George Soros, Taking the Oppressor on by Assisting the Oppressed

When Australian philosopher and proponent of the Open Society Theory published his book, he never imagined that George Soros would read it. The book, the Open Society and its Enemies, described how an ideal society would never be achieved because communities would always be misguided to impose their ideologies on other communities. He explained that ideologies and philosophies which got imposed on people misled their proponents to think that they possessed the ultimate truth to humanity. Karl Popper never prescribed how the Open Society would be achieved: he only prescribed it and explained why it would be difficult to achieve it.

George Soros identified with the Open Society and thought of how to achieve it. It was simple really, to just fight the enemies of the Open system which included but were not limited to assimilation, fascism, dictatorships, totalitarianism, nationalism, imperialism, collectivism and romanticism. However, he understood he could not fight them through violence or imposition. The solution was to fight them subtle through philanthropy; empowering the subjects of imposition. He decided he would fight oppression by not oppressing the oppressors but by emancipating the oppressed. The self-made billionaire, who believes that financial power increases a person’s degree of freedom, decided he would first attain the highest degree of freedom possible so he could emancipate the meek. He was a student at the London School of Economics when he reached that conclusion about his purpose in life.

He later moved to the United States where he utilized his education and training in Economics to make a fortune. He first worked for banks to raise capital and then established his own hedge funds. He became very wealthy and true to his purpose, founded the Open Society Foundations. With his exceptional organizational skills and his endowed pockets, he propelled it to become the biggest philanthropic organization known to the human race. It has branches in over 100 countries and funds lobby groups which seek to emancipate the meek and oppressed peacefully by;

  • Ending dictatorships and economic exploitation
  • Advancing justice through agitating for police reforms and judicial systems
  • Defending the right of media groups to publish objective news with increased degrees of independence.

Some of the individuals and groups that the Open Society Foundations have helped to reduce imposed influence on them include;

  • Eastern Europe and former Soviet territories that were economically disempowered by the Communist system,
  • Civil societies in China
  • The people of Sarajevo during the three-year siege of the Bosnian War
  • Immigrants and members of the Black Community in Ferguson Island
  • Slum dwellers living in Haiti
  • Scholars who were against the South African Apartheid Regime

By funding civil activists to protest against imposition, and to defend the rights of the oppressed, the Open Society Foundations take away the power of the powers that be. For philanthropies of such socioeconomic purpose, George Soros has given over 87 percent of his 12 billion dollar donations to the Open Society Foundations to facilitate. He has also been giving very sizable donations to the Democratic Party because the party supports liberal ideas and policies.


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