Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a Geologist who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Geological and Earth Sciences in 1992 from Penn State University. Later, he continued his education and received a master’s degree in Geology in 2000 from Florida Atlantic University. More recently, in 2005, he obtained his Ph.D. in Sedimentary Geology from the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill. These studies have brought him all over the world to places like Switzerland, Turkey, Iraq, Haiti, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, and Hong Kong. While visiting these places, he was able to study many different oil wells and mines.

Matt Badiali came up with the idea for Freedom Checks. These “checks” are written by natural resources companies who store, transport, and harness the natural resources. These companies primarily deal with oil and gas. There are over 568 companies who offer Freedom Checks and they are called Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) when they offer their investors 90% of what they earn; this is what Badiali is considering a Freedom Check.

America has wanted to become independent from other countries when it comes to oil. The amount of oil that has been coming from the Middle East has dropped, while the United States’ production has increased due to the fracking boom. This means that the various natural resource companies will be seeing a larger than normal profit in the coming years and, in turn, this will raise the value of Freedom Checks.

Companies have been trading Freedom Check like regular stock and Matt Badiali has estimated that some companies will see a profit gain of over 5,000%, 8,000%, and even over 39,000%. This could potentially mean large earnings for investors. Freedom Checks may seem like a scam, like some multi-level marketing ideas and binary-options trading, but they are actually a good investment. There is no reason not to trust Matt Badiali’s judgement either. He is a geologist who worked for a financial expert and has had the opportunity to learn a lot about investing. He has also had the experience of working with many important people in the natural resources industry and he is kept up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.

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