Jose Henrique Borghi: Providing the Best Advertising Solutions for Brazilian Businesses

The success of any business is based on its ability to come up with outstanding adverts that captivate both prospective and current customers. It is therefore worthwhile for a business to come up with or find a good ad agency that will help them come up with creative adverts and campaigns to enable them to reach their audiences. In Brazil, one agency which has taken the Brazilian advertising industry with a storm is Mullen Lowe Brazil which is headed by the Brazilian advertising guru, Jose Henrique Borghi.

As an experienced and prominent personality and advertising expert in Brazil, Jose Henrique Borghi is a highly dedicated individual in ensuring that business owners and organizations attain their intended purpose and set goals by providing them with the best advertising solutions. A skilled and resourceful content creator, Jose ensures that he creates a state of the art advertisement content that exceeds your expectations.

Jose Henrique Borghi is the co-CEO and CCO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, a leading Brazilian ad agency based in Sao Paulo which specializes in media and advertising as well as the design and development of digital content for different companies. Starting his career in 1989 at the Standart Ogilvy, Jose has grown professionally and entrepreneurial to become a household name in the Brazilian advertising arena. Before co-founding his advertising agency in 2002, Jose Henrique Borghi had worked in other noticeable agencies such as DM9DDB, FCB, Leo Burnnet, and Talent. Some of his great works include the Mammals of Parmalat, Carlinos, and Fiat. Mr. Borghi holds an Advertising and Propaganda degree from PUC Campinas Foundation and more information click here.


About Mullen Lowe Brazil

Mullen Lowe Brazil is part of the Mullen Lowe Group which is based in the US. The agency had its origin in 2002 when Jose Henrique Borghi partnered with Erh Ray founding BhorgiErh agency. The BhorgiErh agency later changed its name to Bhorgi Lowe after merging with Lowe and Partners. Again in 2015, Bhorgi Lowe merged with Mullen US leading to the creation of Mullen Lowe Group. The Group’s Brazilian branch was named Mullen Lowe Brazil and learn more about Borghi.

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