Keeping Everything Moving Like Whitney Wolfe

For women like Whitney Wolfe, it is important to keep moving forward. This is why she didn’t stop with Bumble. She has added a couple of extensions to dating app. These two extensions are Bumble BFF and Bumble BIZZ. With these apps, she has made sure that her intention is carried out. When looking at the success of her app and its extension, the best thing to look at is the inspiration underlying purpose. Another thing to do is look at her example and what she has done in order to bring her dreams to life.

One of the most important steps for entrepreneurs to take if they want to be successful like Whitney Wolfe has become is to think about all of the different types of marketing. After all, marketing is one of the most important areas when it comes to business. Fortunately, Whitney has thought about all of the steps to bringing Bumble to the public. She understood what it would take to bring a lot of recognition to a product. For one thing, she has learned about marketing from when she worked on Tinder. At the same time, she has her degree from Southern Methodist University.

While Whitney Wolfe was in college, she has started business selling Bamboo totes in order to benefit the BP oil spill victims. This is one of her earliest efforts and experiences with marketing. This has also shown her that she has what it takes to be a success as a marketer. She has not settled for a dead-end job making minimum wage. She has instead decided that she is going to go into business and provide something for her customers. At the same time, any income she makes would go to causes that she is very passionate about.

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