George Soros, Taking the Oppressor on by Assisting the Oppressed

When Australian philosopher and proponent of the Open Society Theory published his book, he never imagined that George Soros would read it. The book, the Open Society and its Enemies, described how an ideal society would never be achieved because communities would always be misguided to impose their ideologies on other communities. He explained that ideologies and philosophies which got imposed on people misled their proponents to think that they possessed the ultimate truth to humanity. Karl Popper never prescribed how the Open Society would be achieved: he only prescribed it and explained why it would be difficult to achieve it.

George Soros identified with the Open Society and thought of how to achieve it. It was simple really, to just fight the enemies of the Open system which included but were not limited to assimilation, fascism, dictatorships, totalitarianism, nationalism, imperialism, collectivism and romanticism. However, he understood he could not fight them through violence or imposition. The solution was to fight them subtle through philanthropy; empowering the subjects of imposition. He decided he would fight oppression by not oppressing the oppressors but by emancipating the oppressed. The self-made billionaire, who believes that financial power increases a person’s degree of freedom, decided he would first attain the highest degree of freedom possible so he could emancipate the meek. He was a student at the London School of Economics when he reached that conclusion about his purpose in life.

He later moved to the United States where he utilized his education and training in Economics to make a fortune. He first worked for banks to raise capital and then established his own hedge funds. He became very wealthy and true to his purpose, founded the Open Society Foundations. With his exceptional organizational skills and his endowed pockets, he propelled it to become the biggest philanthropic organization known to the human race. It has branches in over 100 countries and funds lobby groups which seek to emancipate the meek and oppressed peacefully by;

  • Ending dictatorships and economic exploitation
  • Advancing justice through agitating for police reforms and judicial systems
  • Defending the right of media groups to publish objective news with increased degrees of independence.

Some of the individuals and groups that the Open Society Foundations have helped to reduce imposed influence on them include;

  • Eastern Europe and former Soviet territories that were economically disempowered by the Communist system,
  • Civil societies in China
  • The people of Sarajevo during the three-year siege of the Bosnian War
  • Immigrants and members of the Black Community in Ferguson Island
  • Slum dwellers living in Haiti
  • Scholars who were against the South African Apartheid Regime

By funding civil activists to protest against imposition, and to defend the rights of the oppressed, the Open Society Foundations take away the power of the powers that be. For philanthropies of such socioeconomic purpose, George Soros has given over 87 percent of his 12 billion dollar donations to the Open Society Foundations to facilitate. He has also been giving very sizable donations to the Democratic Party because the party supports liberal ideas and policies.


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Andrew Rolfe Helps The Ubuntu Fund To Raise Additional Resources

The Ubuntu Education Fund was established in 1999 when Jacob Lief partnered with Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula to support needy children. Prior to establishing the noble organization, Banks and Jacob had been helping different vulnerable children. Through the institution, they were able to enroll many needy children in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. However, before long they realized that their program was not benefiting the students. To this end, they commissioned a research to look into the problem. The outcome of the study showed that HIV and hunger were affecting most families in the region. Together, they expanded their offing to include home stability, nutrition and healthcare services.

To date, they have supported more than 400,000 needy children in the society. They have been able to achieve this feat courtesy of their resources and manpower. In order to support many needy children, the institution, led by Andrew Rolfe, organized for a colorful gala dinner in London. The invitation-only event was graced by revered philanthropists and shrewd entrepreneurs. The goal of the event was to raise over $976,920, which is approximately R10 million. This money will be utilized wisely, as part of it will go towards increasing the capacity of the Fund’s campus and pediatric clinic. They will also use it to support more disadvantaged children in the society.

At the auspicious occasion, Lief talked much about the need to help children. Moreover, Sinesipho Rabidyani took to the podium to share her story. She wowed the audience with her lovely dress. Her story was equally inspiring. She talked of how her father’s drinking behavior almost ruined their lives. However, she concentrated on her studies and passed very well. When the leadership of the Fund heard about her story, they did not hesitate to award her a scholarship. In the near future, she will graduate with a degree in law.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is a respected authority at the Ubuntu Education Fund. In his role as the chairman, Rolfe has been at the center of ensuring that the noble organization has adequate resources to support the many disadvantaged children in the society.

Rolfe has worked for PepsiCo Restaurants International and Booker Foodservice. The alumnus of the revered Harvard University has also been a visionary leader of the Gap.


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Anthony Petrello Plays a Major Role in Tesco Corp`s Acquisition

Nabors and Tesco Corp Transaction

Nabors Industries Ltd. is a land-drilling contractor company. It designs, manufactures and maintains technological solutions for upstream energy. Nabors operates one of the largest drilling rig fleet in the world. Headquartered in Huston, Nabors Industries Ltd. operates in Bermuda, where it advertises land drilling rigs.

The organization is planning to acquire Tesco Corp, a Huston-based firm, in an all-stock purchase. The two companies expect to close the deal in the 4th quarter of 2017. The common stock of Tesco is currently valued at $4.62 per share. 0.68 of Nabors common shares will be exchanged for each outstanding share of Tesco`s common stock. 10% of Nabors shares will go to Tesco shareholders, when the deal is complete. Tesco will pay Nabors Industries Ltd. $8 million if the deal is not closed by 14th February, 2018.

The transaction will combine Tesco Corp`s services with Nabors subsidiary, Canrig. Tesco`s aftermarket business, rental services, tabular services and rig equipment manufacturing will be included in the deal. According to the chairman of Nabors, Anthony Petrello, operating synergies for the company will be $20 million in 1st year, $30 in the 2nd year and $35 million in the 3rd year. Petrello said the deal accelerated the organization strategy of delivering a platform for rig services.

About Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the CEO and President of Nabors Industries Ltd. He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee Board of the company. Petrello has been an instrumental figure in the development of Nabors Industries. Anthony Petrello acquired his Bachelors and Masters of Science in Mathematics degrees from Yale University. He acquired his undergraduate degree in Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School to learn more: click here.

Anthony Petrello began his professional career at Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, in 1979. He served as the Managing Partner of the organization`s New York office from 1986 to 1991. Petrello joined Nabors as the Chief Operating Officer, in 1991. He was made president in 1992. He was selected as the Deputy chairman of the firm in 2003. Anthony held the position until 2012, when he became the Chairman of Nabors` Executive Committee Board. Petrello was made the CEO of the firm in 2011.

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Parents Are Trying To Get A Charter For A New Rocketship Education Approved For Their Children

Nancy Ortiz lives in San Jose and is a volunteer at her daughters preschool every week. She is not impressed with what she has seen in the public school and with another daughter soon to be entering kindergarten she wants more. This was the reason she signed her children up for the Rocketship Academy. Unfortunately the charter school is so popular her older daughter was placed on the waiting list. This was when she joined an effort to have another Rocketship school opened in the Franklin-McKinley School District.

Nancy Ortiz likes her daughters teacher but watches her cope with too many students in her class, limited resources, and challenges in discipline. The only thing the teacher can offer the students is the very basics. She Knows Rocketship Education offers so much more including personalized learning, music, art, the best in educational approaches, exercise, and daily games. She wants her children to have the highest quality of education possible and knows Rocketship values the input of the parents. .

There were more than 700 parents who wanted a new Rocketship school in the area last year. The parents were really excited when Rocketship submitted all of the necessary paperwork. The problem is the school may not be given a charter and the parents want to understand why. They found out the school board did not accept the application and Rocketship had no choice but to appeal. They are currently waiting on the decisions of the County Board of Education and the Santa Clara County Office but the parents are not going to give up.

Nancy Ortiz wants her children to grow, learn and thrive. She believes the best possible school to accomplish this is the Rocketship school. She believes they can reach their fullest potential there. She did finally receive the call her heart had prayed for and next year both of her children will be attending Rocketship. She still worries about all of the children of the other families who were not as lucky. She has hopes the charter for the new school will be approved because she does not believe the other kids will receive the education their parents desire otherwise.


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Equities First Holdings’ Success in the Investment Industry

Ever since its establishment in 2012, Equities First Holdings has been providing excellent financial services to its clients. The company underwent a lot of expansion in 2014, and opened new offices in the U.S., Asia, Australia and Europe. It has successfully completed more than 700 transactions over the last 5 years and more information click here.

The company provides its clients with alternative sources of finance since traditional lenders are becoming increasingly inaccessible to most organizations and individuals. The company is known to always uphold its end of the bargain and return the securities held as collateral as soon as the borrower finishes repaying the loan. The most recent return of securities was in April 2017, and marked the end of a series of transactions between Equities First Holdings and Paysafe Group PLC. The loan contract was signed in 2014 and Equities First Holdings withheld 1,500,000 shares for 3 years until Paysafe Group PLC finished repaying the loan. This was the second public return of securities since the company’s establishment. One of its parent companies celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier this year.

While Equities First Holdings area of specialty is equities-based lending, the company also provides its clients with consultation services on various financial matters. Its alternative lending services are gaining popularity because of their relatively lower cost compared to other lending sources. They also have better terms compared to traditional lending options and its website.

Equities First Holdings continues to grow and expand into new markets because of the ever increasing demand for its services. This is because more and more people are realizing the benefits of equities-based lending. The company’s unique investment model takes account of industry trends, and this is exactly what investors are looking for and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

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Waiakea: Securing its Place in the Bottled Water Industry

Waiakea is a bottled water brand that has taken the industry by storm. The brand is one of the few brands that takes the route of selling natural water that is some of the purest of its kind. The water that is put out by the brand is sourced from the springs around the volcanoes in Hawaii, making them some of the purest waters in the region. The water in these is generally through the melting of the ice on the top of the mountains in the area. The Waiakea springs produce some of the most nutrient rich water, that is not only good for you but also makes you feel energized and revitalized. The brand does not only sell their water in the United States, but all around the world. The brand is one that believes in not just putting out bottled water that is good and pure but also giving back.

Waiakea is one of the few brands that believe in keeping their word when it comes to having environment friendly practices. During the manufacturing processes, the brand tries its best to keep their power consumption minimal. For the consumption that they do have, the brand tries its best to use renewable sources of energy to reduce their overall carbon footprint by a considerable amount. The brand also uses only recycled plastic for their water bottles, which reduces the number of plastic bottles that end up polluting the rivers and oceans.

Ryan Emmons is the founder of Waiakea water. At just twenty-two years old, he has become one of the youngest players in the packaged water industry. He believes that as an entrepreneur, he has an obligation to do his bit to help the environment and the people since he can indeed have an impact on such a massive scale. Since starting up the company in 2012, Waiakea has grown incredibly. Today, the company is worth over ten million dollars and has made the founder one of the most well-known names in the business. Hereon, the company plans to implement more ways to make their production entirely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Eric Lefkofsky Brings New Life to Cancer Treatment

Eric Lefkofsky is not an oncologist but he knows what it was like to have to go through cancer treatment with his wife. As the support person during her treatment process, Eric Lefkofsky knew that he had to make sure that he was doing everything the right way and that things were not going to get worse for her no matter what was going on. It was something that Eric Lefkofsky was comfortable with and something that he knew a lot about. He wanted to make sure that he was doing something to help other people who had issues and who wanted to be able to treat cancer in different ways. Since Eric Lefkofsky knew a lot about it, he was confident that he could help people who were going through similar experiences and he knew that he could make things better for them in different areas that they were in and more information click here.

There have been many different ways that Eric Lefkofsky has been able to make a difference for people who are undergoing treatment. He knows that there is a lot that he will be able to do with the treatment process and that he can make their lives easier if he gives them the solutions that they need to be able to heal their lives overall. This is something that has made his life better and something that has given him a chance to be able to show people what he can do with cancer treatment.

For Eric Lefkofsky to be able to experience all of this, he had to make sure that he was giving people the options that they need. He tried to do everything that he could to improve their opportunities and to make things better for them. Since Eric Lefkofsky has been working with an oncologist, he is also confident that he can give people the actual treatment that they need to get better. There are so many different ways that Eric Lefkofsky is doing things to help others and to make sure that he can help them out in the situations they are dealing with and learn more about Eric.

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Greg Secker: A Renowned Trade Business Genius

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur who has invested heavily in building online trade. He advocates for foreign exchange and is encouraging people to take the chance in forex. Sure, the idea of trade has always been there since the beginning of time, but this is different. The trade has been innovated from traditional methods to Digitalism. Greg invested in the revolution of trade, and the idea became a huge success for him. He explains how forex works and reveals that it is not as complicated as you could expect.

The online trade does not take much out of anyone. Having a laptop or a computer is not necessary for one to get started. This is because the software required can be installed on any mobile phone. As much as the idea seems pretty easy, it’s advisable to research on how forex works. Knowledge is power and with whatever information one acquires about forex should be the guide line to help them build up a solid foundation.

Forex simplifies everything for its users and is convenient to practice anywhere provided one has a connection to the internet. The advantages outweigh any disadvantage that could be holding back users who might not know what they’re getting themselves into. It is equally important to be realistic on the goals one set. A first timer should not dive in and invest everything. Forex is all one needs to get into the trading business.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born in 1975 and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Nottingham and had studied agriculture as well. He decided to venture in entrepreneurship which turned out to model his life into instant success. He is an incredible philanthropist who focuses mostly on giving back to the society. He has set up seminars to inspire people who aspire to get into trade or entrepreneurship. The seminars motivate people on taking the courage to invest on their passions.

The journey wasn’t easy for him either, the road to entrepreneurship is one with many frustrations, but in the right state of mind and patience everything turns up to work out. Secker talks on how important paying attention to the journey is during an interview. Something he didn’t do. He advises young entrepreneurs that are rushing to the final destination isn’t at all worth it.


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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo A Passionate News Leader

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo holds more than 77 interesting initiative qualities that most experts would slaughter to have. These incorporate administration, web content, web programming, web improvement, WordPress, composing, worker preparing, relationship administration, selecting, SEO, web-based social networking administration, web-based social networking organizing, chance administration, appraisal, extend administration, web based showcasing, pamphlets, transaction strategies, media arranging, statistical surveying, Microsoft Office aptitudes, data innovation and HR, neighborliness, official arranging, altering, computerized media procedures, advanced advertising, database organization, information examination, correspondence, business narrating and notwithstanding blogging. Moreover, he has worked, for over seven years, as the Editor-in-Chief for Grupo Televisa. He likewise supervises certain exceptional undertakings divisions and works with numerous inside techniques all in all.

As the organization’s Director for General Economic Analysis, he is similarly expanded in all fields of his training, a genuine master in media all around. He has as of late expressed recommendations for new strategies for favoring rivalry while commercializing certain bundled media organizations by and large. He’s both inventive and innovative, and that is the thing that Mexico cherishes about him the most: He is a genuine Mexican media master from inside and without. You may see him and Grupo Televisa, and in addition read about both, in Mexico as well as in almost every other nation on the substance of the planet.

You may discover more through LinkedIn, Twitter, Google also, YouTube, and Instagram. Incalculable different systems and organizations have bolstered Grupo Televisa and Porfirio’s scan for reality. They guarantee that both work next to each other to locate the best current media themes and stories to cover while speaking to each side of any story in its full reasonableness, trustworthiness and uprightness. That, as well as Grupo Televisa is involved a large number of professionally prepared staff who will go the additional mile to locate the correct story.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo has managed endless representatives and can state that he just works with the best. He won’t rest until the point that a representative has completely seen each arrangement of guidelines and has along these lines actualized every news aspect in just the most expert way. He in like manner manages incalculable alters before their last entries.


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Shop, Dine, And Visit W. Lab In Seoul With Kim Dao

Beauty vlogger Kim Dao is back in Seoul, South Korea. Although Kim travels here a lot, every time she tours Seoul with her friend Sunnydahye it’s a brand new experience. You can follow Kim’s latest journey around the South Korean capital in this vlog: “Shopping in Hongdae | First Day in KOREA ft. Sunnydahye.


This video starts with a remarkable montage. A few of the images you’ll see in this opening include Sunnydahye’s adorable dog, Kim Dao’s breakfast, the Seoul metro, and the shop Matilda. Learn more:


Kim Dao tells her viewers that she’s going to a meeting at W. Lab with Sunny later in the day. Once they’ve finished with their meeting, Kim and Sunny hope to do some shopping in Hongdae. Learn more:


As Kim Dao and Sunny are walking around, Kim suddenly gets a headache. She tells Sunny that she really needs a caffeine fix. The two friends stop in a nearby convenience store and Kim orders a mocha drink in a Pikachu box. Learn more:


After the meeting, Kim Dao shows us a huge bag of makeup samples W. Lab gave Kim Dao to try. Kim Dao promises to do a haul later in the video.


A few moments later, Kim Dao takes us on a whirlwind tour of the shops in Hongdae. When Kim and Sunny are done shopping, they sit down for a meal at BHC치킨.


At the end of the video, Kim Dao does a huge shopping haul. She also answers three questions from her viewers. Learn more:



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