Lime Crime: From Lips To Unicorn Hair Dye

Lime Crime is a makeup line known for their vibrant lip colors. Three new shades are due to be released: a rose gold color called Cleopatra, a holographic shade called Acid Fairy, and an oily slick shimmery shade called Black Diamond. All three colors hail form Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher’s collection and can be worn over lipstick or on their own. These colors will really bring out the punky spark in you. The cost for each shade is $19. The “Black Unicorn Bundle” will include all three colors for $40. Lime Crime released six other glittery lip topper colors in the Diamond Crusher collection in 2016 including; Tripp, an iridescent purple blue shade; Choke, a muted pink; Lit, a golden shade; Strip, a sweet pink; Dope, a soft rose color; and Fluke, a sparkly pink. There is sure to be a color to suit any mood.


Lime Crime is a company that got their start with their Unicorn lipsticks and branched out to highlighters and lip toppers. These unique color twists do not end with the lips. Lime Crime has now developed eleven unique hair shades. There is no official release date yet for these outrageous and bright hair colors. With colors such as sea-foam green (Dirty Mermaid), pink (Bunny), purple to deep purple, red and grey’s it’s no wonder the site claims that these colors will turn you into a real-life unicorn. The product consists of full coverage and semi-permanent tints. There is no harmful peroxide, ammonia, or bleach. Each shade costs $16.


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