Lori Senecal Stepping Down From CP+B

Lori Senecal will be stepping down from her current role as the Global Chief Executive Officer at CP+B at the end of the year. During her time in this role she also remained the active president and CEO of MDC Partners Network. Lori Senecal was vital in the startup process for CP+B and the company’s co-founder Chuck Porter admits her expertise is what helped them land one of their largest client accounts.

CP+B stands for Crispin Porter + Bogusky. They were founded in 1988 in Miami Florida. They are a full service boutique advertising company. During the past twenty six years they have expanded to offices in Boulder, Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Copenhagen, São Paulo, Stockholm and Gothenburg. CP+B puts a focus on solving business problems first and then creating ads. They strategize and come up with new ways to advertising for existing and new clients across the world. They want to create a long lasting impact often by utilizing technology and pop culture trends. They are comprised of a hard working team of professionals who work around the clock to meet their client’s needs.

As detailed on Salary.com, in October of 2015 Lori Senecal was able to acquire American Airlines advertising account. American Airlines had previously been an advertising client of TM advertising for over twenty five years. With CP+B becoming established and acquiring leading account it is the perfect time for Lori to begin training a new leadership team, reports Ad Week. She is extremely selective and thoughtful during this process so that the future of the company will continue on a lucrative path. CP+B is comprised of ten different office locations that are all staffed with eager entrepreneurs.

Lori Senecal is having Danielle Aldrich moved to the position of President for CP+B. Danielle helped with the acquisition of American Airlines and also Hersheys. Lori credits Danielle for always being willing to step up and take on new business challenges eagerly. View her full bio on crunchbase.com.

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