Jeunesse Global continues rapid expansion throughout East Asia

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are not widely known outside of direct-selling circles. But within the North American direct-selling industry, they are legendary. Ray and Lewis are the founders of many of the most successful companies to ever operate within the industry. And they have been continuously pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams since the 1960s.


But it has been their latest enterprise, Jeunesse Global, that has really made waves. Ray and Lewis decided back in 2009 that they finally wanted to try the retired life. The couple had been working, nonstop, for nearly five decades. They wanted to enjoy the immense fruits of their labors, spending more time with their grandkids and each other while doing nothing in particular with their time.


However, the innately driven duo quickly realized that they were not cut out for the boredom of retired life. Within just a few weeks of experiencing the ennui and lack of purpose that comes with retirement, they started talking about ideas for their next business. Both Ray and Lewis had spent considerable time travelling and doing business throughout East Asia. They knew that many of the countries there had been stifled by the oppressive jackboot of communism, never reaching anything close to their true economic potential. At the same time, many of those countries, like China and Vietnam, had started opening up to freer trade policies. Ray and Lewis saw this as being a golden opportunity to get in on the ground level of what was about to be one of the biggest explosions of human capital that the world had ever seen.


This bet of investing heavily in and concentrating on East Asia proved to be a good one. Within a few years of operation, Jeunesse Global was growing at breakneck speed. And much of this new growth was coming from the company’s East Asian markets. At the same time, Jeunesse began focusing its product development efforts on things that would go over well throughout those oriental markets. This proved to be one of the most perspicacious plays of any business in recent history. As a result, Jeunesse has reaped the benefits.

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