Lawyers and Law in Brazil

Brazil has proven to be a hub for many great lawyers in South America. Many great lawyers have been produced and molded in the country, and the law profession is regarded as one of the prestigious in the country. This is because the Brazilian law is very complicated and require the big minds. The Brazilian constitution was created in 1988, and this has created many enthusiastic professions who were to learn it since it is the basis of the Brazilian legal systems. The Brazilian government has set a special exam known as the Brazilian Bar Exam which is a mandatory requirement for lawyers to pass before becoming full scale and acknowledged lawyers. This has ensured production of qualified and professional lawyers in the market, his Facebook.

There are many great lawyers in Brazil. For instance, the 2011 report on the total number of lawyers found out that there were 676 845 lawyers in the country. The number has definitely increased as per now. One of the most notable lawyers is Ricardo Tosto. He is one of the greatest lawyers in Brazil and has been voted as the best litigator in the country. Ricardo Tosto has specialized in law pertaining litigation and has been recognized as the best in the field in entire Brazil. Many clients both internationally and locally have recognized the great knowledge that Tosto posses in the field. As a result, Tosto has gained international recognition for his roles in litigation law, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Tosto is the co-founder of a law firm known as the Leite Office Tosto e Barrows which has been voted in as the best law firm in Brazil. Tosto plays many critical roles in the firm. He is the lead litigator, and he also leads marketing department in the firm. According to the Chambers of Latin America guide 2018, Tosto’s firm has been noted as the best in Brazil. The Chambers also acknowledged Tosto for his exemplary roles in the firm and his great mastery of the Litigation Law. Ricardo has pioneered and solved many successful cases both locally and internationally which have been documented in the Chambers of Latin America guide 2018, and more information click here.

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