Roberto Santiago , Owner of Manaira Shopping Mall Sets A Competitive Pace in Retail Business

In 2015 alone, the retail industry of Brazil recorded an average turnout of about 6.5 %. Reports from the Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers indicate the property market has since mushroomed into a plethora of real estate development. This comes after the industry has experienced tremendous economic recession that impacted on the dwindling sales of sectors. Another study by the same department indicated that even with the recession, one mall stood the test of time; Manaira Shopping Mall. As such, emerging entrepreneurs have been taking notes on the moves made by the owner of this mall, Mr. Roberto Santiago. Here is a look at his life, career and his journey to the establishment of Manaira.


Roberto’s Early Life

Roberto is a native of Brazil. He grew up in the productive farms of Joao Pessoa, and since then, he cultivated useful values to help him cope in the challenging environs. As a teenager, he was motivated to pursue business. To accomplish these dreams, he joined Pio X-Marist University and pursued business. Later in the years, he decided to advance his education by joining the University Center of Joao Pessoa. From school, Santiago was lucky enough to land an employment opportunity at Café Santa Rosa. Well, that marked the beginning of what is now a major success story in his life. Roberto made enough to establish a cartonnage company that supplied manufacturing hardboard panels to construction companies. A few years into the business, he decided to explore the real estate industry and create a mall. But first, he purchased land at the heart of Brazil.


Establishing Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is synonymous with Manaira Mall. Seated on about 92,000 meters in Sao Paulo, this mall offers a vast array of services. As such, it has been a significant attraction site in the country. Also known as the most important mall of its kind, it has a visit rate of about 1 million customers per month.


Features of Manaira Mall

Those who have been to this mall know that it is not just a shopping unit for household items. It holds a plethora of locals as well as foreign visits because it has a calming effect on those who want to unwind. As such, there are tons of activities to indulge in.

For starters, you can enjoy your favorite movies in the 3D cinema rooms. Of course, you will love the seating arrangement, and the organization of the room as every occupant can watch the aired movie without disruptions.


The Gaming Area

Supposing you are not a movie enthusiast, you can consider playing your favorite games in Manaira’s gaming area as the unit is spacious to accommodate more than 150 gaming machines.


The Domus Hall

Moreover, you can take a walk to the Domus Hall and enjoy music concerts at the rooftop. This hall is soundproof and sufficiently aerated to accommodate more than 5,000 people.


The Outline

Roberto Santiago has worked hard to get to this point in which even during an economic recession, his business survives. His brilliance, as well as vision, has contributed to his success.


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