About Karl Heideck and the Role of a Litigator in a Legal Process

About Karl Heideck

About Karl Heideck

In the buildup to a litigation process, several parties come into play. The first party is the offended party, commonly referred to as the plaintiff. The second party is the party that the plaintiff accuses of committing the offense; it is commonly known as the defendant. The third party is the litigator and read full article.

A Litigator

A litigator is a lawyer who is contracted to represent either the plaintiff or the defendant in the entire litigation process. During the process, a litigator investigates and gets to the root cause of the case and then prepares sufficiently for the defense of his client’s position in court. The plaintiff’s litigator puts up a strong case before the jury or judges in court, in an attempt to incriminate the defendant and win the case for his client. The defendant’s litigator, on the other hand, puts up a spirited defense in an attempt to vindicate his customer in the eyes of the jury, judge, or a tribunal. Both litigators are, however, not involved in the determination of the case and learn more about Karl.

Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck is a skilled Philadelphia-based attorney with over a decade in the legal practice. Throughout his career, Karl has done remarkably well in many litigation processes involving risk management, commercial, and compliance litigation.

Besides representing clients during litigation processes, Karl Heideck contributes to the legal field by conducting legal research and legal writing. A Tempe University graduate, Karl has extensive knowledge in several branches of law, including employment law, corporate law, and commercial law.

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Breaking the Party Planning Process into Steps

One of the worst things that people can do with events is try to take on everything all a once. In fact, when people try to do too much at a time, then they wind up causing a huge mess that they will come to regret. This is why it is important to break down any major plan into smaller steps. Another thing that is to be done is to get the help of even planners in NYC. This is one of the best things to do because it takes a lot of pressure off of the people involved in the party planning process.


When getting help with planning a party, it is important to make sure that one of the corporate event planners in New York City are very experienced and have a lot of experience with the work they are doing. This makes it easier to make sure that the event works out in the way that is needed. event planning companies in NYC like Twenty Three Layers understand how to break things down into processes. This is one of the reasons that the events they plan turn out to be among the most outstanding and memorable events.


One of the most important aspects of the party that event planners have to keep their eyes on is the experience. One has to think about the overall experience. Any addition that is proposed and made to the event has to be thought about. It is important to make sure that the event as a whole is fun and not distracting. When people put together something that is way too busy, it can actually cause the attendee to freeze as opposed to actually getting involved and taking enjoyment from the events that have been planned out for them. Fortunately, Twenty Three Layers knows how to make sure everything is within reason.

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Karl Heideck & The Art Of Litigation

Karl Heideck & The Art Of Litigation

Karl Heideck & The Art Of Litigation

What is a litigator? For some, it’s the first thing that enters their head when they hear the word “lawyer”. Spending time in the courtroom, dealing with lawsuits, that sort of thing. But, a litigator actually does a great more than just deal with lawsuits. They may defend either party in a court case, be it the plaintiff or defense, and they are present and active during all stages of litigation. These stages include the initial investigation and pleadings all the way up to pre-trial, after which they begin the trial in earnest and the litigator is there throughout the rest of the case through the settlement and appeals processes. Typically, a litigator will attend law school for around three years after finishing their bachelors degree. This means that, on average, a litigator will spend 7-8 years in school before even beginning their job.

Follow Karl Heideck on LinkedIn.

One lawyer with undeniable experience in the realm of litigation if Karl Heideck of Pennsylvania. After graduating from Temple University, his career debut as a litigator came at the Conrad O’Brien law firm in his home state, where he worked as an associate. Heideck’s role there was to work on commercial litigation cases, as well as analyzing and reviewing government investigation documents.

Now, Karl Heideck specializes in areas such as risk management, acquisitions, as well as general legal research and writing. Serving the Greater Philadelphia Area with his years of service and expertise, Karl Heideck is a name you can trust when it comes to litigation.

Learn more about Karl Heideck on Behance.net.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America introduce New Computer Technology

Recently, Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) have announced an addition added to their NantHealth computer software. Clinical Pathways, featuring eviti is the latest in integrated health services for cancer patients. Clinical Pathways have been developed with a full library of over 2700 cancer treatment and varying degrees of treatment options for all types of cancer. Clinical Pathways is able to set a customized plan of treatment with different treatment options for each patient.

According to Wikipedia, Clinical Pathways have been developed from the latest in reviewed cancer literature, government agencies, and oncology associations and is maintained by a full time team of Oncologists, Oncology nurses, and a group of Oncology experts. The system takes the guess work out of treatment options and works with the Oncologist without interrupting the Doctor’s electronic patient care records. All of the research, treatment options, and proposed different levels of care are available instantly to the Oncologist.

The Clinical Pathways system is available for use with all five Cancer Treatment Centers of America. CTCA is based out of Boca Raton, Florida, and specializes in the treatment of adults with cancer. CTCA offers a “full” body approach when treating patients. CTCA will treat the body and mind simultaneously believing that the body will heal faster when all body systems are provided for.

This holistic way of treating patients has yielded a high success rate for both the staff and the patients. At CTCA, they treat each patient like the individual they are, tailoring treatments to the patient’s cancer. They will also monitor and treat the patient for any acquired side effects such as nausea, or dizziness.

To read more about Clinical Pathways and the customized approach that Cancer Treatment Centers take for each of their patients, please click the link to the original article here.



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Entrepreneur, Real Estate and Lending Expert: Todd Lumbar

A thorough and informative interview was conducted through Ideasmench by Arthur Becker and the target of the interview was none other than Todd Lubar, getting a good feel for his ideas and approaches. Throughout the interview, Becker got a good all-around look at Lubar’s ideas and methods.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC and brings a unique outlook and passion to real estate investment. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and began his real estate career in 1995. He became an expert in the ways of conservative mortgage banking as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage. During his time at Crestar Mortgage he fostered and grew many working relationships CPA’s, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial planners.

Later, Todd (http://www.toddlubar.com/) acquired an equity position with Legacy Financial Group in 1999. This granted him new means and ways of extending and generating loans and in 2002 he stepped it up a notch and formed Legendary Properties, LLC, a development company for residential areas. In doing this he was not only able to profit himself but also was able to provide many homes through loans to individuals that are typically overlooked by traditional lenders and afford them opportunities to own their own homes when they otherwise would not with over 7,000 transactions.

When the financial and mortgage scene began to undergo serious changes during 2007 and 2008 Lumbar also got involved in several other areas of business including an automotive scrap metal reclamation and recycling business that was led to public trading on the open market as well as commercial demolition that enabled him to acquire contracts from some of the largest contractors in the nation.

After 20 years of working within the financial and credit sectors Todd Lumbar started TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC because he wanted to be able to utilize his vast knowledge within credit and financial sectors as well as real estate to help others fulfill their dreams of owning their own homes or properties by eliminating many of the common barriers many individuals face when attempting to find lending in today’s economy.

For more info, check out Todd Lubar social media accounts on Tumblr, Angel.co and Linked In.

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Twenty Three Layers Shares Some Tips to Help Organize Your Next Event

New York City is known around the world for throwing the most extravagant parties and galas and Twenty Three Layers has a reputation as being one of the premier event planning companies in NYC. Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning firm that has extraordinarily creative and imaginative minds to design the most sensational events.


Extravagance and detail combine to form the perfection you desire whether you are planning a unique and stylish business function or a glamorous and enchanting evening celebrating a special day. Our unique touch and exquisite designs are focused on the moment your guests walk in the door until the moment they leave. The excellent services we offer include catering, floral design, photography, lighting, styling, custom printing, entertainment and venue selection.


Our designs are limitless and meticulous, and it is our desire to make the event memorable for all involved. Perfection is the key element our team strives for in themed galas and functions we arrange as corporate event planners in NYC.


Hosting a memorable event takes preparation. Here are 10 steps to help eliminate stress and ensure success in your next event.


  1. Stay Organized – Make a shopping list, a guest list and a master list, so nothing is forgotten.
  2. Choose a theme.
  3. Invite your guests, so they have time, location and all the info.
  4. Serve several different wines, and let guests self-serve.
  5. Create at one special drink to highlight the occasion.
  6. Serve simple appetizers like toasted pita chips and bruschettas. Easy.
  7. If kids are invited, set a separate table with butcher paper and colored pencils as part of their decor.
  8. Unless you’re serving a five-course dinner, keep the setting simple.
  9. Decide on your party outfit beforehand, so you can slip into it right before the event. With everything completed, it’s your turn to shine!
  10. Favors are always a hit! Use the centerpieces from the tables, small boxes of baked goods or any small token to commemorate the occasion.


By using tips such as these, you will ensure a stress-free event that the host can also enjoy!

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EOS Lip Balm History

The Understanding of How EOS Lip Balm Came to Be

When you are looking to make sure that your lips look great and feel great, it is important to purchase a great lip balm product. The beauty of this is that EOS (https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos) has come to prominence as a company that creates some of the best lip balm on the market. Prior to the product creation, Chapstick was known as the standard-bearer in terms of lip balm. This changes due to the fact that the company took it upon themselves to address issues that consumers were having. Let’s dive into a few these issues below.

#1: Chapstick didn’t work as well

Flat out, people were not satisfied with the performance they received from Chapstick. Their lips would still be chapped or would contain residue as opposed to working favorably.

#2: Chapstick is easy to lose

It is also important to realize that it is very easy to lose Chapstick. It can get lost deeply inside of a purse and is difficult to manage due to the fact that its shape is not conducive to standing out.

#3: Chapstick isn’t as sanitary

You also need to realize that consumers had problems because they did not feel that Chapstick was very sanitary. The top of the lid would become caked with residue and people did not enjoy this. EOS lip balm is a product that contains a tight lid enclosure and keeps it from developing germs and residue that happens at times whenever using Chapstick.

When you understand you three things, it is easy to see exactly why the company decided to take it upon themselves created a product that is effective for people. In order to learn a little bit more about this product, look around and make a purchase thru eBay or Amazon that make sense to you.

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Business Strategist Sam Tabar’s Remarkable Investment Career

General Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Sam Tabar of Full Cycle Fund LP, has spent most of his professional career in the fund management industry.

As a former Executive of Merrill Lynch, a subsidiary of Bank of America, Sam led the Capital Strategy division. Within his tenure with the company, Sam successfully built a team that was responsible for making capital introductions and raising capital. Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.artstation.com/artist/custombuilding4

According to Angel.co, Sam Tabar is considered an industry veteran in the areas of raising capital for many alternative business investment opportunities. He ranked as number one in 2010 and 2011 within a Global Custodian Assessment during his time with Merrill Lynch.

Sam is a leading subject matter expert in providing fund managers with a strategic target for achieving outlines for endowments, foundations and pensions.

Based in Hong Kong, Sam Tabar worked for Sparx Group, one of the largest global independent firms in Asia Pacific. Within four years, Sam helped negotiate a partnership with Nikko Inc. resulting in a gross investment of over $700 million. Additionally, during this time, he was directly involved in leveraging $500 million to establish macro and credit products for direct lending.

As Chief Operating Officer for Full Cycle Fund LP, Sam has managed some of the largest portfolios within the company’s history.

He has been extremely successful in creating highly-customized and targeted investor relations, which resulted in an outcome of over 450 investors since 2014. Sam works directly with legal counsel within the company, for assuring fiduciary obligations are met and meeting all stakeholder deliverable’s.

Graduating with honors, Sam earned a master’s degree in law from Columbia Law School, and he was the editor of the schools law journals. Sam also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts from Oxford University.

Sam passed the New York Bar’s Exam in February 2002.

As a practicing Attorney for 16 years, Sam held an Associate position with the Law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher, Flom LLP & Affiliates. By providing legal advice to top Executives, and Corporations, regarding mergers and business acquisitions, Sam Tabar developed a fundamental understanding of the investment sector.

In 2012, Sam Tabar ranked as one of the most influential investors by Asset Magazine.

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Why Young and Talented Swiss Entrepreneurs Should Enroll in Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory

As the managing partner and a co-founder of Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur’s professional journey is impressive. Baur has also been featured at the WORLDWEBFORUM‘s Next Generation Semester Closing as a principal speaker.


One of the most successful business ventures created by Mike Baur is the Swiss Startup Factory. This venture was established as an accelerator program, which runs for only three months. Budding entrepreneurs in Switzerland are required to take advantage of the program for three months. It seeks to provide them with coaching, mentoring, and financial services.

The Swiss Startup Factory also excels in giving young entrepreneurs office space and linking them to a large investor and entrepreneurial network. For those who want to get exposure from the startup, applications for the September batch are ongoing. One is required to visit the startup’s website and find out how they can become a part of a brilliant accelerator program.

Features of Swiss Startup Factory’s Accelerator Program

Mike Baur has always been passionate about creating an incubation program that would nurture young talents. As an incubation center, the Swiss Startup Factory comprises of affordable desks, conference rooms, and office spaces. Entrepreneurs also get to enjoy free WiFi, an in-house film studio, fitness center, storage space, lunch rooms, and other amazing features.

Most of the entrepreneurs who were enrolled in Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory are the brains behind several successful startups. These include Beaconsmind, Carhelper, Blinkers, and Struckd. Baur established the institution with a mission to provide young, talented, and dedicated Swiss citizens with an execution platform that guided them through their ambitious milestones.

Mike Baur’s Education and Career Background

Mike Baur grew up in the Fribourg region of Switzerland. As a teenager, he was interested in pursuing a career in banking and finance. Baur later attended the notable University of Rochester New York to pursue an MBA course. Consequently, he proceeded to the esteemed University of Bern for an executive MBA degree.

Baur’s 20-year financial career has been beneficial to the Swiss Banking industry. His financial career began when UBS employed him as a commercial apprentice. Baur’s career advanced when he joined the executive board of an established Swiss Bank. During his free time, Baur likes to speak with young entrepreneurs. Through his Swiss Startup Factory, he usually mentors aspiring business owners. Swiss Startup currently ranks as the leading privately financed and owned tech accelerator and incubator in Switzerland.

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Lime Crime: From Lips To Unicorn Hair Dye

Lime Crime is a makeup line known for their vibrant lip colors. Three new shades are due to be released: a rose gold color called Cleopatra, a holographic shade called Acid Fairy, and an oily slick shimmery shade called Black Diamond. All three colors hail form Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher’s collection and can be worn over lipstick or on their own. These colors will really bring out the punky spark in you. The cost for each shade is $19. The “Black Unicorn Bundle” will include all three colors for $40. Lime Crime released six other glittery lip topper colors in the Diamond Crusher collection in 2016 including; Tripp, an iridescent purple blue shade; Choke, a muted pink; Lit, a golden shade; Strip, a sweet pink; Dope, a soft rose color; and Fluke, a sparkly pink. There is sure to be a color to suit any mood.


Lime Crime is a company that got their start with their Unicorn lipsticks and branched out to highlighters and lip toppers. These unique color twists do not end with the lips. Lime Crime has now developed eleven unique hair shades. There is no official release date yet for these outrageous and bright hair colors. With colors such as sea-foam green (Dirty Mermaid), pink (Bunny), purple to deep purple, red and grey’s it’s no wonder the site claims that these colors will turn you into a real-life unicorn. The product consists of full coverage and semi-permanent tints. There is no harmful peroxide, ammonia, or bleach. Each shade costs $16.


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