Desiree Perez Great Development in the Entertainment Industry

She has been the chief operating officer of ROC Nation from the year 2009. Being a member of the team at the ROC Nation, she has been involved in various parts of business, which included management, publications, and labeling functions. She has also been in a close relationship with a popular musician Rihanna. She is also a close companion to a well know hip-hop musician known as Jay Z for a period of twenty years and has an extended track with the successively SC enterprise.

She has proven great potential when it comes to the case of getting large numbers as she can negotiate perfectly and possess an exclusive history that even Empire’s own Cookie would not disagree. She has played an important role in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. She is one of the collectives that runs the whole of ROC nations which are known as Hova Circle of influence and has also other people such as Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, and Ty Smith.

Desiree Perez achievements
He has helped a well-known rapper by the name Jay Z to transform into being a businessman through involvement in the ROC Nation and SC Enterprises. Together with his husband Juan Perez, she has involved herself in Hova Circle of influence which has really helped people who have great influence in the entertainment and music industry.

People from within says that Des has to be the main key to the decision making process in Jay-Z’s business as she negotiates when it comes to high pressure circumstances. Her greatest assets are due to her resolve, magnetism and her risking power on starting the business that may be challenging but profitable at the end. She has boosted the name of ROC Nation Company by placing it in a most significant position of the entertainment company in the world.

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