Renovia Inc & Marc Beer: Helping Victims of PFD

One of the diseases that make life very discomfortable that people that are affected by it Pelvis Floor Dysfunction. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction concerns on the weakening of muscles in your pelvic cavity, or if these muscles are injured or damaged. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a disorder that concerns the inability to control, relax, contract your pelvic floor muscles in order to control a lot of bodily functions that are related to your pelvis – like urinary functions, constipation, bowel movement and sexual functions as well. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction usually comes with old age – and most of the victims of this disease are women. About a quarter of the population of women in the Unites States suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction (in one or more forms) – 40% of this quarter are women of 60-80 years of age and half of the quarter are of 80 yeards of age or older.


Currently, there are only a few governing bodies that are handling funding and helping the victims of Pelvic Function Dysfunction – and these are NICHD, National Center of Health Statistics of Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, Office of Research on Women’s Health and National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Learn more:


Now, there is an organization that is fully focused into helping the treatment and medical care for the victims of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Renovia Inc., pioneered, founded and under the leadership of their Chief Executive Officer, Marc Beer, is fully focused into helping people who are suffering from Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. Renovia Inc. is entirely targeting the development of various treatments for the dysfunction – they are centered on the innovative development of diagnostic and therapeutic products that would effectively and efficiently treat the victims of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.


Recently, under the excellence and leadership of Marc Beer, they have completely concluded another round of funding for the development of new technology and techniques for treatment of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction – closing in with 32 million dollars for new products and medicinal care for the dysfunction, and another 10 million dollars for venture and exploration and experimentation, this is in debt. So in total, Marc Beer has closed a 42 million dollars for the benefit of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction victims.


Marc Beer is beyond thrilled to have the support and concern of the world’s leaders in healthcare, investors and philanthropists. Marc Beer is extremely ecstatic on developing new technologies to help the victims of the disorder – to help them improve their quality of life. Marc Beer is indirectly helping millions of men and women that are affected by the disease and Marc Beer hopes to improve the lives of these people. Marc Beer is ready to dive into greater knowledge and collaborating with innovators for the future of Renovia Inc.


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