Why Is Waiakea Water So Special

There are literally a ton of bottled-water brands that are on the market today, including Nestle, Dasani, Aquafina and Poland Spring. Waiakea is one of the better brands today because it provides a wider range of benefits. The company was founded back in 2012, and it has made an impact on society. Waiakea’s water is very special because it comes from a volcano. Yes, this is absolutely correct, and this volcano has supplied the water with an abundance of healthy minerals. Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water epitomizes its name to the fullest because the water travels through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock.

By traveling through this type of rock, the water is absorbing a ton of trace minerals during this process. The electrolyte-rich water is rated at an 8.2 on the pH scale. The pH scale actually measures how acidic water truly is. The scale is also measured between 1 – 14. Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water is rated much higher than many of its competitors. The higher the number, the more alkaline it is. Anything below a 7.0 is considered to be acidic, and many of the competitors’ water is well-below this number. Bottled water is now a multi-billion dollar industry. The Italians drink more bottled water than any other ethnic group. The name Waiakea means broad waters. This company has stayed true to its roots in more ways than one. This particular company has produced the first water bottle that’s fully degradable. It would normally take an estimated 1,000 years for a plastic-water bottle to degrade. Waiakea’s plastic bottles only take 15 years to degrade.

As you can see, this brand is revolutionizing the industry. Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water is simply one of the better options, and it has a long list of satisfied customers that will backup all claims.


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Freedom Checks: A New Form of Investment

During the administration of President Richard Nixon, oil and petroleum companies operating across the United States abound. The country was filled with energy resource, but it came to a point when the companies stated that they will be leaving the United States to operate overseas. It alarmed President Richard Nixon, and ordered the legislative branch of the government to do something. The United States Congress decided to provide the companies with an incentive that would allow them to stay. Lawmakers submitted a bill to the Congress, referred to as the Statute 26-F, and it says that the United States will be giving an incentive to oil and petroleum companies that will be staying.

The incentive would allow them to operate without paying taxes, if they will agree to two conditions: first, they would have to stay, with about 90% to 100% of their operations being conducted in the United States. The second condition states that the oil and petroleum companies should be willing to provide freedom checks to the public. Some companies accepted the government’s offer and they started handing out freedom checks to anyone who wanted to purchase them. To distinguish themselves from other companies which have not taken the government’s offer, oil and petroleum firms under the Statute 26-F formed a group and referred to themselves as the Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs.

This group of oil and petroleum companies sells freedom checks for as low as $50, and it promises a huge profit for those who will be purchasing a huge amount of checks. However, despite the great deal offered by freedom checks, only a few people are aware of it. Matt Badiali, a writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, made a video explaining what these checks are. Being in the oil and petroleum industry during the first few years of his career as a geologist, he knew about the existence of these checks. He further explained how someone can earn thousands of dollars per month through purchasing these checks. After the video went viral, he is hoping that more people will be buying these checks to earn an additional income.

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Penelope Kokkinides, Rick Shinto Prove To The World That They Can Bring A Difference At InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, two senior employees at the InnovaCare Health continue to show the world what they are capable of. Before joining InnovaCare Health, the two had served in various healthcare facilities. It is through this that they have amassed an experience than now accumulates to 40 years. Penelope Kokkinides for instance, has a vast experience in ensuring clinical programs benefit the client while Rick Shinto has been credited for his medical innovations.




Penelope Kokkinides’ History




When Penelope Kokkinides joined InnovaCare Health for the first time, she held a junior position as a Chief Management Officer. Today, Ms. Kokkinides holds a different oversight position. Several years before joining InnovaCare Health, she worked in different healthcare companies holding different capacities. She is an accomplished clinician who is versed in clinical programs. Ms. Kokkinides worked for Touchstone Health as its operations head, at AmeriChoice as the company’s Care Management and the VP of the Care Management, at Centerlight HealthCare as the Chief Management Officer, and as the Operations Head in the business unit at the UnitedHealth. She currently holds the position of the Chief Administration Officer at the InnovaCare Health. Check out monster.com to see more.





Rick Shinto




Rick Shinto started work in the medical industry in 1998 as an internist and pulmonologist at a medical facility Southern California. This first position was for the junior staff. He quickly rose up the ladder as he changed work stations. Today, Rick Shinto is the President of the Health Management docket at InnovaCare Health, after joining it in 2012. Rick Shinto received the 2012 Entrepreneur of The Year Award for his efforts to bring change to the company. Today, InnovaCare Health proudly serves over 200,000 clients using two primary divisions. You can visit danielestraus.org





Rick’s Work History




Rick Shinto’s first job was when he worked as an intern at a facility in Southern California. After a successful internship, Rick joined MedPartners, Cal Optimal Health Plan, Pathway Management Company, and NAMM California as Vice President in charge of Medical Management, Senior Medical Officer, CMO as well as Operations Manager, and Senior Medical Officer in charge of medical management respectively. In 2008, Rick Shinto worked at Aveta Inc. a healthcare company that was sold when Rick was still its Chief Executive Officer. After the sale of the company, Rick moved to InnovaCare Health. He currently serves as the company’s president in charge of health management. A few months after joining Innovacare Health, Rick was awarded for his innovation. Rick Shinto has brought several changes that have improved the image of the company.


Click here: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/InnovaCare-Health/Jobs



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Matt Badiali Predicts A Rise In Stock In Canada’s Marijuana Market

Canada decided to legalize all marijuana uses. The decision is expected to take effect in October when all adults. The recent decision to have all marijuana uses legalized has raised a lot of speculation in the financial circles. Experts believe the market will experience significant growth and earn a lot of income. Matt Badiali, a geologist by training with over 20 years experience in the energy and financial industry, believes that legalizing all marijuana use will generate a lot of income. Matt Badiali thinks that the cannabis industry is going to shot high and create a lot of revenue for Canada. In his opinion, the Canadian cannabis market will become a good investment decision for many people. He advises people to take invest in the market before authorities fully legalize the trade.

Matt Badiali first ventured into the investment industry after one of his friends sought his help in advising people in investment. Badiali learned everything there is not know about investments. He has helped many people earn huge sums of money in the stock market through his newsletter Real Wealth Strategist. In supporting his prediction, Matt Badiali advised investors to look at the current data on the cannabis market in Canada. According to recent market research by CIBC markets, the cannabis market in Canada is expected to rise and generate about $6.7 billion by the year 2020. This will be generated from products such as scotch, gin whiskey and the like. At the same time, medical marijuana is expected to amount to $1.3 billion in 2024.

The cannabis market in Canada has grown tremendously ever since authorities legalized the trade. The market has become a gold mine for many companies in the regions. The market has been so lucrative that it caused 30 mining companies to stop mining gold and start growing Cannabis. One particular gold mining company, Newstrike Resources Ltd stopped mining gold and started planting cannabis in 2016. The company made a 5,900 percent after their stock raised from $0.5 to $3. However, cannabis growers in the country are not too happy with the decision. Many fear that fully legalizing marijuana use will cause a price drop. They believe this will cause them huge losses primarily due to increased players in the market.

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Fortress Investment Group’s Robust Tool for Extracting Value

An asset management firm which goes by the name Fortress Investment Group was erected via the combined effort of Randal Nardone and his colleagues both Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman. 1998 is the year that it was founded and with its first headquarters located in New York City. In 2014, it expanded its offices via establishing several of them in Shanghai, San Francisco, Singapore and two in Asia. Also, 2007 was the year when it was listed in the New York City Stock Exchange thus being the first private company to go public. Fortress also has more than 900 employees who are management experts under its roof, and it has ensured that it involves itself in the investments that are risk-adjusted income strategy for the benefit of its clients.

Fortress Investment Group’s core expertise is investment management and in achieving this, offering debt funds and private equity has been the only way out. Also, in managing, pricing and possessing the physical and financial assets, it has experts who provide the services. In succeeding in its operations management, it has come up with robust tools that aid in extracting value straightly from the complex investment. Also, the proper administration of its portfolio leads to the success in assessing the structural, operational and facets trending on the ground.

The acquisition of Fortress Group by the Japanese SoftBank has raised a lot of controversial discussions among the members of the public. This has been because many people never understood the intention of the company’s management when making that decision. However, it’s worth to note that the decision was the most informed move that the company made, and all was in the good interests of the investors and the shareholders of Fortress Group.

Finally, Fortress Investment Group has nurtured managers who can control its mergers and acquisitions. It is a shred of evidence that the operations of the firm are being carried out by individuals who are highly experienced in issues concerning investment because their career history reveals that they have worked previously in several financial institutions holding their top positions. The firms include; UBS, BlackRock Financial Holdings, Lehman Brothers, and Goldman Sachs and they carried the skills and knowledge they had acquired in Fortress. Also, while Wes Edens and Randal Nardone sacrifice their lives by doing all it needs to see Fortress Investment Group rise to an elite company, their colleague Rob Kauffman decides to pursue his long life interest.

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The full name of the Jamaican male badminton player is Gareth Andre Theodore Henry who was born in 1991. Gareth Henry has participated in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. He has also competed at the 2011 and 2015 Pan American Games.

Gareth Henry is part of the Jamaican national team that won the men’s team bronze at the was part of the national team that won the Pan Am Men’Team Championships held in 2018. He was a partner to Samuel O’Brien Ricketts, where Gareth Andre Theodore Henry got the men’s doubles gold at 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games.

He is a professional badminton player together with his sister.

Gareth Andre Theodore Henry is an international badminton player who has won medals throughout his years. There’s a time there was news making headlines the world that he was beaten by policemen from the Jamaican countryside, in front of a crowd of people.

The beating that was merciless was not because of any crime but just because he was gay. He talked of how he was being threatened to death. There was an organization that seeks to receive political asylum. The organization was of the leader of J-Flag. The represented the Jamaica Forum for Lesbians, All-Sexuals, and Gays.

Gareth Andre Theodore Henry joined another person in bringing a lawsuit against his former country in front of the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights. In his interviews, he mentioned how his friends who were gay or lesbian were killed during his time in J-Flag.

Gareth Henry has passed through violence due to the sexual orientations, especially the far mentioned pharmacy beating. Police were being called to stop the beating instead they were the ones encouraging and adding to the defeat. In even the news being headlined, the situation kept on worsening for him as an officer wanted to kill him. Therefore he moved away from the country.

Being gay in Jamaica was dangerous for him. When Gareth Henry moved, he now fights for the rights of gay and lesbian in Canada. Gareth Henry is married but still struggles for the gay rights activism.

To learn more visit: here.

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Stream Energy ‘s feature on Patch.com credits Stream Cares for its varied philanthropy efforts

Philanthropy work and corporate giving is held in high regard and highly publicized and launching a formal separate philanthropy arm is a new business move being made by companies such as Stream Energy. Corporate philanthropy is an integral part of Stream Energy; the company has been informally helping the community for years and has recently launched its own charity foundation, “stream cares” to focus on this valuable work. Stream Energy has been featured on ThePatch.com for their launch of “Stream Cares”, their role in funding the recovery from hurricane Harvey, and their generosity and passion for charity projects such as Hope Supply Co.

The article on the patch credited the company with being one of the first to fund the recovery from Hurricane Harvey and even lifting finical burden off of their own customers. The article refers to the company as an example of how Dallas companies are viewing philanthropy work as part of their brand. Stream Energy has relationships with Habitat for Humanity and Red Cross which aids in engaging them in charity work, but patch.com also credits their business model and employees’ engagement with their track record of generosity.

Stream Energy and its employees are passionate about helping the homeless and do so through Stream Cares. Stream Cares partners with Hope Supply Co. to cover entrance and meal fee for over 1,000 children from Northern Texas, allowing them the chance to enjoy a day at a water part. Hope Supply Co. works to supply homeless children with basic needs such as diaper and school supplies and Stream Cares is credited with directly supporting them for four years.

Stream Cares also worked with Operation Once in a Lifetime by donating transportation to Dallas-area veterans and their families enabling them to enjoy a special December lunch. Stream cares and their employees helped these families again by co-hosting the American Girl Doll Experience for 10 daughters of military families. Projects like these are what Patch.com’s feature is credit Stream energy with and how they claim the company is lifting up Dallas and Texas as a whole.


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Rodrigo Terpins, One of the Unbeatable Rally Drivers in Brazil

Rodrigo Terpins is a household name in the Brazilian rally racing sport. He has interest in sports entrepreneurship and is a passionate racer for the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a team that participates in the Sertoes Rally off-road championships. Besides, Rodrigo Terpins teamed up with his brother, Michael Terpin, to form the Sertoes Rally team. The Terpins brothers are equally talented rally drivers and have won numerous championships races together. Rodrigo Terpins’ love for rally driving stems from his family, where his father, Jack Terpins, and brother, Michel Terpins, were sports enthusiasts. Rodrigo Terpins and his brother Michael Terpins share the same career as rally drivers, but their father was a renowned basketball player who played as a defender for the Hebraica team. Check out crunchbase.com



Rodrigo has built a broad fan base throughout his racing career for his outstanding racing skills. T1 Prototype category and Sertoes Rally Championship is some of the races that earned Rodrigo Terpins the recognition he enjoys in the Brazilian motorsport space. He has participated in numerous T1 Prototype categories aboard the T-Rex and emerged the winner. For example, he took part in the Sertoes Rally 22nd edition that covered a distance of 2,600km and stretched to two states. Despite having inadequate time to prepare, Rodrigo Terpins scooped the third position in the category and 8th in the overall championships. The race was so competitive that Rodrigo Terpins felt impressed by his performance together with his partner, Fabricio. For more details visit broadcast.com



Rodrigo Terpins raced alongside his brother, Michael Terpins, in the 24th Sertoes Rally edition and scooped the 5th position in the overall competition and won in the second stage of the T1 Prototype category. The Terpins brothers teamed up to race for the Bull Sertoes rally team aboard the T-Rex, which has a powerful engine developed by the MEM Motorsports. The brothers have raced together aboard the T-Rex in the past four seasons and have won numerous prestigious honors. Rodrigo Terpin’s name is a force to reckon in his hometowns of Minas Gerais and Goias. His goal is to feature as one of the Brazilian rally legends down the road.


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How Dr. Saad Turned a Childhood Dream into a Successful Career

Dr. Saad Saad recently retired from the medical career. He has been a pediatric surgeon for about 47 years with a successful career. Saad has acquired lots of experience and skills, which he has managed to pass on to his children. Dr. Saad was born in Palestine in the 1940s when there was a lot of unrest. The formation of Israel as a state forced Saad to be relocated to the West Bank together with his parents and siblings. His father was a petroleum mechanic, and his skills were especially sought after because of the oil discovery in the Middle East. Saad father’s skills were in high demand, and this made them relocate to Kuwait where he was called to work. Dr. Saad spent most of his childhood in Kuwait. He learned a lot from his father who reminded him of their tough situation as being part of the diaspora in a foreign country with no passports or a state of their own. He reminded Saad that he would gain respect if he managed to pursue education seriously by climbing the career ladder.


Dr. Saad had an incident that would later change his life. While in High school, in the 1960s, he went outdoors with his brother. The summers in Kuwait can be brutal, and with the scorching heat, Saad felt ill, and he later fainted. Later on, Saad realized that only the operating room in the entire country had a functional air conditioning system. He realized that he was not meant for the outdoors and he wanted to become a pediatric surgeon.


Going through medical studies

Focused, and with his mind made up, Dr. Saad joined the university for medical studies. He would later become a pediatric surgeon, graduating with a bachelor’s degree and a salutation from Medical School. Dr. Saad then moved to the United States, and with his determination, he became a US Board Certified Pediatric Surgeon. He was the only pediatric surgeon in the US who spoke Arab and English Fluently and because of this; he got the prestigious opportunity of being the pediatric surgeon for children of the Saudi Royal Family. His career progressed, and upon his return to the United States, Dr. Saad improved medical processes and came up with several new procedures that have helped to save the lives of thousands of young children in the country and across the borders. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md

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How Guilherme Paulus Transformed A Small Travel Agency Into A Leading Tourism Enterprise In Latin America

A few years ago, Guilherme Paulus was a mere intern at IBM. Coming from abject poverty, Paulus never imagined that his name would appear in the list of wealthiest and influential business people in Brazil. As a child, Guilherme Paulus wished to study medicine and help save lives, especially for the marginalized people. Paulus did not make it to the medical school, but it didn’t kill his dream of transforming the lives of his people. He recognized that he was an entrepreneurial person and he utilized these skills to build an empire in the tourism sector.

In Latin America, Paulus is known by many titles. But he is mostly recognized for the role he has played in transforming GJP and CVC companies. He has secured a spot in the list of influential investors in Brazil and the greater Latin America. But Paulus journey to the top has not been a walk in the park. He started at the lowest rank at IBM before venturing into entrepreneurship.

Read more on istoedinheiro.com.br

Working as an Intern at IBM
Considering Paulus’ massive success in the tourism industry, it is easy to assume that Guilherme Paulus studied hospitality. On the contrary, Paulus has a strong educational background in technology. He found himself working behind the computers at IBM when he was barely 20.

But Guilherme Paulus was never excited working in the tech industry. After working for a while, Paulus left his position at IBM to join a local travel agency as a sales representative. Again, he found the routine tours offered by the travel agencies boring and started incorporating more fun activities to make them exciting. With the new activities, customers started flocking in, and this motivated Paulus to register his tour agency.

Launching CVC Tour Company
Guilherme Paulus co-founded CVC tour agency when he was only 24 years of age. After a while, his partner exited from the business leaving Paulus as the sole owner of CVC Tour Company. Paulus focused on marketing his company, and with time, it grew to become the leading tour company in southern America. Besides the tour agency, Paulus has invested heavily in world-class hotels and a cruise ship company.

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