Malcolm Casselle making Virtual Assets Safe to Buy and Sell

Malcolm Casselle has been the President of WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) and the CIO of OPskins from the year 2017. OPskins is the biggest bitcoin merchant in the world. WAX is a blockchain platform launched by OPskins that facilitates virtual asset trading.

Malcolm Casselle attended MIT and left with a graduate degree in computer science. He then attended Stanford University for his Master’s degree in computer science. He later served in many major companies that focused on gaming, media and technology.

Malcolm Casselle has made a sweeping change in the gaming world by launching the virtual asset platform, WAX. The platform allows gamers to safely buy and sell virtual gaming assets online without leaving their game. The platform has enabled players to exchange their gaming assets with other players. This function was not possible before the launch of the platform.

Before the launch of WAX, the virtual asset market was fraught with fragmentation and fraud. WAX has built in features that solve these problems through a widget enabled by blockchain. This helps users to instantly buy and sell virtual assets without the need to click off the game.

The blockchain used to power the platform has made virtual asset trading safe. Buyers and sellers can tokenize their assets efficiently at the platform. They can later buy or sell their virtual assets using these tokens in a safe blockchain powered platform. Virtual asset markets are plagued by FOREX problems. WAX eliminates these problems by allowing buyers and sellers globally to use tokens instead of currency.

The technology used by the blockchain that powers WAX is Delegated Proof of Stake technology DPOS. This is a democratic and decentralized consensus model that uses elected conforming nodes. Proposed delegates are elected by the vote of users and this makes the architecture of WAX decentralized and democratic.

The WAX platform has revolutionized the way trading of virtual assets is performed. Its blockchain powered method has ensured that virtual asset trading is safe and fraud free. Malcolm Casselle aims to make smart trading and cryptocurrency the most popular methods of virtual asset trading through the WAX platform.


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