Dr. Saad Saad the Innovator

Dr. Saad is a pediatrician in Eatontown having graduated in 1971 from Cairo U Med Hosp. Pediatric surgery and Thoracic surgery are his areas of specialization. In his career, he has performed very many pediatric surgeries throughout his practice. Dr. Saad always sought to see an improvement in both the procedures and methods that existed in the medical field, more so in pediatric and thoracic surgery. He wished to reduce the risk and the pain that his patients were going through. He, therefore, invented many new procedures in pediatric surgery. Both to his community and to people outside his community, Dr. Saad has performed quite complex surgeries on patients.



Dr. Saad came up with a specific device that helped in the location of catheters inside a patient’s body. This device locates the catheter using electromagnetic energy. This means that the patients will no longer have to undergo x-rays to track the exact positions of catheters as is was done traditionally. Like a metal detector, that’s how this medical device operates. The doctor can, therefore, pass the device outside the body of a patient to locate the tip of the catheter. It is quite convenient to use this device since it is small in size hence portable. It can, therefore, be used in case of an emergency in the ICU and time is not adequate to do body scans to locate the catheter. This invention has not been implemented due to the complexity of the involved procedures in making it. However, there is a company that has portrayed interest in this device, and therefore there is a likelihood that this device will be put into use by medics in future.



Secondly, Dr. Saad made an invention intended to improve usage of endoscopes. Since endoscopes look inside the patient’s body which is liquid filled, the endoscope lens may get fogged up, and hence affecting the clarity of the view by the doctor. Dr. Saad, therefore, invented a suction device which takes away the liquids and thus making the doctor’s view much clearer. This device is cheap and easy to make. It is therefore used widely used by doctors on their patients today. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/



Necessity really leads to the invention as Dr. Saad says. It was the necessity that made him come up with the two devices that he invented. There was a great need to avoid complications that came to the bodies of patients by taking out the scope from the patient’s body during an endoscopy. Also, the repeated x-rays resulted in complications on patients due to the radiations that affected the body cells of the patients. The two devices, therefore, helped in reducing the risks of complicating the patient’s health in the process of treatment. Just like in other areas, technological advancements in the healthcare sector have continuously improved the quality of health services offered to patients.

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