Roberto Santiago Is Keeping Malls Alive

Roberto Santiago is one of the most important names in the mall industry. We know that malls are losing business to online shopping and the trend is devastating. Faced with many existing challenges there are now malls throughout America that are losing their ability to compete because they simply can’t offer anything that can compare to what is being offered by the internet. The Manaira Shopping Mall has managed to defy all of these ideas and it continues to serve as a beacon in some of the worst times for malls. His secret to winning is something lots of people want to have for themselves but can’t manage to see.

Roberto Santiago’s most important work has definitely been in his ability to keep the mall relevant even during times when sales are dropping. The secret to his success is that he knows that the mall is about the experience and that experience is not something you can easily translate into an online experience. It’s something that you need to experience for yourself and see with your own two eyes. Santiago’s mall is thriving because it adds that touch and uses it to great effect. Even as malls and department stores see themselves being eaten alive by the online retail giants, he will remain in his position for quite a bit of time to come,

Roberto Santiago is an expert in malls because he’s been in the business for some time. You can look back at his years of experience and understand that his perspective is one that has insight and clarity unparalleled. The others working with malls can’t seem to understand how he has managed to get so far or what seems to be the secret to his success. They don’t understand because they are trying to look at the competition through the wrong lens. The future of malls is going to be decided by those who understand what they can offer that can’t be offered on the internet. When that happens they will be able to emulate his success.

The Manaira Shopping Mall is going strong in a time when it seems like it shouldn’t. You can go just about everywhere and see malls failing and empty. They have taken so much damage that they aren’t even considered to be places to hang out by today’s youth or shoppers. Getting people into malls and having them stay there is what makes Santiago so much more than his competition. The most important thing to understand about a business isn’t what it does during times of prosperity, but how it manages to save itself during times of danger. Roberto Santiago has shown that the Manaira Shopping Mall is able to do what it needs to on time.


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