer and a TV content writer. For the past 15 plus years, the ambitious professional has overseen the creation of compelling TV content that has appealed to viewers of all ages and backgrounds. She specializes in developing virtual and augmented reality shows, factual TV shows, and inspirational dramas.


Scarr possesses the proverbial Midas touch as all her productions always leave the viewers yearning for more and more. Bridget’s finesse in the industry has landed her countless animation and advertising gigs with a plethora of UK-based and global media firms. The Exec producer operates from the world-renowned Colibri Studios in the UK.


Bridget’s Candid Interview


Bridget Scarr recently did an interview with and here’s what she had to say about her career and life, in general. Asked about how her typical working day looks like, Bridget confessed to being an avid meditator. It’s only through deep soul-searching and reflection that she’s able to conjure up the energy and the creativity to perform her work. After a long day attending to the needs of her studio, the media guru enjoys going for long walks with the kids.


Meditation Works!


Ideasmensch also inquired about her creative process. In response, the producer replied and said that she loves to totally immerse herself into the project at hand, above all else. To have a better understanding of the project, the media personality takes into account the history and the culture of the intended target audiences. All through the interview, it’s clear that she’s focused most of her energy and time on the virtual and augmented reality trends.


Overcoming Adversity


The celebrated producer claims to be a fervent believer in magic. If Bridget could turn back time, she would probably be bolder and more daring with her career decisions. She advises us to frown all forms of fears if we wish to be as successful as she’s turned out. On failing, Bridget says that you won’t always get it right the first, second or even the third attempt. Those failures ought not to discourage the entrepreneur. If anything, obstacles are critical learning experiences that harden your resolve to be the best. Here’s the link to the candid interview.


The Rhodes University graduate loves to share with her fans and followers via her social media accounts. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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