OSI Group: Sheldon Lavin, David McDonald, and Nicole Johnson-Hoffman

OSI Group, a 6.1 billion dollar holding company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, is predominantly headed by two individuals: CEO Sheldon Lavin, and COO David McDonald. Sheldon is from Chicago, went to school at Roosevelt University in Chicago for finance and accounting, and ran his own financial advisement firm in downtown Chicago. He joined OSI Group in 1970 and became the CEO in 1975 to help bring OSI Group into extreme profitability in the billions of dollars. OSI Group is now ranked number 63 on the Forbes list, and is the main supplier of food products for the company with the golden arches: none other than McDonalds themselves. As it so happens, McDonalds first location was in Des Plaines, Illinois, and OSI was less than an hour’s drive away in Chicago (known as Otto and Sons) when a younger Ray Kroc was in need of local meat suppliers. Their close relationship has helped OSI grow exponentially, and OSI has now gone global with branches extending into India, Europe, and Asia. Sheldon Lavin is primarily credited with getting the company fully settled into Europe and Asia, and he has helped David McDonald create a family atmosphere which prevails to this day amongst their roster of 20,000 employees all over the world. To know more about the company click here.

OSI has 65 plant locations currently in 17 different countries, and is now focusing on renewable and sustainability efforts. In this manner, they have hired CSO Nicole Johnson-Hoffman to join the company, who was once the vice president of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef. Thanks to her efforts, the company has implemented procedures which have resulted in numerous sustainability awards around the world. These include the California Green Business certificate for their Riverside CA location which produces vegetables and salsa, and also the NAMI Environmental Award as well, to name a few.


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