Reliable and Excellent Service

GTL is an information technology firm that has recently made some pretty outrageous accusations towards one of its competitors, Securus Technologies. GTL has recently suggested that Securus has been operating under a variety of expired patents on its security and communications products, meaning that any company that desired could, by law, take advantage of the expiration and sell these goods as their own. These claims were put under scrutiny by a collection of Securus personnel and third party researchers and it was discovered that these patent claims were baseless and were absolutely not true. This is great news for Securus Technologies, who has offered absolutely amazing customer service and quality products to its customers since its formation in Dallas, Texas.



Securus Technologies owes its claim to fame from its focus on a very particular niche group of customers. The company supplies communications needs to incarcerated individuals currently serving time in the United States prison system. These customers are an untapped resource as they are often looked upon as being useless dregs to society, Securus sees them as valuable customers and treat them with dignity and respect. One product that Securus offers directly helps these individuals with their communication needs to providing a downloadable application for Android and Apple devices. This application works over WiFi signals and allows an inmate to communicate with their loved ones over a seamless video chat system.


The ability for Securus Technologies to dodge this proverbial bullet means that the company can continue to offer high levels of support to their customer base, further developing them as a useful and customer driven corporation. This event will lower GTL’s hold on their particular portion of the market and will allow the bridging out of new and reliable customers to come to Securus doors.


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