Eric Lefkofsky: Information About Philanthrohic Activities.

Eric Lefkofsky’s been involved in different philanthropic activities. Lefkovsky’s the founder of the company “Groupon”. One such example is the Lefkofsky Family Foundation or Lef. Eric and his wife Liz found it in 2006. This foundation is a private charitable one. The motive of this company is to proceed initiatives of high impact that improves the standard of human life in the communities performed them.

Something that is true about the Foundation even since it was formed is that it was focused separately on the good of others. In the last ten years they have been blessed with the ability to help with the money and time they had to help many organizations. An objective they have is to make the best influence they have on the points where they center their endeavors on areas like the arts and human rights. An essential human right they see is education. They look for ways to assist make great education be accessed for every kid. On top of that they have a commitment to secure the essential human rights. Something ese they believe in is that there isn’t an environment like a community or city that can live well without a foundation that’s strong cultural.

Another company of Eric Lefkofsky called “Tempus” created for cancer an operating system. This would be a platform of technology linking data that’s molecular and anatomic with data that’s objective. Lefkovsky decided to familiarize himself with healthcare. In order to do this he communicated with doctors and read as well. Something also important to note about him is when expecting results, he doesn’t anticipate them to come fast. He believes this is a journey of excitement to take technology to cancer and then finally bring that technology to the field of healthcare.

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