End Citizens United

With the Supreme Court ruling that companies can donate to a political campaign, this has effectively led to a situation where an election can be bought. That is where End Citizens United comes into the picture. The purpose of this organization is to put an end to Citizens United. Imagine if you will a world where a tech giant can put as much money into a campaign to get a person elected President and the money can be limitless and does not have to be traced. This is a real possibility if Citizens United and other organizations are allowed to form for the purpose of buying an election based on who the big companies prefer instead of which candidate has the better platform.

This can mean that the traditional ways of holding an election will be useless and thus the better candidate will not always win as had been expected in years past. With a strong push from End Citizens United, they hope that the trend can be defeated and that the option of large companies buying an election can be avoided. this is not an easy fight to put forth and there has to be a large amount of support for this come from the everyday citizen that this will without a doubt affect.

Every effort is being put forth by this organization to help and fight for the little man that the government has forgotten about for the last several years. The government has forgotten the people of this country and allowed Citizens United to take control of our electoral system. This is why we need End Citizens United to let the little man have a voice that has been suppressed for a large number of years. Too many times this has been the case and finally, an organization is stepping up to help correct the crooked political system. This work needs to continue and will get stronger as more and more people join the fight.

The efforts that End Citizens United are putting forth will help to ensure that the next elections for President will not be decided based on which candidate can get the financial support of a large corporation, but instead be based on who has the better ideas. This is not how government should run and End Citizens United is determined to make sure that the political landscape is evened out a little bit more and that the people get to make the choice for their candidate.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://whyy.org/articles/end-citizens-united-announces-35m-campaign-next-year/

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