Jason Hope: Optimism about the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is one of the most successful American tech entrepreneurs. Aside from dealing with businesses, he is also working as a commentator, a writer, and a futurist. He is one of the advocates of Internet of things and looks into the future with a lot of optimism. He considers the future to be a place where the possibilities and opportunities are endless, and he is excited about the potential technologies that will be introduced to humanity.

The Internet of things is a concept that has been turned into a reality today. It states that things can communicate with each other wirelessly, performing tasks altogether, achieving the same goal. This concept developed into technology that we know today – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. These wireless technologies allow devices to connect to the internet to automatically update themselves by downloading additional software or program that would enable them to perform better. Other times, devices would connect with each other to become a single device that can be used for work or any other tasks, like the computer and all of its accessories. Jason Hope states Internet of things is the future of society and that in a few years from now, more and more appliances, and even vehicles, can interact with each other. He is looking at a future wherein roads can communicate with driverless cars for a safer travel; where homes can become self-aware; and when communication becomes more accessible even to the far-flung places on earth.

As a kid, Jason Hope loves watching science fiction themed shows and movies. He loved how these shows depict the future, and as soon as they became a reality, Jason Hope knew that the future would be more exciting. He built his own company which would help the youth develop their ideas for the future. He would allow them to conceptualize anything that they think would become a reality in the future, and most of the inventions being sent to his office were made by children who have unlimited ideas and concepts. He would like to cherry pick the design that can be created using present technology, and he provides financial assistance to the chosen concept. He believes that by continuously educating the children about the potential of the future, they will become more excited and bright ideas would spontaneously form.

Jason Hope is confident that with the help of the younger generation, the world will become better in the future. He dismisses the possibilities of war and a post-apocalyptic world but instead focuses on the fact that with the help of everyone, the future can reshape humanity as an advanced civilization traveling from one galaxy to another, harnessing the technology that they have developed since the beginning of time.

Jason Hope Info: www.linkedin.com/in/jasonrhope

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