Eric Pulier is a Leading Venture Capitalist and an Innovator

Eric Pulier has set an impressive track of record as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, technologist, venture capitalist, and a columnist. He has made a mark in the fields of technology and business through innovation of cutting-edge technology solutions & products, and the establishment of companies.

Technology venture

Eric Pulier ventured into the arena of technology and computer programming at a young age. During his fourth Grade, he launched a computer database business that specialized in software development and computer programming. His focus is to use technology to solve real life problems.


Pulier completed his high school studies in 1984 and joined Harvard University. He studied a BA in English & American Literature, Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. As a student, he authored a weekly column called PulierLeg for the Harvard Crimson Weekly. Additionally, he served as an editor of the Harvard Crimson Weekly.

Founder and co-founder

Upon graduating from Harvard University, Pulier has founded and co-founded many successful firms across different sectors. The companies include SOA Software, Media Platform, Desktone, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, Akana, and ServiceMesh. He has raised millions of dollars to finance his companies.

Business venture

In 1991, he decided to establish a successful business empire in a new town. Therefore, he moved to Los Angeles and established a firm known as People Doing Things, which focused on coming up with lasting solutions to problems that affect business, education, and healthcare sector.

Philanthropic activities

Pulier engages actively in charitable activities. He engages in endeavors, which utilize technology to resolve stubborn problems in poverty-stricken communities and physically impaired kids not only in the U.S. but also worldwide. Through Campaign for Free College Tuition, he creates an opportunity for young Americans to attend and graduate from college.

Apart from providing monetary support to the XPRIZE Foundation, Pulier sits on the Board of the Foundation. The non-profit organization develops and oversees public competitions whose primary intention is to promote technology development that can be of benefit to human beings. The organization fosters top competitions that encourage individuals, firms, and organizations across all fields to come up with groundbreaking technologies and ideas that help resolve the challenges that hinder humanity progress.

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