Proteostasis Is The Latest Biotech Company That Sahm Adrangi Is Warning Investors About

Sahm Adrangi has been firing upon Proteostasis as of late with the recent negative report issued by Kerrisdale Capital. This report, released just last week, has already been causing the shares of Proteostasis to start dropping by as much as 20 percent, causing a drop of millions of dollars in the stock market. This report is not without good reason, and Sahm Adrangi has had to issue negative reports on other biotech companies in the past. Kerrisdale is on the short side of the stock market with Proteostasis and will gain as Proteostasis continues to decline.

Proteostasis has made a new drug called PTI-428, which is stated to be a breakthrough drug for patients suffering from cystic fibrosis. According to the biotech company, in their study, patients saw a higher level of lung performance. These statements made the companies stock value start going up quickly, which is what made Kerrisdale suspicious and decide to do a little more digging on their so-called drug.

What Sahm Adrangi found is that the drug they tested only had a study group of four placebo patients, which is clearly insufficient in providing data of an accurate level for what this drug actually does in patients with cystic fibrosis. Sahm Adrangi believes on the reason Proteostasis is trying to quickly toss out this new product is that they have more than half of their company invested in it. Should this product not work out, the company stands to lose a tremendous amount of value very quickly.

This is nothing new for Kerrisdale Capital, as they issue regular reports on companies in the stock market that should be avoided for investors. This is a good example of the effect these reports have and the level of confidence investors have in Sahm Adrangi, which is well earned with his many contributions to the industry today. He has saved thousands of investors millions of dollars by guiding them towards good investments and away from money grabs.

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