Freedom Debt Relief – Possible Debt Settlement Options

Freedom Debt Relief is an American debt settlement company founded in 2002 by Stanford Business School Graduates Bradford Stroh and Andrew Housser. With its headquarters in San Mateo, California, Freedom Debt Relief enables heavily indebted consumers who are experiencing financial difficulties avoid bankruptcy by negotiating on their behalf and taking care of their unsecured debt at a discount to what they actually owe.


Being one of the leading companies for debt settlement, Freedom Debt Relief has enrolled over 400,000 clients. The company helps clients achieve financial stability and security by using outstanding debt negotiation strategies that save as much money as possible to any clients that seeks its services and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.


With its careful consideration to individual client needs, keen attention to detail and the experts and debt consultants who handle each client with courtesy, Freedom Debt Relief is always the number one choice for most of the clients who may be on the brink of bankruptcy and in need of debt relief. In many cases, sometimes the clients do not easily admit that they are in need of debt relief but their debt negotiation experts can devise individualized, custom solutions which help clients in need get the true picture of their situation, then come up with a step by step procedure which will enable the clients achieve financial health and at the same time maximize their savings and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.


Freedom Debt Relief has a distinguished reputation among creditors and clients. Testimonies and reviews from clients reveal, not only the emotional relief and the piece of mind they get after getting the services, but also how much they enjoyed the courtesy, careful guidance and tender care throughout the entire process. Clients disclose that Freedom Debt Relief, not only seeks to settle their debt burden, but is always willing to go that extra mile, to ensure that their get financial being post debt relief and their Facebook.


Having resolved cumulatively close to $7 billion in debt, the company has pushed financial management to new heights, raised the bar for their competition and above all improved the lives of hundreds of thousands who have benefited from their services. The company also engages in philanthropic activities such as support for youth programs and disadvantaged children as a way of giving back to society and

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