London’s Livery Companies Welcomed by Vintners hall

120 companies were part of the pomp and color that marked their welcoming at the Vintners hall in London. The hall is home to the company of vintners. The event was marked with a showcase of the finest culinary skills and grandeur.

The wardens and clerks of the livery companies normally hold events in the city. The company that was in charge of the catering, Searcys did not disappoint either. They served smoked eel croquettes, broad bean salad, truffle buttons, tietar cheese and goats curd among other mouthwatering high end cuisine.

The clerk to the company of distillers stated that they were holding the year’s events at the hall or a variety of reasons. One of these reasons was that they wanted to focus more on quality and flexibility. Because the UK Vintners company he heads is interested in making the highest quality wine, they planned the event in a way that the drink is the centerpiece and the rest of the menu is crafted around the drink. They bring together the details of the event in a manner that makes it memorable and motivating. They have so far created more than 200 high end spirits and tastings that were attended by the city’s most influential individuals.

The sales and marketing officer at Searcys stated that the event was the most successful they have had to date. They stated that the relationship they were having with vintner’s hall was allowing them to showcase their creativity, something that they could not quite achieve when working with the other halls.

The clerk to the worshipful company of management consultants, Julie Fox stated that the ideal place to hold an event was the vintner’s hall and serve wine from the UK. This is because it recreates events in a way that no other company can match up to date. There is also a philosophy that they work with, that of making sure that the services they are delivering are laced with excellence. Besides the for profit events, they also cover pro bono and charity events. For these events, they always look for the venues that match their culture and ethics. They understand that it takes a special planner to make an event special and thus, they always go all the way with their planning.

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