Securus Technologies Sets The Pace In Correctional Facility Management

Securus Technologies provides cutting-edge solutions to correctional facilities to enable them to enhance public safety and streamline their internal operations. The technology solutions empower institutions to transform the incarceration experience to reduce recidivism and prevent crimes. Securus recently published a brief sampling of the comments it receives from facility customers. The customers are responsible for solving crimes and the day-to-day management of facilities.


The CEO, Rick Smith, reiterated that the company is continuously innovating its product offerings to improve safety in and around facilities. The platforms helped one user catch a fraudulent member of staff who was colluding with inmates to introduce contraband to the facility. In another instance, the system helped gather crucial evidence on illegal activities in the facility including drugs sales, unauthorized mobile phones, and a prescription drugs racket.


The revolutionary investigative capabilities of the platforms have also been praised for enabling faster crime discovery and improving the security procedures in facilities. Data collected from the systems helps uncover illegal and irregular activities at facilities allowing the staff to take corrective action quickly. Securus is committed to connecting the people that matter including inmates, their families, and associates.


In a show of transparency, the firm has extended an open invite to investors, competitors and other interested parties to visit the technology center to learn about what goes into a successful technology platform for correctional facilities. Securus Technologies recently acquired the JPay, a leading technology company that focuses on electronic billing systems and infotainment solutions for the prison industry.


The Better Business Bureau recently accredited Securus for excellence in accountability and service delivery. The company is the leading provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities in the country. This includes payment platforms, investigative tools, emergency response, public information and safety solutions, inmate tracking and monitoring platforms and communications among others.

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