Whitney Wolfe: Founder and CEO of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe an American entrepreneur now known as Whitney Wolfe Herd after she recently married her long-term boyfriend Michael Herd, a restaurateur and oil heir who is actively involved in the oil and gas business. Earlier in September this year, they had a lavish destination wedding in Positano, Southern Italy at the Villa Tre Ville.

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble. It is a site based social and dating application. This app simplifies communication between interested users. In heterosexual matches, the app allows women to initiate conversation with their male counterparts. This empowers women to make the first move. In same-sex matches, either of the party can message first. There are free users and paid users.

Her app has recently been valued at one billion dollars with over 20 million registered users since it was created in 2014 and Forbes ranking her among the top thirty under 30 women in tech.

Whitney Wolfe schooled at the Southern Methodist University in Dallas and majored in International Studies. She also studied abroad in La Sorbonne in Paris for a year. The successful entrepreneur was born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Utah, but currently resides in Austin, Texas. She is among the most influential women in Technology. She is proud of the success of Bumble, as it has met her goal of providing an online dating platform that gives women more control than the traditional dating apps.

Bumble is among the most popular dating apps with its headquarters in Austin Texas. The company’s interior design has a feminine design with an overall bumblebee theme. Bumble launched the Bumble BFF, a feature which allows the creation of platonic relations, meeting and making new best friends, a workout partner or a wing woman, whichever strikes your fancy. This is by the users using same swiping and matching algorithms for friendship instead of dating.

Bumble will soon be launching Bumble Bizz, a professional networking feature. It connects users through retagging and enables users to swipe through people, male and female thereby looking to network, hire, or be hired. Bumble Bizz will allow women to initiate conversations and set the tone of the talks. This will help clear up gray areas in networking that often make women uncomfortable in the hope of assisting women to grow and advance their careers through person-to-person networking.

To know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitney_Wolfe

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Desiree Perez Great Development in the Entertainment Industry

She has been the chief operating officer of ROC Nation from the year 2009. Being a member of the team at the ROC Nation, she has been involved in various parts of business, which included management, publications, and labeling functions. She has also been in a close relationship with a popular musician Rihanna. She is also a close companion to a well know hip-hop musician known as Jay Z for a period of twenty years and has an extended track with the successively SC enterprise.

She has proven great potential when it comes to the case of getting large numbers as she can negotiate perfectly and possess an exclusive history that even Empire’s own Cookie would not disagree. She has played an important role in Rihanna’s Samsung deal. She is one of the collectives that runs the whole of ROC nations which are known as Hova Circle of influence and has also other people such as Jay Brown, Chaka Pilgrim, and Ty Smith.

Desiree Perez achievements
He has helped a well-known rapper by the name Jay Z to transform into being a businessman through involvement in the ROC Nation and SC Enterprises. Together with his husband Juan Perez, she has involved herself in Hova Circle of influence which has really helped people who have great influence in the entertainment and music industry.

People from within says that Des has to be the main key to the decision making process in Jay-Z’s business as she negotiates when it comes to high pressure circumstances. Her greatest assets are due to her resolve, magnetism and her risking power on starting the business that may be challenging but profitable at the end. She has boosted the name of ROC Nation Company by placing it in a most significant position of the entertainment company in the world.

Visit More : http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5915253/

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How Eric Lefkofsky Is Focusing Research And Treatment On Cancer Survivors

At the mention of the word cancer, everybody flinches. Yes! That is how bad it has gotten with the deadly disease in today’s world. It has been decades now, and the scientists are yet to come up with a viable cure for this ailment. It has terrorized the very lives of its unfortunate victims turning it into a living hell on earth. For this reason, compassionate researchers in medicine and scientists have vowed to rest only when a cure is developed to alleviate the monstrous disease completely. Although this is yet to be fully implemented, other vital means are underway to help curb the adverse effects of cancer. Preventive treatments have been developed through the insight of cancer specialists like Eric Lefkofsky.

Recent Essential Observations on Cancer

Recent studies, courtesy of the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program, show that the number of cancer survivors has increased over time, and it is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Nonetheless, these survivors are often excluded from clinical trials, and it may lead to little or no discovery of their treatment and surviving needs. As a result, it is highly recommended to understand both the impact and nature of prior cancer to improve clinical trials, outcomes, and the experience of these cancer survivors.

Due to the excellent cancer treatment initiatives in the country, it has become increasingly easy to survive prior cancer. Most patients that have been diagnosed with incident cancer have received treatment and survived the scare of the killer disease. Unfortunately, these survivors are often rendered ineligible for cancer clinical trials since their risk of developing a future primary cancer is yet to be known. It is important to note that fully grasping the concept of prior cancer prevalence among cancer patients will go a long way in assisting cancer researchers and developing treatments.

Lefkofsky’s Cancer Management Plan

Among the leaders in this fight against cancer is Eric Lefkofsky. He is a Co-founder and CEO of Tempus, a start-up in health technology that works to modernize the treatment of cancer. His organization collaborates with healthcare professionals to offer data-oriented and personalized treatments to breast cancer patients by utilizing top-notch genomic sequencing and analysis. Eric is also a charitable soul. He founded and funded Lefkofsky Family Foundation with the aim of intensifying research on cancer disease. It is his joy to see this atrocious condition managed and eliminated in the near future.

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Rodrigo Terpins Continues to Excel in Car Rallies

Aged 41, Rodrigo Terpins is a famous rally driver who hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is the elder brother of Michel Terpins, who is an equally competitive rally driver. Mr. Rodrigo races the T1 Prototype category along with his brother as his co-driver. Over time, the two brothers have earned recognition for their impressive performance in rally sport. Rodrigo Terpins has also participated in the last four Sertoes Rally tournaments. In the just concluded Bull Sertoes Rally, Rodrigo Terpins raced alongside Fabricio Manchiana as his co-pilot. The duo took 58 minutes 9 seconds to finish 6th in the overall competition.


His brother also participated alongside Sves Von Borries as his co-driver and finished fifth with a time record of 56 minutes. Just like his younger brother, Rodrigo Terpins believes that success in rally sports come through consistency and determination. Over time, Rodrigo has featured in numerous interviews with Brazilian media outlets. Rodrigo Terpins treasures his past performances because they help him to modify his present and future accomplishments.


Rodrigo Terpins runs several social media accounts as a way of keeping up with trends in rally sports. He hosts his accounts on social networking sites such as Google, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Rodrigo uses his social media accounts to engage his broad fan-base on the Internet. Besides, the accounts help him to build and maintain a reputable online presence. You can catch up with Rodrigo Terpins on his Tumblr page if you want to know his upcoming events. He uses his LinkedIn page to maintain his professionalism as a rally driver. If you didn’t attend the Bull Sertoes Rally 22nd edition, you could learn from his social media pages that he finished 7th in the overall competition. Rodrigo Terpins also maintains a personal website.


Rodrigo uses his website to maintain his biographical information. He usually posts his past and most recent interviews on odiario.com regarding his career as a rally driver on this site. Besides, the Terpins brothers also have a different website designed to maintain their information as a team. It also contains their recent interviews, photos, and biographical information as a team.


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DACA Program Is In Danger

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ (DACA) agenda is to protect immigrant youth, who are about eight hundred thousand in the US, from deportation. It strives to give these youth the freedom to work and to live life. These young people are our neighbor, friends, co-workers and classmates. DACA provide these undocumented youths, provided they meet certain requirements, with a social security number, immunity from deportation and the opportunity to work in the country. The work permit is renewable every two years and in a majority of the states, these young people are allowed to access state tuition fees and a driving license.

The Republican Party’s extremist members are not happy with what DACA is doing and have attacked the organization on several occasions. As earlier reported, Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, wrote to the Trump administration demanding that the program be rejected by the 5th of September this year. He went on to threaten legal action in the event their demands were not met. They proposed a phase off, where there will be no renewals and new applicants will not be considered. This proposal was supported, in writing, by nine attorney generals and one governor, who put their names on the letter. The program’s beneficiaries gathered, just before Fourth of July, at the State capital to protest against the termination of the program.

John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security, recently met with the members of the Hispanic Caucus. In his view, this program is in jeopardy and told the attendees that the law suits that have ensued against the program are why they he had to schedule the meeting. They had heard rumor about these suits but the communication from the Secretary of Homeland Security was extremely worrisome.

The program has been running for five years and has brought a lot of benefits to the United States. 95% of DACA beneficiaries study, work and some do both. They contribute significantly to the economy. It is unfortunate that the Congress has been given a deadline of March 5th 2018 to take action, and, of course, pass law. The Trump administration has already ended the issuing of new DACA applicants. Renewals for individuals whose DASA expires before the set date will be processed. But what will happen after the 5th of March 2018? These members and their families are in danger. The power to keep the program alive and to continue issuing DASA to applicants is in the hands of Donald Trump. We cannot give up on the fight.

We all have a part to play, we need to fight back against white supremacy which is taking away opportunities from our young people of color. This is their home too #HereToStay.



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Madison Street Capital; Shinning all the Way Up

Madison Street Capital is a global investment banking company that has continued to thrive in the corporate finance sector. Their primary focus revolves around middle markets, where they serve a wide range of banking investment needs. Over the years that the company has been in service, they have exhibited a lot of integrity, experience, and professionalism in their initiatives. For this reason, they have earned an amazing reputation, which reflects their endless commitment to the intricacies of corporate finance. It is indisputable to say that Madison Street Capital understands the market trends and how to handle upcoming issues efficiently. In fact, several organizations have been opting for them as their sole financial advisors, among them being DCG Software Value, which is a global leader in software analytics.



Explore Some Details Regarding Madison Street Capital



As Madison Street Capital reputation goes up, it matches the level to which they expand their service. They run offices in several regions including Ghana, Oregon, Chicago, and India. Their global expansiveness places them in a better position to devise an approach that is unique for every entity. It is noteworthy to appreciate the executives working at the helm. They go a long way in ensuring that Madison Street maintains a position ahead of the curve. Administrators in this company integrate in-depth knowledge of the subject with skilled analytical abilities and deep business relationships. Undoubtedly, people hiring services from Madison Street Capital have confidence now that their performance is time-tested and proven. When it comes to preservation of wealth and tax planning, Madison Street maintains a well-structured division, which guides their related causes.

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Instances That Have Been Enhancing Madison Street Capital’ Status



As it is, a good name in business comes with optimal performance. When Madison Street advised WLR Automotive Group on a leaseback transaction worth $13.2 million, they came into the limelight than they ever did before. Madison Street had also guided the firm on a particular sale, which was all successful. In their dealings with WLR Automotive Group, Madison guided this enterprise through a seamless process. Currently, WLR Automotive Group has grown their outlets from one to seventeen, a truly commendable milestone. Madison’s outlook on the hedge fund landscape is among those that the corporate finance sector inclines to. They have since been leading in the markets, courtesy of their professional project mergers and experts in capital capacity and investment performance. Learn more: http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/

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Securus Technologies Sets The Pace In Correctional Facility Management

Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions to correctional facilities to enable them to enhance public safety and streamline their internal operations. The technology solutions empower institutions to transform the incarceration experience to reduce recidivism and prevent crimes. Securus recently published a brief sampling of the comments it receives from facility customers. The customers are responsible for solving crimes and the day-to-day management of facilities.


The CEO, Rick Smith, reiterated that the company is continuously innovating its product offerings to improve safety in and around facilities. The platforms helped one user catch a fraudulent member of staff who was colluding with inmates to introduce contraband to the facility. In another instance, the system helped gather crucial evidence on illegal activities in the facility including drugs sales, unauthorized mobile phones, and a prescription drugs racket.


The revolutionary investigative capabilities of the platforms have also been praised for enabling faster crime discovery and improving the security procedures in facilities. Data collected from the systems helps uncover illegal and irregular activities at facilities allowing the staff to take corrective action quickly. Securus is committed to connecting the people that matter including inmates, their families, and associates.


In a show of transparency, the firm has extended an open invite to investors, competitors and other interested parties to visit the technology center to learn about what goes into a successful technology platform for correctional facilities. Securus Technologies recently acquired the JPay, a leading technology company that focuses on electronic billing systems and infotainment solutions for the prison industry.


The Better Business Bureau recently accredited Securus for excellence in accountability and service delivery. The company is the leading provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities in the country. This includes payment platforms, investigative tools, emergency response, public information and safety solutions, inmate tracking and monitoring platforms and communications among others.

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Jason Hope Funds The SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur with interests across various industries. One of Jason Hope’s favorite topics and industries is the healthcare industry. Jason Hope is concerned with the approach used by many modern doctors and researchers in tackling age related diseases. According to Hope most of the research and treatment methods are reactive rather than proactive. Most researchers are not looking into ways of preventing illnesses such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s from occurring in the first place. This situation has led Jason Hope to use his considerable resources and influence to help advance anti-aging initiatives.

Jason Hope has concentrated most of his anti-aging efforts by donating to the SENS foundation. The SENS foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses exclusively on tackling age related diseases by using a new technique called rejuvenation biotechnology. Rejuvenation biotechnology is a technique that aims to repair damage to the human body’s cells due to metabolism. The SENS foundation was founded by Michael Kope and Dr. Aubrey de Grey. Dr. de Grey is a renowned computer scientist and geneticist with a Ph.D. in genetics from Cambridge University. At SENS’ core is the SENS Research Foundation, which funds work the foundations’ Research Center in Mountain View and in numerous universities across the globe. The SENS Research Foundation works primarily as a research outreach organization. The outreach program includes annual conferences such as the SENS Conference held at Cambridge and the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference. The Research Foundation also includes an education program that gives exceptional students a summer internship at the research center in California, and more information click here.

Jason Hope got involved with SENS in early 2010 when he donated $500,000 to the foundation. Hope’s philanthropy helped SENS establish the SENS laboratory in Cambridge as well as to finance various research initiatives within the organization. Since 2010 he has added and additional $1,000,000 to the organization. Jason Hope states that his belief in the SENS Foundation goal of advancing human medicine is what led him to donate to the foundation. Jason also plays a key role in the organization’s outreach efforts, and his Facebook.

Jason Hope is a futurist who is passionate about technology’s ability to improve lives and change the world. Hope is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he got his B.Sc. in Finance and his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope’s entrepreneurial efforts have been focused mainly on mobile technology and the Internet of Things. He resides in Scottsdale Arizona.

More Visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

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An In-depth Look at Logan Stout

Logan Stout was born and raised in Richardson, Texas. He attended J.J. Pearce High School. Logan was part of the Student Athletic Council because of his success in leadership, sports, and class work. He played both basketball and baseball but only pursued baseball after high school. Logan Stout earned his business degree from Panola. He also attended the University of Dallas where he earned a Psychology degree. He is married to Haley Stout, and they have two sons; Miles and Cooper.

About IDLife

Logan Stout founded IDLife, which is a company that sells organic nutritional supplements, weight management items and sleep aids he is also the company’s chief executive officer. The company was formed in 2014 and is part of the 100 Solid Top MLM Companies across the world. Logan Stout strives to show people that they can reach their goals if they are keen on their health. Logan’s clients receive free assessment after which the appropriate product for them can be chosen.

More about Logan Stout

Logan Stout is also an author and business management trainer. He writes motivational books, and he is also a motivational speaker. Some of the books Logan has authored are Stout Advice and The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams. The papers contain the strategies Logan used to succeed. Logan is passionate about helping people with business ideas, but they don’t know how to launch the business. He offers encouragement and leadership skills that help such people start their businesses.

Logan Stout’s love for baseball

Logan Stout is a former baseball player. He, therefore, has a passion for baseball that led him to develop the Dallas Patriots, which is a huge baseball organization. Stout is the coach of some of the teams in the organization. The teams inspire and build the skill levels of young people by availing training services and encouragement. Logan also founded the Premier Baseball Academy which offers classes in indoor baseball training.

Logan puts out videos that focus on various topics such as development and personal growth topics. He also drafts a newsletter to assist subscribers concentrate on issues that matter in life. The newsletter is released every Monday afternoon. The newsletter is suitable for children too. Logan has featured on several sports broadcasts and publications concerning sports and business.

For details: ideamensch.com/logan-stout/

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Sahm Adrangi; The Short Seller That Has Raised $100 Million To Bet Against A Company

Information coming from a reliable source reveals that Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management has raised a whopping $100 million from investors to bet against an unnamed company.

It is not uncommon for managers of hedge funds to raise funds for investment opportunities. Such funds could be invested in the recovery of distressed energy companies or any business opportunity that offers a high return on investment. But Kerrisdale has a different intention for its newly raised fund; the New York-based firm plans to use this fund to short the stock of a public company that is soon-to-be-unveiled.

In an email written to investors, Adrangi revealed how much funds he had raised, which he believed was a testament to the authenticity of his investment thesis. Adrangi also revealed that the market capitalization of this unknown company was north of $10 billion. The email equally disclosed the strategies Adrangi and Shane Wilson, an analyst at Kerrisdale, plan to use to convince more investors of the theory. These strategies include report, website, video etc.

According to the source of the story, the identity of the company will be revealed by the middle of May. The source had spoken on the condition of anonymity considering the fact that the information was not yet intended for the public. The hedge fund had since begun making preparation to take a strong position in this mystery company, this included buying of stocks.

Kerrisdale which has over the years built a reputation for betting against companies now has a financial portfolio worth approximately $500 million. Some of the companies that it has bet against in the recent past include satellite company Globalstar and Sage Therapeutics, a company with a specialty in drug manufacturing.

The source also revealed that in the last five years, Kerrisdale has enjoyed an average annual return of approx. 28%. Although its current and most recent position is that of betting against a company, Kerrisdale also bets for companies that it believes worth it.

Mr. Adrangi, who is the founder and CFO of Kerrisdale Capital Managment founded the company in 2009 with less than $1 million. The fund has since then grown. As at July 2017, the firm manages funds worth $150 million. Mr. Adrangi holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from Yale University. He began his career at Deutsche Bank and also spent years working at Longacre Management.

Mr. Adrangi has built a reputation for short selling and publishing research. His first major short was of Chinese companies, some of which include China Marine Food Group, Lihua International, and China-Biotics. Some of his area of focus includes the Biotechnology sector, the Mining sector, and the Telecommunication sector.

After the publication of my piece titled An Ode To Those Who Wander I had a chat with a Wall Street Bond Trader who eventually turned hedge fund credit portfolio manager on the issue of GNC Holdings, Inc. This piece is a brief summary of his 12 years run on Wall Street.

After graduating from Penn State, he was able to secure an internship at Merrill Lynch credit desk. He spent three more years at the firm trading credit before moving to Longacre, the $3billion hedge fund. His time at Longacre overlapped with that of Sahm Longacre, the CFO, and founder of Kerrisdale Capital Management. After Longacre, he moved over to Paulson and Co. He later became Credit PM at Bowery Investment Management.

In June of 2015, he made a life-changing decision and quit Wall Street, citing long hours and the high cost of living in NYC, amongst other things.

Read More: www.crunchbase.com/person/sahm-adrangi

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