Guilherme Paulus Talks About The Importance Of Social Responsibility And Accountability For Companies

Guilherme Paulus has been at the forefront of the tourism industry of Brazil and has contributed to its rapid growth in the last couple of decades. He established CVC Brazil in the year 1972 at the age of 24, and since then he never had to look back due to the success that his company witnessed.

Paulus started CVC Brazil along with a partner, but his partner left the firm after four years, leaving the entire responsibility of running the company on his shoulders. However, he didn’t hold back and went on to push ahead with complete determination, ensuring the success of CVC Brazil. As the largest tour operator in Brazil and Latin America today, he continues to work as hard to ensure his company stays competitive.

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Guilherme Paulus also started GJP Hotels and Resorts in the year 2005, which currently operates nineteen properties in different parts of the country. With time, the company has been experiencing a massive surge in its operating profit due to the creative marketing policies implemented by Guilherme Paulus. He is well aware of what the customers are looking for and provides it to them, which helps in boosting sales and overall business growth. When it comes to business development, Guilherme Paulus has been able to master the art through more than 40 years of experience he has had of running a company single-handedly. He said in an interview recently that he is not afraid of any idea as it is what would help in knowing whether or not it will work. Just ideating and not executing would never get you the results, whether positive or negative. So, he asks the young people of today to go ahead and do everything to implement their idea to reach their dream goals.

The expert entrepreneur feels that companies today cannot isolate themselves from society. They need to be accountable to the people and the surrounding resources. It is the social accountability that has become essential in today’s world especially in the hospitality industry. Businesses should focus on giving back to society in any way they could serve such as local jobs, training sessions and more to help the locals. It is the only way for the success of the company.

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