Fortress Investment Group: A Four of Four Star Company

There is a company based out of New York called the Fortress Investment Group. Perhaps you have heard of them? Their Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder’s name is Randal A. Nardone. He is a billionaire who built his way to success from the ground up. In fact, he is ranked 557 on the Forbes Billionaire List. Also responsible for the founding of the company was Wesley R. Edens who himself ranks 962 on the list and Robert Kauffman whose net worth is estimated to be around one billion dollars. Together they form a strong leadership and have helped take the company to where it is today. Fortress Investment Group is currently managing over forty billion dollars in personal assets from various companies and people worldwide. They have over 1500 clients who trust them with the raising, investing, and managing of their money.

Their employee base alone is up around 1000 asset managers and over 200 investment professionals. Each is highly educated with a strong background in finance and a passion for people and money like none has ever seen. It is because of this dedication that Fortress Investment Group is thriving and also because of the consumers that put their trust in the company to be professionally sound when it comes to their investments. The companies core competencies include industry knowledge, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets. One of the company’s core competencies also include operations management. The company has created their own set of tools and rules that work for them when it comes to taking on financial obstacles. They create their own strategies that find value when working with complex investments rather than maybe taking an easier path. This sets them apart from other investment firms. Fortress Investment Group also has employed many people whose knowledge is in capital markets and in achieving low-cost and low-risk financing. These people know exactly what it is they are doing when it comes to consumer debt and equity markets.

Each employee at Fortress is educated in something different, but all have a strong base of financial education. Each is dedicated to the consumer and finding what investment what might work for one person and a different one that may be better for another. What employees say about working for Fortress Investment Group is that it is overall a good place to start your career in finance if you so choose. The upper management is always more than happy to assist the interns so that they may complete their program and leave with as much knowledge in the industry as possible. They also say that the pay is just and the work environment is high energy and friendly. Randal A. Nardone is also credited as being a quality Chief Executive Officer who looks after his employees and ensures they are always satisfied with their line of work. Fortress Investment Group is an extremely successful business. Because they are always searching for new ways to assist their customers with managing their investments, they are always finding ways to improve their company in the long run. The company is thriving and with how well they are doing today, it will be interesting to see how their success and company has grown ten years down the line.

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