Florida Governor, Who Is Now Running For The US Senate, Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Legislation

The Republican governor in the state of Florida; Rick Scott has been in Tallahassee building a reputation as a shameless conservative ideologue in the whole of the United States. He has been seen by political analysts to have the same ideology as the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. These two governors are pushing a far-right agenda into states that have been termed as swing states. Gov. Scott is running against the incumbent Senator who hails from the Republican Party, Bill Nelson. Many political commentators have seen the Florida Senate race as one of the high-profile political competitions in the forthcoming mid-term elections. This comes at a time when Governor Scott has been accused of corrupt and shady behavior.

The End Citizens United organization has documented a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The filed complaint accuses Governor Scott of using Super PAC illegally to fund and support his political campaigns. The governor has also been accused of exceeding the limits that have been set out by federal authorities on direct contributions to political candidates. Super PACs have been authorized to raise vast amounts of money and spend them as they wish without any form of limitations. However, the Super PACs have not been allowed to have direct coordination with political campaigns in any election. In the complaint, End Citizens United claims that Governor Scott is violating the anti-coordination legislation with a group that he left leadership after announcing his candidacy for the US Senate; New Republican PAC.

The New Republican PAC is now dedicating its efforts into the election of Rick Scott into the US Senate. End Citizens United’s communications director, Adam Bozzi, has said that Governor Scott has put his selfish interests and political ambitions ahead of the interests of millions of Florida residents. Bozzi added that the governor has also lacked respect for electoral laws by raising campaign money into the New Republican PAC. There are also allegations that the campaign money raised by Scott was meant for the Republican presidential campaigns for Donald Trump. Rick Scott has used the New Republican PAC to avoid the disclosure law and the funds limit that comes with it. He is also using the super PAC to violate campaign finance laws that have been set by the Federal Elections Commission and pay for the campaign expenses that come with his candidacy for office. However, Scott’s campaign team heads have said that the governor has always conducted his political campaigns with transparency and accountability.

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