Securus Receives Positive Ruling in Case With FCC

Securus Technologies is a security communications service provider that has provided a number of different services and products to prisons and correctional facilities for decades. The company is well known for providing facilities with secure ways for prisoners to make inmate phone calls, meet with visitors, and communicate in other ways. Overall, Securus services thousands of facilities across the country, which watch over one hundred thousand people across the country.

Recently, Securus Technologies has looked to use mobile technology to enhance the experience for both prisoners and family members. Securus recently developed an application that allowed for a secure video chat session to be had between the prisoner and other party. This has greatly reduced the need for in-person visits, which has made it more convenient for the family members and has added a level of convenience and security for the correctional facilities.

While the company has provided excellent service and products over the past few decades, they have been facing potential changes in regulation that could have affected their ability to operate efficiently.

Securus Technologies in the past week received notice from the United States Court of Appeals that they would not have to be capped at interstate telephone and inmate communication rates suggested by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). According to a spokesperson for Securus, the FCC likely received poor information from an outside source that was intent on making operating the company more challenging and less profitable. As it stands today, the company does not have to abide by previously suggested rates imposed by the FCC. However, Securus will continue to work with the FCC to determine a fair methodology for calculating the rates charged on inmate phone calls.

Securus Technologies is in no way a part of the Securus supplement for health promotion nor the Securus America site for agents.

Securus House is also a separate entity as it is a domestic violence victims center.

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