Matt Badiali Predicts A Rise In Stock In Canada’s Marijuana Market

Canada decided to legalize all marijuana uses. The decision is expected to take effect in October when all adults. The recent decision to have all marijuana uses legalized has raised a lot of speculation in the financial circles. Experts believe the market will experience significant growth and earn a lot of income. Matt Badiali, a geologist by training with over 20 years experience in the energy and financial industry, believes that legalizing all marijuana use will generate a lot of income. Matt Badiali thinks that the cannabis industry is going to shot high and create a lot of revenue for Canada. In his opinion, the Canadian cannabis market will become a good investment decision for many people. He advises people to take invest in the market before authorities fully legalize the trade.

Matt Badiali first ventured into the investment industry after one of his friends sought his help in advising people in investment. Badiali learned everything there is not know about investments. He has helped many people earn huge sums of money in the stock market through his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. In supporting his prediction, Matt Badiali advised investors to look at the current data on the cannabis market in Canada. According to recent market research by CIBC markets, the cannabis market in Canada is expected to rise and generate about $6.7 billion by the year 2020. This will be generated from products such as scotch, gin whiskey and the like. At the same time, medical marijuana is expected to amount to $1.3 billion in 2024.

The cannabis market in Canada has grown tremendously ever since authorities legalized the trade. The market has become a gold mine for many companies in the regions. The market has been so lucrative that it caused 30 mining companies to stop mining gold and start growing Cannabis. One particular gold mining company, Newstrike Resources Ltd stopped mining gold and started planting cannabis in 2016. The company made a 5,900 percent after their stock raised from $0.5 to $3. However, cannabis growers in the country are not too happy with the decision. Many fear that fully legalizing marijuana use will cause a price drop. They believe this will cause them huge losses primarily due to increased players in the market.

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