How Fortless Investment Group Has Managed to Improve the Lives of their Clients

Fortress Investment Group is one of the most popular asset managers in the United States. The company was founded in 1998 and today, it has managed to increase their investor’s confidence hugely. They are currently operating over $41 billion of their investors both private and institutional. The company is led by three directors namely, Wesley Edens, Peter Briger and also Randal Nardone whereby its initial investors were Nardone and Edens. The principal owner and the founder were called Robert Kauffman who retired from the company in 2012. That is when Peter Briger replaced him.

Fortress Investment Group has employed over 900 workers whereby over 200 of them are certified, professional investors.

It has always been a complicated process to understand what financial service companies do. They have still decided to do their investments and activities in private. It is, therefore, a difficult thing to explain what Fortress Investment Group does. Some of the events of the company are described below.

The primary activity of Fortress Group is to manage their client’s assets. The company has been entrusted because of their team of experts with excellent managerial skills that help them to achieve their client’s assets effectively. The company has been able to consult its clients on various industries in which the firm invests their assets.

Fortress Group is known for reliable sourcing of funds for their clients at meager rates as well as minimized risks. It is in such a situation where some of these firms decide to entrust fortress to manage their assets as well as seeking out financing for their personal needs. The firm also has over 2000 clients whom they have engaged in the oversight roles during mergers and acquisitions.

Peter Briger is the Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group and has been in the company since the year 2002. Before Joining the company, Peter used to work at Goldman, Sachs & Co for more than 15 years. Wes and Randon are the oldest people in the company since they have been active since its establishment in 1998. They have always been working closely during the decision making processes something which has made the company a leader in the industry. The achievements witnessed in the company has been as a result of committed leadership whereby they work together towards ensuring that they realize the goals of Fortress. Many of their clients have been able to benefit from their expertise in managing hedge fund directly.

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