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Lawyers and Law in Brazil

Brazil has proven to be a hub for many great lawyers in South America. Many great lawyers have been produced and molded in the country, and the law profession is regarded as one of the prestigious in the country. This … Continue reading

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About Karl Heideck and the Role of a Litigator in a Legal Process

In the buildup to a litigation process, several parties come into play. The first party is the offended party, commonly referred to as the plaintiff. The second party is the party that the plaintiff accuses of committing the offense; it … Continue reading

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Second Largest Whistleblower award given to Labaton Sucharow Client

  A whooping 17 million dollars has been awarded to one of the clients of Labaton LLP. The law firm, which was put up to represent and protect whistleblowers who expose malpractices in the SEC. The 17 million is the … Continue reading

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Another One Crunches The Dust with the Help of the SEC Whistleblower Program

With the generous incentive offered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, insider traders better watch their backs. The SEC recently announced that it has awarded over $17 million to yet another whistleblower represented by the Labaton Sucharow LLP for exposing … Continue reading

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