OSI Food Solutions Are Raising Food Production By Expanding

There is no doubt that OSI Food Solutions are among the leading quality meat products suppliers in the entire world. OSI deals with many meat products that include Chicken, Sausage, Pork, Beef, and Hot dogs.

The OSI distributor in the United States is the biggest company that’s privately owned and it’s called, “OSI Industries, LLC,” and it is one of the top 100 Businesses in the USA.

One of the many recent developments that have been taking place at OSI Food Solutions, had taken place in Chicago where a Tyson Food group was purchased, which is a plant that produces chicken.

And they didn’t stop there. To satisfy their desire to expand, OSI purchased another giant meat products producer, Baho Foods in Netherlands. OSI expected to draw the company closer to being the biggest firm of its kind by expanding the asset base the company has, which will also work out well for OSI as it will increase the foothold they have on Europe.

Another company that OSI Food Solutions bought out was in the UK called Flagship Europe, a food supply business with franchises in 17 countries. After the purchase in 2017, they changed the business’s name to, Creative Foods Europe.

In its facility located in Toledo, OSI took the liberty of investing a whopping sum of €17 million to raise the processed chicken’s production capacity to 24,000 tons yearly from 12,000 tons. This brought OSI Food Solutions plant quality meats production capacity up to over 45,000 tons.

The company doesn’t enjoy all of the benefits alone since such an expansion would require more food production lines and operations of the business. Therefore, it would mean more job openings to add to the existing large number of employees they already have. One added position that was recently created is the environmental risk product development manager, which they will also need to hire.

In 2016 it all paid off when OSI Food Solutions, in the UK was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in recognition of their efforts in management and environmental risks. They were among 18 total corporations to receive this award. To achieve this award was a great honor since businesses needed to earn at least five stars in the British Council’s Environmental Audit for the past year. The award recognized the culture of OSI and the expertise in management they portray.

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