Securus Technologies Keeping Inmates from Doing Harm

Not only do we have to worry about the inmates doing harm to me and my fellow officers in the prison, we have to worry about them hurting each other. These inmates are in such close quarters, and may times they will go after inmates with short sentences to bait them into fighting and getting more time added to their sentence. Add into that volatile mix some drugs, and things can escalate from dangerous to deadly in the blink of an eye.


The inmates are locked inside the jail around the clock, so they are always looking for any weaknesses in the system that they can use to get an edge over me and my fellow officers. They have come up with some very creative ways to be able to acquire drugs, and that is usually where we put most of our defensive efforts each day. If we can stop the flow of drugs, we will have an easier time being able to control the large inmate population.


Securus Technologies makes the telephone call monitoring system officers use to hear what inmates are saying to others on the phone. This is a way to try and intercept any calls pertaining to drugs and take action. The company objective is making the world safer, and all those employees out of the Dallas-based company are working towards that goal. This is something we can utilize to make the jail safer for all of us stuck inside.


Listening to the inmates talking on the phones, the call monitoring system has alerted us to conversations about inmates getting their family to sneak drugs to the visitor center, inmates using drugs late at night, and even one inmate instruction family how to cost a letter in heroin then send it to him through the mail system.


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