Shiraz Boghani And His Great Innovation

Shiraz Boghani is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur who is successful in what he does. When it comes to hotels, he is one of the most outstanding individuals in the business. His dedication to good performance has seen him win the Asian Business Award. The award recognized him for being the best hotelier of the year. He started developing; some hotels in the UK in the 1990s and they have so far been successful.

Today, Shiraz Boghani is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group. He has the responsibility of ensuring the projects of the company are successful. He is also tasked to ensure the company continues to grow and offer the best services. The group owns over twenty hotels in London. These hotels are recognized for their ability to deliver some of the best services to customers.

Shiraz is not only an entrepreneur, but he is dynamic and is seen in various fields. He has a passion for seeing others excel, and that is why he spends the time to ensure he guides them and teaches them how to succeed. Shiraz Boghani is also a philanthropist who started Sussex Health Center because he wants to help children and senior citizens who need proper health care. The healthcare has been there for over twenty-five years, and it has successfully been providing services to members of the community. They value involvement in leisure activities to ensure people succeed.

Shiraz Boghani has offered services to the Ismaili community serving in various positions. He has experience, and many organizations like the National Conciliation board accepted him to be the chairman because they have trust in him that he can run the organization successfully. It is a privilege to be honored as the hotelier of the year. That is why he has significant influence in hotel business, and his company has changed the lives of many. It is one of the biggest companies in the UK and continues to grow to other parts. The expansion is because of great insights from Shiraz Boghani who is the chief advisor of company. With his best ideas, the company will continue to expand.

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Rodrigo Terpins and Why His Leadership and Other Ventures Remain Distinctive

There can be a lot of factors that contribute to the growth of a company or its CEO. Some experts would claim that it is the ability to understand the competition that defines company success. Some would argue it is the ideas and innovation of a company’s CEO. Some would claim it’s passion. Others derive a company’s motivation and growth to its workforce or labor manpower. However, in the case with Rodrigo Terpins’ business success, it is passion for something quite of a deviation from his business success that drives his ventures’ growth. While Terpins is considered a successful business person, he is also successful as a Brazilian rally driver. The unique mix of two industries in his career gives him the drive to further succeed.

In Terpins’ LinkedIn page, people would learn that he’s mainly an investment management officer. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and he’s previously worked for the Lojas Marisa company. His education also came from Saint Hilaire, and it is there that he learned how to essentially work with people and build networks that would later on be beneficial to his career.

It can also be said here that he’s the Director of the T5 Participacoes since May 2008 up to today. He was also Operations Director for Lojas Marisa. All of these achievements and positions may have come from the fact that he’s born to lead. However, what most people don’t realize is that Terpins is also a talented race car driver. You can visit


With the Bull Sertoes Rally team that he led, he has joined several Sertoes Rally races and has won many of them. Member and directive leader of Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Terpins has lead his team to racing competitions that are almost impossible to win. One of these would be the recent main rally championships in the T1 Prototype Category of the Sertoes Rally franchise.

Terpins’ dedication for the team as well as his dutiful responsiveness to his fellow racers’ professional needs has also shaped his leadership for his racing venture. Being disciplined also plays key. Terpins is also busy in dealing with his main responsibilities as a professional leader. But his sense of discipline lets him find the time to dedicate keen attention to growing his racing team.


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Jeunesse Global continues rapid expansion throughout East Asia

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are not widely known outside of direct-selling circles. But within the North American direct-selling industry, they are legendary. Ray and Lewis are the founders of many of the most successful companies to ever operate within the industry. And they have been continuously pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams since the 1960s.


But it has been their latest enterprise, Jeunesse Global, that has really made waves. Ray and Lewis decided back in 2009 that they finally wanted to try the retired life. The couple had been working, nonstop, for nearly five decades. They wanted to enjoy the immense fruits of their labors, spending more time with their grandkids and each other while doing nothing in particular with their time.


However, the innately driven duo quickly realized that they were not cut out for the boredom of retired life. Within just a few weeks of experiencing the ennui and lack of purpose that comes with retirement, they started talking about ideas for their next business. Both Ray and Lewis had spent considerable time travelling and doing business throughout East Asia. They knew that many of the countries there had been stifled by the oppressive jackboot of communism, never reaching anything close to their true economic potential. At the same time, many of those countries, like China and Vietnam, had started opening up to freer trade policies. Ray and Lewis saw this as being a golden opportunity to get in on the ground level of what was about to be one of the biggest explosions of human capital that the world had ever seen.


This bet of investing heavily in and concentrating on East Asia proved to be a good one. Within a few years of operation, Jeunesse Global was growing at breakneck speed. And much of this new growth was coming from the company’s East Asian markets. At the same time, Jeunesse began focusing its product development efforts on things that would go over well throughout those oriental markets. This proved to be one of the most perspicacious plays of any business in recent history. As a result, Jeunesse has reaped the benefits.

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First Architect To Receive Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) awarded Robert Ivy with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his work in the field of architecture. Ivy is the CEO and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award is granted to Mississippi-related artists or patrons for their dedication to the arts.

In response to the Polk Award, MIAL President Nancy LaForge praised Ivy’s commitment to architecture through his writing and commentating. American Institute of Architects  President Carl Elefante also gave his congratulations and praise for Ivy’s work at the Institute. Ivy joins a host of prominent names to receive the award including famous actor Morgan Freeman. This marks the first time that the Polk award has been granted to an architect.

Robert Ivy has an impressive history within architecture to back up the award. Before working at the AIA, Ivy was Editor-in-Chief for the Architecture Record, a McGraw-Hill publication. He oversaw the growth of the Record as it became the widely distributed architectural journal in the world and received numerous awards. Ivy also helped to grow the company’s construction and design media in China and the Middle East.

Under Robert Ivy’s guidance and leadership, the AIA has grown to its largest size since the groups inception 160 years ago. Thanks to the Institute’s seven global chapters, including new locations in China and Canada, American architects are able to work around the world. Overall, the AIA boasts 200 chapters including on state and local levels. The company has seen great strides in growth since Robert Ivy took over as Chief Executive Officer.

Before beginning career in architecture, Ivy received a Bachelor’s in English from Sewanee: The University of the South and a Master’s in Architecture from Tulane University. Before transitioning into the architectural field, Robert Ivy worked as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

Among Ivy’s major achievements is his authoritative biography of Fay Jones who was a devotee of Frank Lloyd Wright. The book was published in 2001 and is currently being sold in its 3rd addition. The biography received praise from The Art Library Society of North America.

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Tony Petrello- Successful corporate executive in the drilling industry

Tony Petrello has made a good name in the business sector by being one of the most successful business personalities in the world. He is currently leading Nabors Industries., this is the largest oil and gas drilling company in the world. It is a company that has been in business for the past few decades, but much of the success has been seen when Tony Petrello took office as the Chief Operating Officer and later as the Chief Executive officer. He has been in the company since 1991. So, all the activities which have happened in the company for the past two decades have gone through his office. The fact that he was able to lead the company in the right direction is proof of his business prowess. Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes.

Tony Petrello has been doing very well in the business sector. He has brought change in the oil and gas company and made sure that the effect is felt in the whole industry. Since he took over the role of the CEO, the company has been making gains every year despite the challenging economic environment that was created by the financial crisis of 2008. Tony Petrello has managed to push the company to the global market, and currently, it is in 25 countries as well as other places all over the world.

Tony has led this company with motivation and drive to accomplish success. All his life, he has never been a failure, and he won’t allow this to be the first case of failure he is handling. From a young age, Tony was accustomed to success. He showed brilliance in school which kept him ahead of other students, as it would be later found out, Petrello was a genius in mathematics. In fact he holds a master’s degree in Mathematics from the Yale University.

Tony Petrello was listed as one of the best-paid CEOs in the United States in 2015 due to the huge returns that Nabors industries made. Over the years, it has continued to make more profits as it expands its operation to many places all over the world. Nabors Industries is the manufacturer of the best drilling technology in the world.

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The Rising Of Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is one of the most sensational bands of this generation. I was initially formed and christened by Ales Pall and his friend Rhet Bixler. However, Rhet had left the band shortly after his formation. In 2012 manager of the band Adam Alpert introduced Alex pall to Andrew Taggart. After being brought together the Chainsmokers were once again formed and since then the dynamic duo started creating music that touched the heart of the audience. They had first launched a song just for fun in the social media which turned out to be a huge success. Since that event, they got more serious about the growth of the band and started creating more music. Their first hit was the song “Selfie” which was launched in the year 2014. Following that music launched they came out with other songs like “Bouquet” in 2015 and Roses which was made it to the list of the Billboard’s top 10 chart.


The band recently came out with their new song called “Somebody”. The interesting part about this song was that part of it was initially recorded for another one of their songs. A lot of hard work and creativity goes into creating these pieces of music. They constantly try to come out with unique songs with lyrics that touch the soul of the listeners. Their record breaking song “Closer” is still one of the most top rated songs amongst many other of Billboard’s top list music. They have recently displayed in a video of how they produced their song “Somebody” and what are the works that goes into the production process of their songs.


The Chainsmokers first live performance was displayed at the opening even for Timeflies in September 2014. Since then they have performed in numerous other platforms singling live for the audience. The Chainsmokers has placed their root amongst many other top rated musicians and bands and was even seen at the 60th Grammy Awards held this year in the 28th of January. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were both seen at the Madison Square Garden appearing for the event.

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Equities First Holdings Returns Collateral Shares To Paysafe And Angle And Also Puts Paid To Their Valuable Assistance As Part Of The Team That Made The Rebranding Of Meridian Equity Partners Limited Into Equities First (London) Limited Possible

The successful acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited and it subsequent rebranding as the new fiscal entity Equities First (London) Limited didn’t happen in a vacuum. Equities First Holdings could not have pulled off the acquisition without an array of assisting individuals and corporations.

Besides those individuals on hand to give corporate, legal and actuarial advice, such as William Yonge, Chris Harrison, Vinay Varma, Sergey Kvitkin, Iain Wright, Kate Habershon and Katerina Heal, certain corporate entities, such as Paysafe Group PLC and Angle PLC, provided collateral for the transaction to ensue.

In October of 2016, Equities First Holdings returned all shares used as collateral to Angle PLC. Then in May 2017, the company further confirmed it had made good on the return of all collateral shares to Paysafe Group PLC.

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Talos Energy Continues To Foresee A Bright Future

Talos Energy is a recognized oil drilling industry in the Mexican Gulf that continues to expand over the years. Since 2014, the company has experienced growth particularly as a result of the rising oil price trends. Not only has the price fluctuations contributed to increased profits to Talos Energy, but it has also assured its executives of more future investments.

Enhanced consumer satisfaction

Throughout the years of operation, Talos Energy has managed to meet the needs and demands of its client base. One of the reasons why investors have remained gloomed to the company is the fact that it is planning to become publicly traded in the coming days. The company will be able to receive massive cash infusion after it opens its shares to investors.

Another reason why the company has remained relevant to the market is the fact that it has one of the best and unique drilling technologies of all times. Talos Energy is among the few energy companies that are capable of drilling the ocean floor. With this right technology, the company has been able to serve series of projects in Gulf of Mexico. It is still expected to witness even further growth as infrastructure development is the current norm of the society.

The company’s acquisition of Stone Energy

In early May 2018, Talos Energy announced its completion of the strategic combination with Stone Energy Corporation. The acquisition of this company commenced trading on 10th May under “TALO” which is the new ticker symbol. The worth of about $1.9 billion, the newly founded energy company will have its headquarter in Texas, Huston with its teams based in Louisiana, Lafayette, and New Orleans. Talos Energy management team has remained optimistic about the acquisition stating that it would result in increased revenue generation. The new corporation, Talos Energy Inc. is also expected to possess the largest diversified asset scale accompanied by strong financial position and talented management team. The energy market can only speculate on the greatest achievements the acquisition is yet to offer.

About Talos Energy LLC

Talos Energy is a Houston based energy company that was founded in 2012. The company specializes in the production and exploration of gas and oil offshore, particularly in the Mexican Gulf. The expertise of Talos Energy is based in acquiring, exploring, developing, and exploiting deepwater assets using the available infrastructure.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Information About Philanthrohic Activities.

Eric Lefkofsky’s been involved in different philanthropic activities. Lefkovsky’s the founder of the company “Groupon”. One such example is the Lefkofsky Family Foundation or Lef. Eric and his wife Liz found it in 2006. This foundation is a private charitable one. The motive of this company is to proceed initiatives of high impact that improves the standard of human life in the communities performed them.

Something that is true about the Foundation even since it was formed is that it was focused separately on the good of others. In the last ten years they have been blessed with the ability to help with the money and time they had to help many organizations. An objective they have is to make the best influence they have on the points where they center their endeavors on areas like the arts and human rights. An essential human right they see is education. They look for ways to assist make great education be accessed for every kid. On top of that they have a commitment to secure the essential human rights. Something ese they believe in is that there isn’t an environment like a community or city that can live well without a foundation that’s strong cultural.

Another company of Eric Lefkofsky called “Tempus” created for cancer an operating system. This would be a platform of technology linking data that’s molecular and anatomic with data that’s objective. Lefkovsky decided to familiarize himself with healthcare. In order to do this he communicated with doctors and read as well. Something also important to note about him is when expecting results, he doesn’t anticipate them to come fast. He believes this is a journey of excitement to take technology to cancer and then finally bring that technology to the field of healthcare.

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OSI Food Solutions Are Raising Food Production By Expanding

There is no doubt that OSI Food Solutions are among the leading quality meat products suppliers in the entire world. OSI deals with many meat products that include Chicken, Sausage, Pork, Beef, and Hot dogs.

The OSI distributor in the United States is the biggest company that’s privately owned and it’s called, “OSI Industries, LLC,” and it is one of the top 100 Businesses in the USA.

One of the many recent developments that have been taking place at OSI Food Solutions, had taken place in Chicago where a Tyson Food group was purchased, which is a plant that produces chicken.

And they didn’t stop there. To satisfy their desire to expand, OSI purchased another giant meat products producer, Baho Foods in Netherlands. OSI expected to draw the company closer to being the biggest firm of its kind by expanding the asset base the company has, which will also work out well for OSI as it will increase the foothold they have on Europe.

Another company that OSI Food Solutions bought out was in the UK called Flagship Europe, a food supply business with franchises in 17 countries. After the purchase in 2017, they changed the business’s name to, Creative Foods Europe.

In its facility located in Toledo, OSI took the liberty of investing a whopping sum of €17 million to raise the processed chicken’s production capacity to 24,000 tons yearly from 12,000 tons. This brought OSI Food Solutions plant quality meats production capacity up to over 45,000 tons.

The company doesn’t enjoy all of the benefits alone since such an expansion would require more food production lines and operations of the business. Therefore, it would mean more job openings to add to the existing large number of employees they already have. One added position that was recently created is the environmental risk product development manager, which they will also need to hire.

In 2016 it all paid off when OSI Food Solutions, in the UK was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in recognition of their efforts in management and environmental risks. They were among 18 total corporations to receive this award. To achieve this award was a great honor since businesses needed to earn at least five stars in the British Council’s Environmental Audit for the past year. The award recognized the culture of OSI and the expertise in management they portray.

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