How Alexandre Gama Became One of the Best Advertising Agents

Alexandre Gama, who is a Brazilian advertising and business specialist, has spent most of his years discussing what role the advertisement industry in South America plays. Alexandre Gama was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, and ever since he was small, he was interested in adverting. Thus, he attended Fundacao Armondo Alzares Penteado College and this where he was educated on techniques of adverting. Gradually, he made his way in the industry learning and experiencing new things that led him to reach greater levels as a COO and CEO while operating in U.K, Brazil, and the entire world.

With his passion and motivation to become successful, Alexandre Gama developed his advertising agency, Neogama. Developing his organization has helped in pushing him upwards making him become highly demanded by various business groups and industries. His ability to use his high profile and skills in a bid to change the Brazilian industry has led him to be respected not only in Brazil but also around the world. He and his agency have been awarded various awards for their excellent work. In 1999, the company was given a Cannes Golden Lion for the work done. He has been seen to help in campaigning brands that are globally recognized such as Johnnie Walker.


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