How Dr. Saad Turned a Childhood Dream into a Successful Career

Dr. Saad Saad recently retired from the medical career. He has been a pediatric surgeon for about 47 years with a successful career. Saad has acquired lots of experience and skills, which he has managed to pass on to his children. Dr. Saad was born in Palestine in the 1940s when there was a lot of unrest. The formation of Israel as a state forced Saad to be relocated to the West Bank together with his parents and siblings. His father was a petroleum mechanic, and his skills were especially sought after because of the oil discovery in the Middle East. Saad father’s skills were in high demand, and this made them relocate to Kuwait where he was called to work. Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood in Kuwait. He learned a lot from his father who reminded him of their tough situation as being part of the diaspora in a foreign country with no passports or a state of their own. He reminded Saad that he would gain respect if he managed to pursue education seriously by climbing the career ladder.


Dr. Saad had an incident that would later change his life. While in High school, in the 1960s, he went outdoors with his brother. The summers in Kuwait can be brutal, and with the scorching heat, Saad felt ill, and he later fainted. Later on, Saad realized that only the operating room in the entire country had a functional air conditioning system. He realized that he was not meant for the outdoors and he wanted to become a pediatric surgeon.


Going through medical studies

Focused, and with his mind made up, Dr. Saad joined the university for medical studies. He would later become a pediatric surgeon, graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a salutation from Medical School. Dr. Saad then moved to the United States, and with his determination, he became a US Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. He was the only pediatric surgeon in the US who spoke Arab and English Fluently and because of this; he got the prestigious opportunity of being the pediatric surgeon for children of the Saudi Royal Family. His career progressed, and upon his return to the United States, Dr. Saad improved medical processes and came up with several new procedures that have helped to save the lives of thousands of young children in the country and across the borders. Learn more :

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