Jeremy Goldstein: The Most Knowledgeable Business Lawyer in New York

Every good lawyer holds several university degrees. Every great lawyer holds several university degrees and has decades of experience. Just having some college degrees doesn’t mean that someone is the best at what they do. Without real-world experience, all that book knowledge means absolutely nothing.

Places like Los Angeles and New York are filled with “brilliant” lawyers that know what they’re doing. Despite all their claims, there’s only one man who has the trust of hundreds of corporations, CEOs, management teams, and compensation committees: Jeremy L. Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is a partner at the law firm he established in New York, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates.

Before joining the legal world, Jeremy Goldstein earned three degrees from New York University School of Law, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. After passing the New York Bar, he became a partner at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen, and Katz.

When he learned all he could learn from Wachtell, he established his own firm. Now, his firm mostly advises clients on matters of executive compensation, corporate governance, transformative corporate events, and sensitive situations. They also handle major transactions between Fortune 500 companies like Verizon, Chevron, and Bank One.

Currently, Jeremy Goldstein moves around a lot, working with corporations to figure their best choice for employee benefits. Employee benefits are a big issue in the corporate world these days since so many corporations have stopped offering stock options. They all have their own reasons for getting rid of stock options, but Jeremy Goldstein wants them to make sure that’s the best course of action.

Whatever risks companies feel like stock options bring, they’re still one of the best benefits companies can provide employees. Unlike other compensation methods, stock options offer a certain level of equivalency amongst employees.

People can understand their value at the company and see how their work directly affects stock value. When people see their work affecting the company’s value, they may work harder to satisfy customers and go the extra mile to attract new customers. That’s an advantage that other methods can’t offer.

Before any company makes a final decision, it’s important that they talk with their accountant and make the right decision for them at that moment. Goldstein does not want people following his lead just because he thinks one way. Learn more:


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