Class Dojo: A New Way to do Education

Education is and will always be a very important part of society. Each generation of American children need a good education to ensure that they are adequately prepared for modern life. A good education is also great start for earning more income over the course of a person’s lifetime. This benefit is also necessary for understanding the world and how it really works.

The field of education has drastically changed since the 1800s when this discipline became a standard part of the culture. Modern education still uses teachers, books, paper and pens. However, there is now a technical side to education that cannot be overlooked.

Computers, tablets, laptops and smartboards are now available in most modern classrooms. Not only have these devices changed how people give and receive education; they have changed the way that people interact with the education field as a whole. This is especially true for EdTech technologies such as mobile applications and computerized software.

One type of app is known as Class Dojo. This application was created in 2011 by two men who are passionate about the education industry. They’re names are Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. Liam Don is a computer software developer and Sam Chaudhary was a former teacher. They both came together and created Class Dojo to` help teachers, students and parents to get better results from the education field.

Since its inception into the education market, Class Dojo has become an integral part of the system. At least 2 in 3 schools within America are using this app. Not all teachers agree on the effectiveness of this software, but majority of them do. Once Class Dojo has been implemented in the class – in most cases it helps the environment to improve.

Teachers can communicate with parents without having to wait for a meeting. Students can receive homework assignments through the app and parents can instantly access their child’s progress through reports and updates featured on the app. Class Dojo even allows teachers to send pics and videos about a parent’s child directly to them to show them what is going on in class. Class Dojo is now a great tool that is making a true difference in modern education.

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