Diversant: The People’s Company

When it comes to Diversant, it is hard not to be impressed by what they stand for, what they believe in, and what is part of their day-to-day operations. I’m a big fan of mottos, as I believe they say a lot about what a company stands for, what they believe in, and how they wish to conduct themselves in business. Diversant’s motto is “Empowered by Difference. Uniquely Qualified.” Those are two very important things when it comes to a company, especially an IT staffing company. A big part of that is the work of John Goullet, the Principal Executive and a member of their leadership and advisory board.

You have to remember that you are talking about a man that once founded his own company, Info Technologies, which was an IT staffing company that turned a profit of $30 million. He knows what he is talking about and when he speaks, people tend to listen and pay close attention to what he has to say. He isn’t simply blowing hot air out there. He is speaking the truth. It is based also on his experience as an entrepreneur. He knows what it takes to build a company and see it all the way through.

Let’s get back to that motto for a second and the importance of it. When they talk about being empowered by difference, this really stands out to me. When it comes to anything in life, I’m always drawn to things that are different, not like others, and are unique. When I go to the movies, I look for original stories as opposed to remakes or sequels. The fact they are trying to do something different, to me, it speaks volumes about the company and what they are trying to accomplish. As far as being uniquely qualified, this also speaks to me, as I believe experience can go a long way in today’s world. Knowledge, as they say, is power, and the more knowledge you have on a particular topic, the better off you will be, as you will have seen it, done it, experienced it, and it is not too overwhelming for you.

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