Dr. Saad Saad the Innovator

Dr. Saad is a pediatrician in Eatontown having graduated in 1971 from Cairo U Med Hosp. Pediatric surgery and Thoracic surgery are his areas of specialization. In his career, he has performed very many pediatric surgeries throughout his practice. Dr. Saad always sought to see an improvement in both the procedures and methods that existed in the medical field, more so in pediatric and thoracic surgery. He wished to reduce the risk and the pain that his patients were going through. He, therefore, invented many new procedures in pediatric surgery. Both to his community and to people outside his community, Dr. Saad has performed quite complex surgeries on patients.



Dr. Saad came up with a specific device that helped in the location of catheters inside a patient’s body. This device locates the catheter using electromagnetic energy. This means that the patients will no longer have to undergo x-rays to track the exact positions of catheters as is was done traditionally. Like a metal detector, that’s how this medical device operates. The doctor can, therefore, pass the device outside the body of a patient to locate the tip of the catheter. It is quite convenient to use this device since it is small in size hence portable. It can, therefore, be used in case of an emergency in the ICU and time is not adequate to do body scans to locate the catheter. This invention has not been implemented due to the complexity of the involved procedures in making it. However, there is a company that has portrayed interest in this device, and therefore there is a likelihood that this device will be put into use by medics in future.



Secondly, Dr. Saad made an invention intended to improve usage of endoscopes. Since endoscopes look inside the patient’s body which is liquid filled, the endoscope lens may get fogged up, and hence affecting the clarity of the view by the doctor. Dr. Saad, therefore, invented a suction device which takes away the liquids and thus making the doctor’s view much clearer. This device is cheap and easy to make. It is therefore used widely used by doctors on their patients today. Learn more: https://www.linkedin.com/in/saad-saad-524707159/



Necessity really leads to the invention as Dr. Saad says. It was the necessity that made him come up with the two devices that he invented. There was a great need to avoid complications that came to the bodies of patients by taking out the scope from the patient’s body during an endoscopy. Also, the repeated x-rays resulted in complications on patients due to the radiations that affected the body cells of the patients. The two devices, therefore, helped in reducing the risks of complicating the patient’s health in the process of treatment. Just like in other areas, technological advancements in the healthcare sector have continuously improved the quality of health services offered to patients.

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The Accomplishments of Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) since 2011, and for his good work, he became the first architect to be awarded the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was presented by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters, and he, therefore, joined the small number of Mississippians to get honored in that line of work. Additionally, he became awarded the Crain Award which is the highest individual accomplishment when one is recognized by the American Business Media. Further, he was voted sporadically as the Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi for his efficiency in communicating the significance of design. Before getting to all these achievements, Robert Ivy had been in other occupations which included being the Editorial Director and Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction, Editor in Chief of Architectural Record and he as well served at the Venice Architecture Biennale as the U.S Commissioner. Therefore, it is evident that his achievements are not as a result of overnight activities but the progressive and consistent work he has invested in whatever he does.

The level of education that Robert Ivy possesses speaks volumes about his achievements which include a master’s degree in architecture from the University of Tulane and a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of the South. Additionally, he happens to be a member of the International Circle of Architecture Critics which offers him an exposure platform as he gets to meet tonnes of talented people in a similar field. His interest in the role of architects in the society and the future of architect is evidence of where he stands in his career and how he wants to utilize it to the maximum. In the year 2012 at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting, he committed his company to the American Institute of Architects to make a design for improving public health. The ten years commitment would include community planning, research grants and digital programs and this as well brought out Robert Ivy’s personality and his interest in the community at heart. He saw the need for such a program and therefore committed to bridging that gap in the health sector. In that case, for him to be awarded and get recognized as a person who has made architecture more accessible to the general public, he deserves all that and has earned all that appreciation.

Learn More: dirt.asla.org/2011/06/22/robert-ivy-on-the-future-of-architecture/

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Roberto Santiago , Owner of Manaira Shopping Mall Sets A Competitive Pace in Retail Business

In 2015 alone, the retail industry of Brazil recorded an average turnout of about 6.5 %. Reports from the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers indicate the property market has since mushroomed into a plethora of real estate development. This comes after the industry has experienced tremendous economic recession that impacted on the dwindling sales of sectors. Another study by the same department indicated that even with the recession, one mall stood the test of time; Manaira Shopping Mall. As such, emerging entrepreneurs have been taking notes on the moves made by the owner of this mall, Mr. Roberto Santiago. Here is a look at his life, career and his journey to the establishment of Manaira.


Roberto’s Early Life

Roberto is a native of Brazil. He grew up in the productive farms of Joao Pessoa, and since then, he cultivated useful values to help him cope in the challenging environs. As a teenager, he was motivated to pursue business. To accomplish these dreams, he joined Pio X-Marist University and pursued business. Later in the years, he decided to advance his education by joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa. From school, Santiago was lucky enough to land an employment opportunity at Café Santa Rosa. Well, that marked the beginning of what is now a major success story in his life. Roberto made enough to establish a cartonnage company that supplied manufacturing hardboard panels to construction companies. A few years into the business, he decided to explore the real estate industry and create a mall. But first, he purchased land at the heart of Brazil.


Establishing Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is synonymous with Manaira Mall. Seated on about 92,000 meters in Sao Paulo, this mall offers a vast array of services. As such, it has been a significant attraction site in the country. Also known as the most important mall of its kind, it has a visit rate of about 1 million customers per month.


Features of Manaira Mall

Those who have been to this mall know that it is not just a shopping unit for household items. It holds a plethora of locals as well as foreign visits because it has a calming effect on those who want to unwind. As such, there are tons of activities to indulge in.

For starters, you can enjoy your favorite movies in the 3D cinema rooms. Of course, you will love the seating arrangement, and the organization of the room as every occupant can watch the aired movie without disruptions.


The Gaming Area

Supposing you are not a movie enthusiast, you can consider playing your favorite games in Manaira’s gaming area as the unit is spacious to accommodate more than 150 gaming machines.


The Domus Hall

Moreover, you can take a walk to the Domus Hall and enjoy music concerts at the rooftop. This hall is soundproof and sufficiently aerated to accommodate more than 5,000 people.


The Outline

Roberto Santiago has worked hard to get to this point in which even during an economic recession, his business survives. His brilliance, as well as vision, has contributed to his success.


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Keeping Everything Moving Like Whitney Wolfe

For women like Whitney Wolfe, it is important to keep moving forward. This is why she didn’t stop with Bumble. She has added a couple of extensions to dating app. These two extensions are Bumble BFF and Bumble BIZZ. With these apps, she has made sure that her intention is carried out. When looking at the success of her app and its extension, the best thing to look at is the inspiration underlying purpose. Another thing to do is look at her example and what she has done in order to bring her dreams to life.

One of the most important steps for entrepreneurs to take if they want to be successful like Whitney Wolfe has become is to think about all of the different types of marketing. After all, marketing is one of the most important areas when it comes to business. Fortunately, Whitney has thought about all of the steps to bringing Bumble to the public. She understood what it would take to bring a lot of recognition to a product. For one thing, she has learned about marketing from when she worked on Tinder. At the same time, she has her degree from Southern Methodist University.

While Whitney Wolfe was in college, she has started business selling Bamboo totes in order to benefit the BP oil spill victims. This is one of her earliest efforts and experiences with marketing. This has also shown her that she has what it takes to be a success as a marketer. She has not settled for a dead-end job making minimum wage. She has instead decided that she is going to go into business and provide something for her customers. At the same time, any income she makes would go to causes that she is very passionate about.

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A Few Points Mentioned in Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter Rant

Shervin Pishevar got his start in the Silicon Valley area as an entrepreneur and investor. He is now well-known from coast to coast and even around the world as a super angel investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneurial ambassador in State Department delegations in Russia and the Middle East. In the year 2012, he was chosen by the US government as an Outstanding American by Choice.

Shervin Pishevar has used his Twitter account to share thoughts on leadership, economics, and more. In December 2017, he used his account to announce his resignation from Sherpa Capital. While his account may have gone through a dry spell, it is clear that the axles of his mind continued to turn. After two months of not tweeting anything, he let loose a tweet storm noting 50 points on why the US economy is going to get worse before it will get better. He specifically mentioned that the stock market would drop by 6,000 points over the next year.

Throughout the tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar touches on a variety of challenges. He talks about politics, nationalism, and cultural trends. Other topics he addresses include immigration, bitcoin, and the fall of big companies in the US like Google and Microsoft.

Toward the end of his tweet rant, Shervin Pishevar mentions that when the middlemen are irrelevant, then there can be a global economy that is more perfectly efficient and frictionless. These are ideas that he has expressed in the past. He wants an open and transparent society without volatility and bottlenecks on innovation.

Another point that Shervin Pishevar made has to do with the way entrepreneurs are stateless in the sense that they can raise capital in basically any way they want. When a person wants to start a company, they can simply choose their currency. He even refers to this currency as the “ultimate app.” This means that financial and governmental institutions will face a reckoning of irrelevance.

Shervin Pishevar does offer a glimmer of hope. He mentions a couple of companies that will do good, like SpaceX. He also mentioned a company he helped co-found called Virgin Hyperloop One. He says these moonshots rise but suffer derision until teams will it to reality.

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Florida Governor, Who Is Now Running For The US Senate, Accused Of Violating Campaign Finance Legislation

The Republican governor in the state of Florida; Rick Scott has been in Tallahassee building a reputation as a shameless conservative ideologue in the whole of the United States. He has been seen by political analysts to have the same ideology as the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker. These two governors are pushing a far-right agenda into states that have been termed as swing states. Gov. Scott is running against the incumbent Senator who hails from the Republican Party, Bill Nelson. Many political commentators have seen the Florida Senate race as one of the high-profile political competitions in the forthcoming mid-term elections. This comes at a time when Governor Scott has been accused of corrupt and shady behavior.

The End Citizens United organization has documented a complaint with the Federal Election Commission. The filed complaint accuses Governor Scott of using Super PAC illegally to fund and support his political campaigns. The governor has also been accused of exceeding the limits that have been set out by federal authorities on direct contributions to political candidates. Super PACs have been authorized to raise vast amounts of money and spend them as they wish without any form of limitations. However, the Super PACs have not been allowed to have direct coordination with political campaigns in any election. In the complaint, End Citizens United claims that Governor Scott is violating the anti-coordination legislation with a group that he left leadership after announcing his candidacy for the US Senate; New Republican PAC.

The New Republican PAC is now dedicating its efforts into the election of Rick Scott into the US Senate. End Citizens United’s communications director, Adam Bozzi, has said that Governor Scott has put his selfish interests and political ambitions ahead of the interests of millions of Florida residents. Bozzi added that the governor has also lacked respect for electoral laws by raising campaign money into the New Republican PAC. There are also allegations that the campaign money raised by Scott was meant for the Republican presidential campaigns for Donald Trump. Rick Scott has used the New Republican PAC to avoid the disclosure law and the funds limit that comes with it. He is also using the super PAC to violate campaign finance laws that have been set by the Federal Elections Commission and pay for the campaign expenses that come with his candidacy for office. However, Scott’s campaign team heads have said that the governor has always conducted his political campaigns with transparency and accountability.

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About the Fagali’I Airport’s Customer Service

The Fagali’I airport, over the years has shown its visitors that they have what it takes to deliver an incredible customer service experience, one to remember. Every department of the airport, where customers are known to visit – the convenience store, the currency exchange market, guest services, etc., all has a highly trained customer service rep who has proved to customers that the Fagali’I airport does not slack, not even the least, when it comes to treating customers respectfully and politely. [The reviews are in!] The Fagali’I airport gains 5 stars for its customer service efforts! Congrats!

Upon entering on the inside of the Fagali’I airport, guests are greeted with a warm and friendly smile from a customer service representative. This means the world to many guests, as flying isn’t the most comfortable experience for many, but a warm smile can somehow make matters more manageable. The Samoan culture has always been one of positive spirits and friendly vibes. These attributes are exactly what ‘s included within the customer service team at the Fagali’I airport, which is just a few minutes from the heart of Apia: the home to beautiful beaches, 85 degree weather all year-long, fresh and tasty homemade Samoan foods and elegant hand-made crafts according to encontreomedico.com.br. The overall experience for a guest at the Fagali’I airport is phenomenal, making it a favorite over its competitor: The Faleolo International Airport.

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The Fagali’I airport is small indeed, but packs a huge punch. When it comes to action, they can kick some customer service butt. Meaning, those most difficult customer service experiences that causes representatives to crumble are handled with extreme professionalism, determination and strength. Excessiveness of characteristics that puts the Fagali’I airport on top as a customer service team that has the secret sauce to prevail over those customers that means trouble, difficulty and frustration.

The Fagali’I airport’s customer service team within the airport isn’t only trained to keep a well pressed and presentable uniform, but to conquer the odds of the customers according to wikipedia.org. Representatives are put through extreme tests to measure their capabilities and if they fail, they will not move on to become a customer service representative for the airport. Unlike many other airports, many times over, they trust a lot of employees that they shouldn’t to represent their company. And, many time over, they make a huge mistake in doing so, costing the company their reputation and money. The Fagali’I airport is careful with the employees chosen as a customer service rep and that’s what makes them one of the best.

Book your flight to the Fagali’I airport today. Your dream vacation to Apia awaits!

See: https://books.google.com/books?id=EDGapfBX-CAC&pg=PA514&lpg=PA514&dq=fagali&source=bl&ots=mxtroLq8tN&sig=D7bVKGiLSyEHNHVv-p4G8b3XgDA&hl=pt-BR&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiM4O2lt8HXAhXI6CYKHZldDIs4ChDoAQhPMAk – v=onepage&q=fagali&f=false

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Talkspace Takes the Stress Out of Therapy

While stress is nothing new, it is on the rise. More and more people are suffering from stress these days, and some are even addicted to stress. This happens perhaps because when our bodies deal with stress, they produce hormones such as adrenaline, cortisol, and dopamine. It actually produces a type of “high” and just like any drug can become addicting. Symptoms of being addicted to stress can include high blood pressure, fatigue, insomnia, and loss of appetite just to name a few.

There are ways to combat stress such as exercising regularly, staying focused on one task at a time, taking a break and getting in some “me time,” and setting and sticking to certain limits. Sometimes it is necessary to get some outside help.

Talkspace is basically a way to have a therapist at your fingertips. With Talkspace, you can text, call, and connect to a licensed therapist anytime you need to. You don’t have to try to make time in your busy schedule to meet with someone, and it is easy to switch therapists. All of your information will be transferred as well, so you save time that way as well.

Many people simply do not seek out the help that they need because it is expensive or they just don’t have the time in their busy schedules. Talkspace is affordable and convenient. It is also a great way to receive therapy without having to actually talk face to face with someone which can be an uncomfortable situation for a lot of people.

Talkspace is very flexible, and you can even freeze your account if needed and create a passcode to keep your information safe. It is also easy to connect to a therapist on your computer if you prefer that method over texting on your phone.

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Scientist and Chief Executive Officer- Clay Siegal

The Head Offices of Seattle Genetics are located at Bothell’s Cascade Business Park. The building does not show any sign of science until you enter the lobby where there is a triangular sculpture which is green in color and it is likely to win the organization a performer cred. The sculpture is made of a simplified human antibody and is made of Lego bricks. Seattle Genetics was established in 1998, and the pharmaceutical firm has mainly been dealing with the study, influence as well as the packaging of drugs. The Lego bricks are more than a sculpture as it defines the power of the company to alter their ability and associate it with a therapy.

 Seattle Genetics has had the strategy of becoming a leader in the antibody development and also the distribution of drugs. Seattle Genetics has also gone through challenges which have troubled the pharmaceutical industry, it is determined not to end up like Immunex after it was acquired by Amgen. With the firm having about 900 staff and is valued at $10 billion, it is listed to be among the largest biotech companies in Washington. Seattle Genetics is richly investing in their marketing techniques as well as their research to reach the level of becoming the largest pharmaceutical firm. The organization has had plans of adding more employers into the company. One of the drugs the firm has developed is Adcetrics which they consider as their flagship. The drug is used to treat Hodgkin lymphoma. The firm is carrying out a study on the effect of the drugs and if the test will be positive it is estimated that the sales of the rugs will rise.

 Clay Siegal is the co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He is also the President, the Chief Executive Officer, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Seattle Genetics. Mr. Clay Siegal is a scientist by profession and he has specialized in cancer therapy. When he established Seattle Genetics, he made sure that the firm is founded on exact research, invention, as well as drug improvement practice. Clay is passionate about helping cancer patients. Since the foundation of Seattle Genetics, Clay has been on the forefront of directing the firm into its afoot position of manufacturing Antibody-drug Conjugates (ADCs). He also led Seattle to acquire the 2011 FDA approval of its first ADC product, ADCETRICS. Mr. Siegal has also assisted Seattle to into multiple agreements with other pharmaceutical organizations including; AbbVie, Pfizer, and GlaxoSmithKline. Clay Siegal continues to help others through his scientific inventions.

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Fortress Investment Group: A Four of Four Star Company

There is a company based out of New York called the Fortress Investment Group. Perhaps you have heard of them? Their Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder’s name is Randal A. Nardone. He is a billionaire who built his way to success from the ground up. In fact, he is ranked 557 on the Forbes Billionaire List. Also responsible for the founding of the company was Wesley R. Edens who himself ranks 962 on the list and Robert Kauffman whose net worth is estimated to be around one billion dollars. Together they form a strong leadership and have helped take the company to where it is today. Fortress Investment Group is currently managing over forty billion dollars in personal assets from various companies and people worldwide. They have over 1500 clients who trust them with the raising, investing, and managing of their money.

Their employee base alone is up around 1000 asset managers and over 200 investment professionals. Each is highly educated with a strong background in finance and a passion for people and money like none has ever seen. It is because of this dedication that Fortress Investment Group is thriving and also because of the consumers that put their trust in the company to be professionally sound when it comes to their investments. The companies core competencies include industry knowledge, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets. One of the company’s core competencies also include operations management. The company has created their own set of tools and rules that work for them when it comes to taking on financial obstacles. They create their own strategies that find value when working with complex investments rather than maybe taking an easier path. This sets them apart from other investment firms. Fortress Investment Group also has employed many people whose knowledge is in capital markets and in achieving low-cost and low-risk financing. These people know exactly what it is they are doing when it comes to consumer debt and equity markets.

Each employee at Fortress is educated in something different, but all have a strong base of financial education. Each is dedicated to the consumer and finding what investment what might work for one person and a different one that may be better for another. What employees say about working for Fortress Investment Group is that it is overall a good place to start your career in finance if you so choose. The upper management is always more than happy to assist the interns so that they may complete their program and leave with as much knowledge in the industry as possible. They also say that the pay is just and the work environment is high energy and friendly. Randal A. Nardone is also credited as being a quality Chief Executive Officer who looks after his employees and ensures they are always satisfied with their line of work. Fortress Investment Group is an extremely successful business. Because they are always searching for new ways to assist their customers with managing their investments, they are always finding ways to improve their company in the long run. The company is thriving and with how well they are doing today, it will be interesting to see how their success and company has grown ten years down the line.

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